25 Trending Products to Sell for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017

trending products

The holiday season is the best time to start your first store. We’ve compiled a list of trending products for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 so you’ll know what you could sell if you’re just getting started. These products have been trending upwards making them great products for new entrepreneurs to sell for Christmas 2017. If you’re looking for a trending product to capitalize on holiday sales, this list is constantly being updated with the latest products. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days all year. In 2016, there was a 21.6% growth in Black Friday sales which totaled an astounding $3.34 billion. Despite this growth, Black Friday 2017 is expected to be bigger than ever for online retailers.

This year the shopping event falls on November 24 while Cyber Monday follows on November 27.

If this is your first time launching your store around the holidays, you can learn a few of the most common Black Friday marketing ideas to help your launch go well.

Trending Products for Black Friday 2017

Disclaimer: The trending products on this list have been compiled from various sources. Please do your due diligence researching the viability of the products on this list before adding them to your store.

Hair Accessories’ Trending Products 2017

Hair Bun Maker

A hair bun maker is a hair accessory that helps you easily create a bun hairstyle. This trending product allows you to wrap your ponytail around the accessory to create a clean, finished hair bun.

AliExpress called out the hair bun maker as one of its most popular products. With over 50,000 orders placed on this one product it’s proven to be a great seller.

trending products

According to Google Trends, the hair bun maker had its peak in April 2017. However, it still performs far above its average before the sudden spike.

If you own a hair care or women’s accessories store you can test out the product by dropshipping it using the Oberlo app.

To market this trending product, you could reach out to YouTube influencers who specialize in hair tutorials. You can give them an affiliate link using a Shopify app like LeadDyno. That way, you only pay a commission for the sales they bring in instead of paying the influencer an upfront flat rate.

2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curling Iron

A 2 in 1 hair straightener and curling iron is a hair tool that allows women to style their hair straight or curly with the same tool.

On AliExpress, the hair tool has had over 500 orders. While this number may seem small, many of the orders have been bulk purchases of hundreds of this one product.

products trending

On Google Trends, there’s been a steady growth in search volume for a curling straightener. Peak season for this type of product tends to be around December.

When it comes to marketing a trending product in the hair niche, your best bet is to create hair tutorials. This type of content marketing can be highly profitable for store owners.

On your own YouTube channel, you can introduce the product you’re using to educate users on how they can achieve the exact look. In each hair tutorial you make, use the hair tool to create different looks. Add a link to the product page on your website.

It can take a few months to build up a loyal following on YouTube. Consistency is key. By creating high quality hair tutorials multiple times a week for several months, you’ll start to grow an audience.

You can find free hair stock photos on Burst.

Women’s Fashion Trending Products

Winter Jacket  

You can find the best selling winter jackets on AliExpress, which you can dropship risk-free using Oberlo

trending products black friday

According to Google Trends, peak season for winter jacket tends to be around November. Thus, making it a perfect product to sell around Black Friday. It’s also been growing in popularity over the past few years making it a worthwhile trending product for online retailers.

Due to the seasonality of the fashion item, it’s best to include it as a product category rather than a standalone store.

When marketing winter jackets, you’re most likely to get sales through ads. You can promote the most popular jackets using Facebook ads to encourage the impulse buy.

If you’re looking for free jacket photos for your website you’ll find it on Burst.


Shapewear sales have been growing in popularity for a few years now proving it’s not a fad product. The trending product is worn underneath a woman’s clothing to help create a more slimming look.

On AliExpress, shapewear products have received thousands of orders. When adding shapewear to your store, have a good variety of styles. For example, some women may prefer having a high waist tummy tuck shapewear while others prefer one with a built in bra.

trending products christmas

On Google Trends, shapewear have been steadily growing. It tends to have a slight increase in November with a larger peak in April.

To successfully market shapewear, you need to be a bit creative. Women who are overweight or who’ve just given birth tend to be the target audience for this type of product. You can promote your brand by giving affiliate links to popular mom blogs. You can also target new moms on Facebook if you plan on promoting your shapewear products through advertising.

