Average Cost of Entertainment per Month (2020–2022)

Being entertained is one of the main reasons people all over the world flock to the internet—especially social media. Products related to entertainment also currently rank among the top digital expenses of Gen Z shoppers and millennials

But how much do Americans actually spend on entertainment? Here’s a look at the average entertainment costs in recent years.

Average entertainment costs: 2020–2022

According to the latest consumer expenditure data released by the United States Department of Labor, average entertainment costs registered at $3,458 per household in 2022. Breaking this down, it means that the average cost of entertainment per month was $288.17.

This represents a 3.1% decrease from the previous year and comes despite a 9% increase in households’ average annual expenditures. Entertainment is also the only major expense category to experience a decline.

Industry analysts say a fall in spending on entertainment supplies, equipment, and services was largely responsible for the dip, as expenditure on these items plunged by 24.5% year over year. Spending on items related to pets, toys, hobbies, and playground equipment also fell, but to a lesser extent of 6.3%. 

The only entertainment subcategory to register an increase in expenditure is fees and admissions, which rose by 27.4%. Despite the rise, it still marked a massive slowdown from the previous year, during which expenses on fees and admissions rose by 53.9%.

The decline in US consumers’ overall average entertainment expenses in 2022 follows a 22.7% increase in 2021. That year, people spent $3,568 on entertainment, with the average cost of entertainment per month for one person rounding to $297.33. In 2020, this figure was lower, at $2,909—or $242.42 per month.

Average entertainment cost per month: breakdown by type

In 2022, the average American consumer spent $908 on entertainment items related to pets, toys, hobbies, and playground equipment. This equates to around $75.67 per month.

Here’s a breakdown of the average cost of entertainment per month by subcategories:

  • Fees and admissions: $833 total ($69.42 per month)
  • Other entertainment supplies, equipment, and services: $698 total ($58.17 per month)

Average entertainment expenditure share by household size

The average US household spent 4.7% of its total 2022 expenses on entertainment. This share varies according to household size. One-person households spent 4.3% on entertainment, while two-person households spent 5%. Households with three or more people spent 4.7% of their overall expense on entertainment in 2022. 

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