Chart showing: Global Ecommerce Sales Growth (2021–2027)

Global Ecommerce Sales Growth (2021–2027)


Global ecommerce sales growth rate















Ecommerce sales growth in 2024

The global ecommerce growth rate for 2024 is forecast at 8.8%, bringing global ecommerce sales worldwide to $6.33 trillion. 

According to experts’ forecasts, global ecommerce sales growth is set to continue, and at a relatively steady pace. Ecommerce’s growth rate worldwide is expected to decelerate slightly to 8.3% in 2025, which will bring total ecommerce sales to $6.86 trillion. In 2026, the growth rate is expected at 7.9% as overall sales rise to $7.41 trillion. By 2027, revenues from online sales are set to hit $7.96 trillion, following a rise of 7.4%.

From 2021 to 2027, the largest annual online retail growth took place in 2021, and the smallest is set to happen in 2027. Experts predict that in this period, total sales will increase by more close to $3 trillion. This is an overall rise of 59.8% and marks an average annual growth rate of 8.1%.

Ecommerce sales growth vs. retail sales growth

Global ecommerce sales growth is set to outpace that of retail sales every year from 2023 to 2027—an indication of shoppers’ preference for online shopping.

In 2024, total retail sales worldwide is expected to rise to $31.1 trillion, marking an increase of 4.9% from 2023. This is 3.9 percentage points lower than the global ecommerce sales growth rate.

Ecommerce sales growth: ranked by country



Online retail growth rate (2023)

1. Mexico


2. Philippines


3. Malaysia


4. Argentina


5. Brazil


6. India


7. Russia


8. Japan


9. Vietnam


10. China


In which parts of the world is ecommerce experiencing the fastest growth?

Recent ecommerce growth statistics analyzing increase rates by country show that in 2023, the online shopping trend grew the most in Mexico. Sales from online purchases there rose by as much as 25.1% year on year.

In the Philippines, the country with the second-biggest online retail growth, this is set to increase by 24.1%. Malaysia and Argentina rank next, with annual growth rates of around 17.5% each. Brazil rounds out the five countries with the largest online retail growth rates, with 15.4%. 

India ranks next, with an online retail growth rate of 15% in 2023. Russia follows closely behind, with 14%, ahead of Japan, whose ecommerce sales grew by 12.7%. Vietnam and China complete the list, with 12% and 11.4%, respectively.

Six of these 10 above-mentioned countries are located in Asia. Of these, half are Southeast Asian countries, which highlights the region’s growing reliance on online shopping and potential for aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs.

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