When marketing your shapewear brand or products be mindful that body weight can be a sensitive topic especially among postpartum women.

Weight Loss Trending Products

Anti Cellulite Vacuum

This trending product helps remove the appearance of cellulite on your body. The anti cellulite vacuum acts as a suction. When using it, you’ll need to move it around in the areas that you hope to reduce the look of cellulite.

On AliExpress, one of the anti cellulite vacuum products have received over 19,000 orders. It’s also marketed as a product that can be used for massages showing it’s versatility. Dropshipping this exact product can be done through Shopify’s Oberlo app.

trending products

Google Trends also showcases the products popularity in recent months. Since April 2017 there’s been a sharp increase in searches for this type of product. Thus, making it a trend you should consider jumping onto now.

The great thing about marketing a trending product like an anti cellulite vacuum is that its a viral based products. You can easily find viral videos of ‘Women Trying An Anti Cellulite Cup,’ product reviews of it, before and after results and more. Creating videos about this product and adding a product link back to your site can be a popular way to drive traffic. If you’re planning to advertise on Facebook, a video ad would likely be the best way to convert the sale since the product is best understood in video format.

Beauty Trending Products

Fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are a popular beauty accessory worn by women to make their eyelashes appear fuller.

AliExpress sells a variety of different fake eyelashes. Thousands of false eyelashes have been sold on the platform proving their marketability. Notably, bulk orders of the products aren’t uncommon. This shows the potential for encouraging an upsell of more fake eyelashes for customers who order through your store. Dropshipping fake eyelashes is easier than ever with the Oberlo app.

products to sell

Google Trends also shows a steady search growth for keywords like false eyelashes, eyelashes, eyelash and fake eyelashes. With so much search volume centered around eyelashes, it seems like now’s the time to start a beauty store.

To promote your fake eyelashes products, you can reach out to beauty writers for women’s publications to be featured in an article. Optimizing your online store for SEO can also be effective at driving organic traffic. Aim to add both ‘fake eyelashes’ and ‘false eyelashes’ in the url slug for your product category so that you rank for both keywords. If you plan on creating Facebook ads, create video content around how to apply fake eyelashes or show a quick makeup tutorial where you add fake eyelashes to the look. A picture of fake eyelashes on a white background may not be enticing enough to drive a quick impulse buy.

Silicone Makeup Sponge

The silicone makeup sponge is a beauty product women use to evenly spread her foundation liquid on her face. Women may also use an egg-shaped sponge that serves the same purpose.

Those looking to dropship these the silicone makeup sponge or similar products using Oberlo will see just how popular these products are. With thousands purchased, there’s a proven market for beauty products. The great thing is that dermatologists recommend that women replace their beauty sponges every three months. If adding this product to your store, be sure to include that tidbit in your copy. You could even upsell more beauty sponges to increase your average order value or bundle them.

trending products 2017

While Google Trends illustrates a drastic peak from January 2017, it also shows that despite the drastic drop the popularity of the product is steadily growing again. It’s also notably higher than before December 2016.

When searching silicone makeup sponges on YouTube, many influencers create videos promoting a branded product adding a link in their description for purchasing. Create your own channel promoting your beauty products by using them in makeup tutorials. The product works well as an affordable upsell for more expensive products to help increase average order value.

Burst has free beauty images you can use for your website.

Men’s Trending Products

Men’s Watches

Watches are a great gift for men during the holiday season.

Those looking to start a dropshipping watch business, can use the Oberlo app to find men’s watches on AliExpress. You’ll notice that some of the most popular watches have received tens of thousands of orders. Sticking to the best sellers gives you the best chance of landing your first few sales as they’re proven sellers.

trending products christmas 2017

Since 2008, Google Trends appears to show that men’s watches have been increasing in search volume. Peak season tends to be in December making it one of the best trending products to sell during the holidays. Many popular watch brands sell watches in the autumn and winter and sunglasses during the spring and summer to ensure year round profitability.

