With the number of social media users and time spent on social networks rising year after year, there’s no questioning where brands should be focusing their digital marketing efforts.

However, not all social media platforms are made equal. Knowing what the most popular social media platforms are in terms of the number of users can give you a better idea of where to market. But it would also help to understand which platforms users actually enjoy using and prefer being on. 

This then begs the question: What social media website is a favorite among users?

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Favorite social media platforms among global users

According to a recent survey, WhatsApp tops the list of users’ favorite social media platforms, with as many as 16.3% of them saying it’s their preferred network. This equates to around one out of every six social media users worldwide.

WhatsApp’s popularity among consumers and brands is clear. Not only is it the most used messaging app in the US and the world, it also ranks among businesses’ top social media marketing platforms

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The second-favorite social media network among global consumers is photo-sharing app Instagram, which is a favorite for 15.2% of global social media users. Facebook follows behind in third place, with 13.8%. Incidentally, these top three favorites are all owned by the same parent company, Meta.

Fourth on the list of users’ favorite social media networks is WeChat. Also known as Weixin in China, it’s the preferred social media network for 12.9% of users. This is followed by TikTok, which is the preferred network for 6.4% of global users, and Douyin, known as the Chinese version of TikTok, with 6%.

Microblogging site Twitter is the seventh-favorite social media network—3.3% of active social media users say it’s their preferred channel. 

Facebook Messenger, another Meta-owned product, follows, with 2.5%. Together, the shares of all these four Meta-owned platforms on the list add up to 47.8%. This means that nearly half of all active social media users worldwide name a Meta-owned entity as their favorite social media site, which is a testament to Meta’s social media dominance worldwide.

Two other messaging apps, Telegram and Line, round out the list of consumers’ 10 favorite social media platforms, with 2.2% and 1.8%, respectively.

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