There’s no question that social media is one of the best ways to market and grow a business. Along with knowing the amount of time spent on them, knowing which platforms are becoming increasingly popular among consumers can also help guide your brand’s social media marketing strategy.

This begs the question: What are the fastest-growing social media platforms?

The latest data shows that the fastest-growing social network is TikTok. The ByteDance-owned company first made headlines for its rapid growth when it launched in 2018. And even though its user base continues to grow to this day, the sign-up rate of new users has slowed rather significantly. 

In 2021, the number of TikTok users grew by 18.3% (to total 78.7 million)—much slower than the whopping 87.1% it registered in 2020.

This is followed by Reddit, whose user base grew 14.4% in 2021. Like TikTok, its growth has also slowed in comparison with 2020, when the number of Reddit users rose by 25.9%.

TikTok and Reddit are the only two on this list of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the US that saw growth increase by more than 10% in 2021.

The third fastest-growing social network is LinkedIn. In 2021, the professional networking platform saw a 4.2% increase in the number of users. This is two percentage points less than the 6.2% increase it had in 2020. 

This is followed by Instagram and Pinterest, with growth rates of 3.7% and 3.1% respectively. 

Sixth on the list of the fastest-growing social network is Snapchat, with a 2.6% increase in the number of users.

Facebook is next, with 0.8%. As the world’s most popular social media platform in terms of users, its growth is starting to plateau. Its increase in 2021 is the network’s slowest ever annual increase. 

Twitter is in eighth place, with a marginal growth of 0.2%. 

All of these social networks experienced a slower rate of increase in number of users in 2021 compared to 2020. According to analysts, this is because of the higher-than-expected growth in 2020 brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused social media use to skyrocket.

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