10 Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell in Summer

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You’re all set to dive into dropshipping.

There’s just one problem: You don’t know what to sell. With so many products out there and seemingly endless competition, it can feel overwhelming, to say the least.

What’s more, you can’t afford to get it wrong.

A great product will get you off to a great start, but what if you choose a bad product? Well, best-case scenario, you still make money but everything is far more difficult than it needs to be. Worst case scenario… well, let’s not go there.

So what should you sell?

In this article, you’ll find out about 10 trending dropshipping products to sell in Summer 2018. Plus, I’ve also included some basic Facebook ad targeting tips to get you started.

And make sure you stick around to the end of this article, where you’ll learn a simple way to find trending products.

That way, if you’re not interested in these products, you’ll be able to find other hot product opportunities for yourself!

Okay, before we dive in:

What Makes a Good Dropshipping Product?

Most good dropshipping products share similar attributes. When researching potential dropshipping products, keep in mind these five criteria:

1. The product’s cost allows for a healthy markup.

‘Markup’ is the amount of money a business adds to a product’s base cost to cover overheads and earn a profit.

For example, it’ll be extremely difficult to turn a profit if you buy a product for $10 and customers will only pay $15 for it.

At first glance, it might look like you’ll make $5 per sale, but once you take into account your marketing and operational costs, you might actually lose money.

To learn more about pricing your dropshipping products, check out our article, “Pricing Strategy for Ecommerce – Is Your Price Right?

2. The product is intriguing, unique, or eye-catching.

Your products need to stand out from other ecommerce sellers.

For example, it’s difficult to catch people’s’ attention selling an incredibly generic product like ballpoint pens:

Ballpoint Pens

On the other hand, consumers are far more likely to click on an advert for a new gadget they haven’t encountered before, or a familiar product with a unique feature, like these jeans:

Funky Jeans

3. The product is difficult to find elsewhere online.

If the product is easy to find elsewhere online, it’s likely there’ll be plenty of competition.

You need to avoid products that are saturated.

If there are too many sellers already selling a product it will be hard to get your dropshipping store to stand out from the crowd.

This is one of the reasons trending products are so great because it means that the amount of consumers is growing, which creates room for new businesses.

4. Consumers find it difficult to guess how much it costs for you to buy the product.

If consumers know that you bought something for $3 and are selling it to them for $100, they will probably feel you’re trying to rip them off — even if the product delivers $100 worth of value to them.

However, if the product’s base cost is difficult to guess, consumers will simply decide if the price of the product is worth the value it provides.

5. Consumers are happy to purchase the product without too much research.

The name of the game is impulse buying.

For example, a fashionista in her late 20’s might not think too much about buying a new pair of funky jeans for $30, but a woman looking to buy a $600 mountain bike will probably want to research her options first.

If consumers feel they need to research their options, they may decide to buy from a more established brand. So dropshippers should start by focusing on products that are likely to be bought impulsively.

Okay, now that you know what to look for in a dropshipping product, let’s dive into our 10 trending dropshipping products to sell in summer 2018!

Dropshipping Product 1. Car Diffusers

Car Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers have been growing in popularity for a few years now, and these mini-car versions are a much welcome addition to the niche.

Google Trends Car Diffuser

Customers can simply plug them into their car charger for a dose of calm and serenity — perfect for those long summer road trips or warding off road-rage!

Facebook Targeting Car Diffusers

They’re extremely small and lightweight, so they’re eligible for ePacket delivery. This means that when a customer orders one from your store, you’ll be able to deliver the product promptly.

If you plan to sell this product, try targeting men and women in their 20’s and 30’s, who are gadget enthusiasts. You could also target people who have recently bought a car, as they might be more likely to buy car accessories:

Also, you could target professional drivers or commuters — anyone who spends a good deal of time driving.

All in all, if you’re looking for a product in the health and wellness or automobile niches, check out car diffusers.

Dropshipping Product 2. Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless Phone Charger

Nobody likes untangling a mess of cables. That’s why the mobile device industry is quickly moving towards wireless charging.

The latest iPhones and many Androids now have the ability to be charged wirelessly, and this presents a fantastic opportunity for dropshippers:

Google Trends Wireless Phone Charger

Also, there are many different wireless charging products available to sell — including those for the home and for cars, as well as portable units.

If you decide to sell this product, you will be competing against big brand names like Apple, and Samsung. So you need to alleviate any worries your customers might have about buying electronics from an unknown brand and highlight the benefits of buying from your store.