Influencer and affiliate marketing tends to be one of the most powerful ways to promote a watch brand. You can reach out to influencers to take stunning pictures of your watch out in nature or styled fashionably. And share it on their social media. As you start getting your first few sales, you can offer your customers affiliate links to promote your products to their friends to reach even more people.

You can use Burst’s free watch photos for your online store.

Men’s Shoes

Shoes are a popular gift given during Christmas.

The most popular shoes being dropshipped with the Oberlo app are the Merkmak men’s shoes on AliExpress. This shoe brand has received hundreds of orders on various shoe styles. The brand regularly receives positive reviews on their products.

trending products

Search volume for men’s shoes have increased over the years. With December being the peak of search volume on Google Trends, promoting your online store around Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be profitable. You can choose to create a standalone men’s shoes store or add it as a product collection for a men’s fashion store.

Men’s shoes can be marketed through influencer marketing on Instagram. When building up your social media, aim to present your men’s shoes in lifestyle shots. You can use the pictures from influencers you reach out to for your advertising on Facebook ads. You can also give influencers an affiliate link to share so they can make a commission for every sale they bring in.

If you start a shoe store, you can download free shoe pictures from Burst.

Kid’s Trending Products

Elephant Pillow

The elephant pillow is one of the most popular products sold on the Oberlo app.

Oberlo users can dropship the elephant pillow from AliExpress. The trending product has generated over 34,000 orders with nearly 5,000 reviews. Those with stores for children and babies may find success in promoting this product.

trending products

While the elephant pillow has decreased in popularity since last year according to Google Trends, it’s popularity surged around the holiday season. October, November and December saw higher than average traffic for this product. Thus, we might see another increase this holiday season. Notably, the dip in search traffic for ‘elephant pillow’ hasn’t dropped down to its previous position. It’s still quite high for a product. As Oberlo users are still achieving success in promoting this trending product, it may be worth adding to your store if relevant for your audience.

The main consumers of trending products for kids are parents. When marketing your products, you may want to target women who’ve recently given birth. You could also promote your products on popular mom blogs. By reaching out, you can pay a small fee to have your product included in a holiday gift guide. Facebook groups that you’re allowed to sell your products on could be another great avenue for you. Only join groups with relevant audiences such as groups for new moms and parents.

Reborn Baby

While most think kids only want to play with fidget spinners and apps, dolls are starting to become increasingly popular again. Especially the reborn baby dolls.

You can sell reborn baby style dolls on Oberlo. You can also dropship cute baby clothes for the doll at an affordable price on the app. The doll clothes on AliExpress have had over 2300 orders proving their popularity. And with over 400 positive reviews, it’s likely that the doll clothes will continue growth through the holiday season.

trending products

Google Trends notes an uptick in search traffic in November and December for the doll. Thus, making Black Friday and Cyber Monday the perfect opportunity to promote the Reborn Baby doll clothes on your store. As children’s toys like dolls are most popular around the holidays, it’s a great way to cash in on holiday sales.

You’ll want to avoid using the words ‘reborn baby’ on your product pages and ads as it’s trademarked. However, you can run ads for products for those keywords in Google. You can also market your dolls to parents who have young children. You can partner with mom bloggers to have your products featured on their holiday gift guides, in a giveaway post or on a product review page.

Kitchen Trending Products

Vegetable Cutter

Kitchen items can be a profitable and stable niche to get into.

The easiest way to sell kitchen items like vegetable cutters and spiralizers is to dropship them from AliExpress using the Oberlo app. Popular kitchen items have received thousands of orders showing that this niche is worthwhile.

trending products

Keywords like ‘kitchen items’ and ‘vegetable cutter’ have shown strong growth on Google Trends. These keywords show that there isn’t really a peak season for these type of trending products. Thus, showing they’re an evergreen product you can sell year round.

Your kitchenware brand can be marketed to various groups. You can use a gift registry app for first time home buyers and newly engaged couples to increase your average order value. A search engine optimization strategy can also work well for building up your brand presence and sales. Google ads can also be used to get your first few sales. As a search based niche, having a blog strategy that complements your products can work well. If you prefer using Facebook ads, you can use retargeting ads to showcase your products after customers read your blog content.

