In today's digital age, smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives, acting as gateways to a vast universe of information, entertainment, and connectivity. In-app advertising revenue worldwide is set to rise by 12.1% in 2024, to $352.74 billion. In the United States, with a smartphone penetration of more than 90%, this figure is also forecast to grow by double digits in 2024. 

However, recent data reveals that as in-app ad spending rises, the average number of apps on a phone is set to decline. This trend raises an important question: How many apps does the average person have on their smartphone? The answer holds significant implications for brands hoping to better understand consumer behavior to excel at mobile marketing. In this post, we take a look at the average number of apps on the phone of a US user from 2023 to 2027.

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Average number of apps on a phone: 2023–2027


Average number of apps installed per user











According to a recent study, as of 2023, the average number of apps installed on a smartphone was 18.45. Looking ahead, projections indicate a modest decline. Specifically, the average is expected to dip to 18.28 apps per phone in 2024, marking a 0.9% fall. It is forecast to further decline to 18.11 in 2025, 17.95 in 2026, and reach 17.80 by 2027. 

This slight yet consistent decrease indicates a broader change in US consumer attitude toward mobile apps. Experts say that smartphone users are starting to favor apps that offer more value and functionality, instead of having multiple single-purpose apps that clutter their phones.

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The study also suggests that app developers in the US are already responding to this trend, as they follow in the footsteps of popular Asia-based mobile apps like WeChat and Grab by integrating more features into a single platform.

Average number of apps on a phone: usage and installation

Despite the decline in the average number of apps per phone, data indicates that app usage will continue to remain high. 

For instance, nearly every US smartphone user (97.6%) will use apps in 2024. This equates to an impressive 260.1 million individuals. Meanwhile, as many as 95.7% will install apps. These statistics reflect a high engagement level with mobile apps among the US population, highlighting the pivotal role apps play in everyday digital interactions.

Considering these statistics on the average number of apps on a phone and the shift in mobile user behavior, brands will need to adapt and innovate to get ahead of the competition.

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