One of the most important things to consider when running an ecommerce business is the factors influencing consumer behavior. In other words, the elements that affect a potential buyer’s purchasing decision.

According to a recent survey, the top reason buyers may decide to purchase from a brand is its ability to help them make healthier or better lifestyle choices. As many as 55 percent of global consumers name it as a factor that would affect their buying decision.

The second-biggest factor that influences shoppers’ purchasing decisions has to do with a brand’s stand on social issues. Consumers look at whether the business has strong company values and is committed to doing the right thing, with 53 percent of them listing this as a factor that will make them consider purchasing from a brand.

Rounding out the top three factors influencing consumer behavior is product origins. 51 percent of consumers say they look at whether products are made with materials that have traceable and transparent origins as a purchase factor.

The fourth-biggest factor that influences purchasing decisions is brands’ care for their employees. More specifically, half of all consumers worldwide say they consciously consider whether companies take responsibility for their staff’s well-being when deciding whether to purchase from them. 

This is followed by whether brands are doing their part in supporting local communities. Just under half of all consumers (48 percent) say this is a purchase factor they often consider. 

Last but not least, the sixth-biggest factor buyers keep in mind when shopping is how biodegradable or eco-friendly the product is. 47 percent of them consider this before purchasing.

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Sustainability Affects Consumers’ Buying Decision

Delving deeper and further down into this list of factors, we see that sustainability issues are starting to take center stage and rank among the top factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions. 

The same report shows that as many as 52 percent of consumers say they’ve become more eco-friendly over the past six months alone. Around half also consciously base their purchasing decisions on factors related to sustainability. 

However, how seriously shoppers consider sustainability to be a factor can depend on their workplace. Interestingly, buyers who work from home are ten percentage points more likely to factor in sustainability when shopping than those who don’t.

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