Feel free to use the free kitchen photos from Burst on your store.

Grill Mat

A grill mat provides a nonstick surface that helps make grilling easier to clean up.

The popular trending product can be dropshipped using the Oberlo app. You’ll notice that thousands of orders have been placed on this simple product on AliExpress. Since the products are fairly affordable you can sell packs to increase your average order value.

trending products cyber monday

This year, a drastic growth of the grill mat was seen on Google Trends. More than double the peak of the previous year. The holiday season shows a slight increase for this type of product which may make it a great product to sell this holiday season. While the AliExpress products tends to be more popular in the summer, you can still position it for everyday use on your indoor grill instead of your outdoor one.

The smartest way to market the grill mat is through Facebook video ads. You can create a simple video showing the versatility of what the grill mat can do. You can show your grill being transformed to make pancakes. Or showcase how simple cleaning up is. With a bit of text added to your video to showcase the major benefits of the product, you could drive strong growth for this product. The video format helps customers better understand how the product works and allows them to see other possible uses.

Health & Wellness Trending Products

Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth can be embarrassing. Teeth whitening can help give your customers a more beautiful smile. As teeth whitening solves an embarrassing problem, customers may feel more compelled to make an impulse purchase.

Thousands have ordered teeth whitening products from AliExpress showing just how popular these trending products are. Oberlo users can dropship these products and find new customers for their products. You’ll be able to sell whitening strips, charcoal powder, or bleaching kits to your customers.

trending products

While growth on Google Trends is steady, the teeth whitening niche is expected to continue to be a reliable one over the long term. While the holidays can experience a dip compared to the rest of the year, the dip is still quite high in comparison to previous years making it still a great niche to dive into.

You’ll notice on Instagram that influencers are constantly posting pictures using teeth whitening products. Instagram influencer marketing is the best way to drive growth for your teeth whitening online store. It allows customers to see that the product does work and gives your brand social proof. Giving influencers a commission for every sale they bring in through an affiliate link can help bring in sales for your store. You could also work on optimizing your brand for search engines as a long term play.

You can find countless smile photos on Burst that’ll be perfect for a teeth whitening store.

Anti Snoring

Snoring and sleep apnea can be a big problem for couples. A person who snores can keep their partner up at night disrupting their sleep. Enter anti snoring products. They can help minimize a person’s snoring.

Oberlo users can dropship anti snoring products from AliExpress. You’ll find chin support straps, anti snoring nose clips, and mouth guards which have had thousands of product orders. Since snoring can be a big problem, you can build a brand around solving the burning problem with your products.

trending productsGoogle Trends showcases a steady growth for the term anti snoring. The niche doesn’t seem to have any seasonal trends which makes it great for a year round niche.

Anti snoring products are more of a search based products. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use Facebook ads to promote your brand. The easiest way to promote your brand would be to create a lot of long form blog posts. You’ll need to have retargeting ads running all the time that’ll show your anti snoring products in the ads. However, this strategy has a two benefit purpose. First, it helps you rank organically in search over time. However, you also benefit from immediate sales through the retargeting ads. You’ll need to promote your content on Twitter and Pinterest using various hashtags to increase your chances of driving traffic.

Home Decor Trending Products


A terrarium is a globe where plants live. Some use it as a small home for small live animals. However, it’s been growing in popularity as a home decor piece making it one of the best trending products 2017.

Dropshipping terrarium vases and figurines using the Oberlo app is easy. As one of the most popular trending products, you’ll notice the vases and figurines have received thousands of orders on AliExpress. Thus, allowing you a good chance to have a higher average order value by promoting the different parts to create a great terrarium. This could work well as a standalone niche.

trending products

Even Google Trends confirms the popularity of the product which is expected to continue to rise. While it doesn’t necessarily have a peak season, it does appear to be a stable niche with strong enough growth to justify entering the niche.