For example, one of the key benefits to promote is cost, as it’s likely that your products will be less expensive than those from big brand names.

However, because these products are cheaper, shoppers might worry about their quality. In this case, you can alleviate fears by detailing the quality of your products, and by prominently displaying a generous and reassuring guarantee.

Try targeting men and women in their 20’s and 30’s, who are considered early technology adopters, and make sure that you only target people who own a smartphone with wireless charging capabilities.

Facebook Targeting Wireless Phone Charging

If you’re looking for a product in the technology or gadget niches, consider jumping into the growing wireless charging market.

Dropshipping Product 3. Deshedding Pet Gloves

Pet Deshedding Glove

Pet owners love their animals. Often, there’s not much they wouldn’t do for them.

That said, it’d be difficult to find a pet owner who enjoys having cat or dog hair all over their clothes or their new sofa…

Thankfully, these gloves give owners a way to keep animal hair contained as their pets shed fur in the heat. The best part is that all the owner has to do is pet their animal!

For dropshippers, it’s a product that can’t easily break or malfunction. Translation: fewer returns.

This product was essentially unheard of before 2016, but it’s growing in popularity — fast:

Google Trends Pet Deshedding Glove

Try targeting dog owners with a demonstrated interest in online shopping, and who are considered ‘engaged shoppers.’

You could also consider targeting people who have recently bought a new home, as these people might be more motivated to keep their new living room free of dog hair!

Facebook Targeting Pet Deshedding Brush

So if you’re looking to get started in the pet supplies niche, consider the deshedding pet glove.

Dropshipping Product 4. Kids Rompers

Kids Rompers

Rompers surged in popularity in the early 1990’s, and according to Google Trends, kids rompers are back:

Google Trends Kids Rompers

It’s no surprise that many parents are opting to dress their children in this fashionable one-piece. They’re comfortable, ideal for movement and playtime, and great for indoors or outdoors in the summer weather.

Your main challenge with this product will be differentiating your brand from competitors. You can do this by choosing an eye-catching design, and by connecting with parents on a relatable, human level in your ad campaigns.

Start by using Facebook ads to target fashion-conscious Moms with young children. You could also target Moms who have shown an interest in similar brands, like Gap Kids.

Facebook Targeting Kids Rompers

If you’d like to get started in the Parents and Kids niche, or you’re looking for a hot product to add to your existing clothing store, kids rompers are a great product to look into.

Dropshipping Product 5. Folding Mirrors

Folding Mirror

Folding mirrors have been steadily growing in popularity since 2011, and this trend looks set to continue:

Google Trends Folding Mirror

Portable folding mirrors are perfect for fixing makeup while out and about during the summer.

There are many different types of folding mirrors that you can sell — many of which include built-in LED lights that are perfect for fixing makeup during a night out on the town.

Also, these products make a great addition to stores selling beauty products or travel products.

Try targeting women in their 20’s interested in beauty and makeup. You could even target people interested in makeup and travel, as it’s likely that they’ll want to look their best while they’re on-the-move:

Facebook Targeting Folding Mirrors

So, if you’re looking to get started in the beauty or travel niches, consider folding mirrors.

Dropshipping Product 6. Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets have been a strong product for a while now, but there’s been an upward trend in recent years.

They’re small and light, so they’re eligible for ePacket delivery. Plus, they’re a simple product with not much to go wrong, which means returns should be few and far between.

Try targeting women in their 20’s who are interested in fashion and costume jewelry. You could also target people interested in other bracelet and jewelry brands like Pandora.

Facebook Targeting Ankle Bracelets

So, if you’re looking for unique products to sell in the crowded space of jewelry, see if you can find a unique ankle bracelet design to add to your dropshipping store. Maybe even couple it with some unique jewelry like earrings or bracelets

Dropshipping Product 7. Phone Lenses

Phone Lenses

These powerful little products give your phone’s camera a professional edge.

There’s plenty of different lenses to choose from, and they can be sold alongside any other type of tech gadget, like the wireless chargers mentioned earlier.

Google Trends Phone Lens

Try targeting people interested in photography and travel, as these people will be highly motivated to snap the best pictures they can with their smartphones.

You might also want to exclude people interested in professional DSLR cameras, as they’re less likely to be interested in taking photos on their phones.

