‘Tis the season to make money… Falalalalalalalala! The holiday season is around the corner so it’s time to stock up your store with new products, create your best Facebook ad, and turn up your phone’s volume so you know every time your Shopify app makes that beautiful ka-ching! That’s what the holiday season is all about. And you know, family, giving, Santa, and peppermint hot chocolate. So, if you believe in helping people find the perfect gift, here are 10 products you might want to sell on your store this holiday season.

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10 Products to Sell for Christmas 2018

1. Wine Set

You can’t whine about this product. Wine products are a pretty safe bet to sell during the holidays. While you can’t dropship alcohol online, you can sell wine accessories. Like wine glasses, an aerator, a corkscrew, or a wine stopper. You can bundle these products together on your store so that you increase your average order value. If you’re on a tight budget, you can join Facebook groups and share your offers in the never-ending number of wine groups on the platform. Make sure you reach out to that admin first though. There’s no money to be made from getting banned for spamming. Add these wine glasses to your online store.

aliexpress 2. Pendant Necklace

The way into a woman’s heart is a sentimental gift that shows her you care. Jewelry is a simple gift that any loving spouse or partner can give. Right now, heart pendant necklaces like the one pictured below are really popular. The simple style makes it perfect for wearing with casual or formal attire. You can market heart necklaces to those in relationships or married via Facebook ads. If you’d like to expand your pendant necklace collection, you can also sell necklaces with different shapes or animals that your customers can gift to other women in their life like sisters, aunts, or coworkers. Find pendant necklaces to add to your store.

heart pendant

3. Wireless Charger

If you’re looking to sell a techie gift, wireless chargers tend to peak in popularity around Christmas. You can sell something practical like a wireless charger lamp or a standard wireless charger depending on who you’re selling to. Someone who’s looking for a decor piece might prefer a lamp that can be placed in a living room. Whereas someone might prefer a smaller charger they can place at their desk while they work. You can position this product as a gift to give techies, coworkers, businesspeople, or someone you have a professional relationship with. Add wireless chargers to your store’s catalog.

wireless charger 4. Pregnancy Pillow and Swaddle Blanket

Want to sell gifts for expectant mothers or new parents? The pregnancy pillow is one of the most popular and beloved gifts a pregnant woman can receive as it’s difficult to sleep when you’re carrying a watermelon sized baby in your belly. If you own a maternity store or plan to, you can sell products like this on your store. Your store can also include swaddle blankets, which are used to wrap up a newborn baby while they sleep. You can target new parents in your ads so a spouse can buy it for their partner. Import pregnancy pillows to your store.

pregnancy pillow 5. Scratch-Off World Map

Want to sell a trendy product to travelers or adventure enthusiasts? This ain’t your ordinary world map. Why? After you’ve visited a specific country, you can scratch off the country on the map. It’s almost like checking an item off your bucket list after you’ve done it. Your customers will love the interactive element upon returning home from their travels. You can market this map to travelers, teachers, parents of young children, and college students. Unearth our best-selling world maps.

travel map 6. Indoor Car Lights

Need a product to sell in the automotive niche? Indoor car lights are all the rage right now. Winter can get pretty dark in some countries. And we could all use a little more light in our lives. You can sell indoor car light tubes that can be used to gently line areas of your customers’ car so they can see more clearly in the dark. It’s practical with a hint of fun as there are a range of colors you can choose from. To market this product, you can create a Facebook video ad showing the different colors customers can choose from. These types of products are currently selling well on Amazon. Add car lights to your store.

car lights 7. Fitness Clothing

Come January, the New Year’s resolutioners will be hitting the gym to work off those extra holiday pounds. And thanks to you, they’ll have some great workout gear to wear or use. Clothes are the most common gift people receive during the Christmas season. And by promoting your fitness apparel, you’ll save some people from embarrassment. Because they won’t be getting the dreaded underwear from Grandma Ruth (she’s on Facebook, y’know).  Your fitness clothing store can sell some fitness products as well, allowing you to add some variety to your product collections. Add leggings to your online store.

leggings 8. Bluetooth Speaker

The best gift someone ever bought me was a shower speaker. Because who doesn’t want to listen to music everywhere they go… even if it is the bathroom. Bluetooth speakers will be popular until music dies… or, you know, a more advanced technology takes over. But for now, if you’re looking to offer an electronics product that actually sells, this is it. The target audience for this is probably Millennial aged, is a little bit techie, and likes music. This tends to be a search-based product so you’ll want to focus on that SEO strategy early on. You could also try some Google Ads, too. If you want to get that impulse buy, you’ll want to showcase the benefits of bluetooth speakers over standard speakers.

bluetooth speakers 9. Ethnic Clutch

Ethnic clutches have been selling really well these past few months. With their unique designs, they’re perfect for attracting the impulse buy shopper. In case you have no idea what a clutch is, it’s a style of handbag. They can be used to carry essentials on the go like makeup, your phone, ID, or tissues. The target audience of this product is female, likely aged 20-34. You can promote your product in gift guides across women’s publications. Or you can try your hand at influencer marketing, paying influencers for shoutouts on their page. Check out some of our best-selling ethnic bags.

ethnic bags 10. Acne Cream and Black Head Remover

While we normally don’t recommend embarrassing gifts, people tend to be pretty fascinated with pimples. But apparently popping pimples can kill you. So maybe selling acne cream is in your customers’ best interest. This could work well as a gag gift from a significant other. According to Elite Daily (super credible source, I know), if you’re not popping your partner’s zits, it’s just not love. So when creating ads, you can target those in relationships. You could create a funny ad that talks about how it’s time to stop popping your partners’ pimples and use something that actually works. By positioning it as a gag gift, it becomes less embarrassing to the person receiving it. Discover the different blackhead removers you can import today.

blackhead removal