To market the products, I’d recommend creating blog content around how to create a stunning terrarium. You could buy products to design different terrariums. You can share your terrarium designs on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Add buy buttons with all the products from your store included in the terrarium. You’ll also want to have a retargeting ad for your blog traffic where you showcase your terrarium products for sale to win back previous visitors.

Outdoor Trending Product

Air Sofa

Air sofas are an inflatable product that can be taken on camping trips, to the beach, or other outdoor events. The air sofa can be deflated into a bag for easy carrying making it a great product to move around.

As one of the best selling trending products for Oberlo users, you can easily dropship the popular item on AliExpress. About 6700 air sofas have been sold by one vendor alone. And with a high rating, the item is expected to continue to grow in sales.

trending products

While Google Trends shows that the product is the most popular in the summer, November and December have had increased search volume. It could make a great gift for nature lovers and outdoorsy people. The product first drastically grew in popularity in July 2016 and remains quite high in search traffic.

There are a few ways to market this trending product for the holidays. Including it in gift guides for outdoor lovers would be the first start. You can search for outdoor gift guides online and contact the publication to have your product included for the 2017 holiday guide. You can also focus on a search based strategy and optimize for keywords like air sofa in your blog content while retargeting your product via Facebook ads.

Tech Trending Products

Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino starter kits are popular among programmers and tech lovers. It allows users to gain hands on experience using Arduino.

Oberlo users can dropship the arduino starter kit on AliExpress. The product has over 800 orders. It has a higher price tag than most of the items on this list which allows you to potentially make a higher profit as most sell for a retail price of over $100.

trending products

The arduino starter kit has been growing in popularity since 2008. There’s a peak in search volume in November in time for Christmas. However, the best thing about it is that it continues to climb from January to March. So not only do you increase your chances of getting a boost at Christmas, you also don’t peak in traffic or sales until March.

Arduino starter kits are more of a search product. So Google Ads is your best bet. Building content around the product can help increase your chances of promoting it. You can also reach out to tech blogs to have your product featured in gift guides to land some holiday sales.

Phone Cases

Phone cases have been growing in popularity since 2009 with no signs of slowing down. The two phone case products that are doing better than usual are the silicone matte phone cases and mirror phone cases.

Trending products like these on AliExpress have received hundreds if not thousands of orders. The silicone matte phone cases in particular have generated over 17000 orders on a single product. With the Oberlo app, you can easily add these products to your store without having to buy bulk inventory to test out these products for yourself.

trending products

On Google Trends, keywords like ‘phone case’ and ‘silicone phone case’ have seen growth in search volume. If you’re looking for a stable yet constantly growing trend, the phone case niche is perfect for diving into right now.

trending products

Phone cases work really well on Facebook and Instagram. If the images are attention grabbing, you could be able to land impulse buy purchases. You can create standard and retargeting ads on Facebook for your products to increase your chances of landing sales. You could also partner with influencers who do shoutouts and have high converting audiences. The most profitable thing to do is to give them an affiliate link instead of paying their influencer fee which can get expensive. You could also ask your customers to promote their phone case on their social media for a free $5 gift card on your store. You’ll want to make sure your products are priced accordingly so that you don’t lose money or give away free products.

If you need phone case stock photos you can get use them for free on Burst.

iPhone Repair Kit

With over 700 million iPhones in use around the world, iPhone related products are a popularity commodity. Especially since that number is likely to continue to climb to 1 billion.

The 25 in 1 iPhone repair kit is one of AliExpress’ most popular items in the phone category. With over 3800 orders, a trending item like this is a proven seller. While it’s not a standalone product, the iPhone repair kit could work well on a phone case store.

trending products

Google Trends shows an increase in search volume for ‘iPhone repair.’ While the holidays aren’t necessarily peak season for these types of products, they could still perform as some parents gift phones to their children for the holidays.

You could create content around the topic of iPhone repair in a comprehensive blog post and add a Buy Button for the product in the article. You can also retarget customers who look at iPhone related content on your store by introducing your iPhone repair kit before they need it.  