Facebook Targeting Phone Lenses

So if you’re looking for a great product in the technology or gadgets niches, check out phone camera lenses.

Dropshipping Product 8. Denim


Denim is back once more. In fact, denim has been steadily growing in popularity since around 2012:

Google Trends Denim

In particular, interest in denim dresses and jackets has seen a huge growth over the last couple of years:

Google Trends Denim DressGoogle Trends Denim Jacket

Plus, there are so many different products and styles available to choose from — including torn, faded, or smart denim. This means you should be able to find something that’s unique or eye-catching.

However, make sure that you pick a product and a style that’s inline with your target customers and branding. For example, if your brand is more upmarket, consider smart jeans and sleek denim dresses, and if your brand is edgy and progressive, consider ripped jeans, and faded denim jackets.

Try targeting people on Facebook interested in fashion, clothing, and denim:

Facebook Targeting Denim

Bottom-line: Denim is a strong fashion trend that’s definitely worth diving into.

Dropshipping Product 9. Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bag

Interest in shoulder bags has been on an upward curve for over a decade:

Google Trends Shoulder Bag

These products have a sleek, sophisticated, and sporty appeal, making them perfect for daily use. Plus, because they don’t need to be held by the handle, they give customers far more mobility than a standard satchel.

The challenge will be finding a shoulder bag design that sets your product apart from the competition.

The best part is that shoulder bags aren’t usually a one-and-done product. Many fashion-conscious shoppers enjoy owning an array of different bags to go with different outfits.

This means that with a well-crafted email campaign, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to land repeat purchases from customers.

Start by targeting women in their 20’s and 30’s interested in fashion, clothing, and handbags, purses and clutches:

Facebook Targeting Shoulder Bags

All in all, shoulder bags are a great opportunity if you’re looking to get into the clothing and accessories niche.

Dropshipping Product 10. Inflatable Pet Collars

Inflatable Pet Collar

This product might sound a bit odd at first, but this collar is a new alternative to the traditional cone that animals must wear after surgery.

The main benefits are that it’s more comfortable for the animal, and it doesn’t scratch furniture or walls in the home.

Plus, there’s an extremely strong upward trend for this product:

Google Trends Inflatable Pet Collar

When owners have just spent a lot of money on vet bills to keep their pet happy and healthy, chances are, they’d also love to buy this product.

If you start selling this product, be sure to highlight its innovative features, like easy storage and comfort when used.

You’ll want to market this product to people who are likely to have older dogs, as these animals are more likely to have surgery. So try targeting dog owners over the age of 35, with an interest in dog’s health and pet products:

Facebook Targeting Inflatable Pet Collar

If you’re looking to sell products in the pet niche, this innovative new product is sure to continue growing in the future.

How to Find Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell in Summer 2018

Now, let’s quickly run through how to use Google Trends to find hot products to start dropshipping.

First, bring up Google Trends on your computer by heading to trends.google.com.

This free tool allows you to input keywords, to see how often they’ve been searched on Google over the past few hours, days, months, or years.

In this example, I searched for ‘fixed-gear bikes’ since 2004:

Google Trends Bike

The graph shows us how popular fixed gear bikes have been over the last fourteen years.

What’s more, Google Trends also allows you to compare up to 5 different trends at once. Below, I’ve added the search term, ‘kids bikes’ to see how the trend compares to fixed gear bikes.

Google Trends Bikes Compared

Cool, right?

Next, head over to AliExpress to find product ideas. You can browse products to dropship by category, or you can search for specific types of products.

Once you’ve found an interesting product, simply type its name into Google Trends to see if it’s becoming more or less popular.

It’s simple and highly effective.

That’s it in a nutshell, so get searching to find more hot dropshipping products to sell on your store.

Your Turn: Start Dropshipping Today!

In summary, selecting a good product is crucial to building a sustainable, profitable dropshipping business.

When researching new products to sell, keep in mind these five characteristics of a good dropshipping product:

  1. The product’s cost allows for a healthy markup.
  2. The product is intriguing, unique, or eye-catching.
  3. Consumers find it difficult to guess how much it costs for you to buy the product.
  4. The product is difficult to find elsewhere online.
  5. Consumers are happy to purchase the product without too much research.

Also, use Facebook’s powerful advertising platform to target your ideal customers.

Furthermore, put Google Trends to good use and find products which have a growing market that you can capitalize on.

Was there a product on this list that caught your eye?