Christmas Trending Products

Elf Decorations

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the help of Santa’s elves. The Elf on the Shelf likely popularized elf decorations over the past few years. And more homes are choosing to decorate with elf decorations as a result.

You can dropship elf decorations using the Oberlo app on Shopify. You’ll find everything from toilet seat covers to elf inspired wine bottle covers to elf plush dolls.

trending products

According to Google Trends, elf decorations peak in November and December for Christmas. If you’re planning on creating a Christmas store, elf decorations would work best as a product category rather than a standalone store.

The best way to market elf decorations is through Facebook ads. Due to the short holiday season, you’ll need to use ads to get immediate sales. If you launch your online store a few months before the holidays you can do a few more long-term plays with search engine optimization. However, if you’re short on time, you might consider posting relevant products in Christmas themed Facebook groups or partnering with a relevant Christmas countdown page by giving them affiliate links to your products.

Christmas Outdoor Lights

With the surge in popularity for fairy and twinkle lights, it’s no surprise that outdoor Christmas lights have grown in popularity too.

On AliExpress, outdoor lighting products have often times received hundreds of orders. You’ll find white string lights or colored ones based on which you prefer. Notably, Christmas projector lights are also quite popular. You can easily add these types of products to your online store with the Oberlo app.

trending products christmas 2017

Christmas outdoor lights have seen a growing trend on Google especially around November and December. However, the popularity of the outdoor lights overall has grown since 2008. It’s possible that this is due to the extravagant outdoor lighting displays you see in YouTube videos around the holidays.

Outdoor Christmas lights are the type of product that people search for instead of impulsively buy. That means it works best with Google’s platform. Focusing on a search engine optimization strategy and driving traffic through Google Ads are likely the best ways to drive traffic to these trending products. You might be able to promote projector lights on Facebook ads as they’re more attention grabbing than traditional lights.

Snowman Decor

This trending product has likely grown in popularity due to the various snowman cartoons like Frosty the Snowman and Olaf from Frozen.

Those looking to start a Christmas themed store can dropship snowman decor from AliExpress using the Oberlo app. Products like snowman plush have received hundreds of orders proving their popularity around the holiday season. You can also dropship products like snowman cutlery holders, snowman ornaments, toilet seat covers, door hangers, stockings and more. Those looking to rank for the keywords ‘snowman decor’ should add these snowman products under a ‘snowman decor’ product category.

trending products

Since 2012-13, Google Trends shows the growth of snowman decor in searches. Peak season for these types of products is in November and December.

The best way to market snowman decor is through Facebook ads and through publication features. You can run Facebook ads to the best selling snowman decor as per order volume targeting fans of Christmas themed Facebook pages and groups. You can also reach out to home decor publications and blogs about featuring your snowman products in an article providing a link back to your store.  

Reindeer Dog Sweater

Over the past couple of years dog owners have been dressing their furry friends up in winter sweaters to keep them warm despite the colder weather.

Those within the pet niche can add a holiday element to their collection with reindeer dog sweaters from AliExpress. Using the Oberlo app, you can dropship these holiday sweaters to your customer base without having to buy bulk inventory in advance. You’ll find cute reindeer dog sweaters and more traditional styles that your customers’ dogs can wear. You’ll also find Santa dog sweaters, hooded knit sweaters and other cute clothing for small dogs.

trending product

Google Trends has been showing the popularity of these trending products. December 2016 had its highest search volume ever for reindeer dog sweaters. However, 2017 looks like it’ll probably beat last years numbers as there’s been higher growth over the past few years.

Marketing trending products like these can work well with influencer marketing. You can reach out to popular dog pages on Instagram to have a shoutout of a dog wearing the reindeer dog sweater. To boost your visibility, it’d make the most sense to have a cute dog wear the sweater rather than showing a picture of the sweater on a plain white background. You’ll need to pay the fan page a fee to have an influencer post about your brand. However, for dog pages it usually costs between $30-$200USD which isn’t too bad for influencer marketing.

Which trending products do you plan on selling Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017?

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