With teenagers and adults below the age of 30 making up nearly half of all social media users worldwide, it’s clear that brands catering to Generation Z need to be active on social networks to increase their reach and engagement with them.

Crafting a marketing strategy that targets Gen Z requires understanding this age group’s online habits. Here’s a look at one of the most important Generation Z social media usage statistics: time spent per day.

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How much time does Gen Z spend on social media every day?

According to the latest Generation Z social media usage statistics, more than one-third (38%) of Gen Z consumers in the United States spend more than four hours using social networks every day. In comparison, just 18% of all US adults spend the same amount of time on social media.

Another 16% of Gen Z consumers do so for four hours a day, compared to 10% of all US adults. In other words, more than half (54%) of Gen Zers spend four hours or more a day on social media—nearly double the rate of all US adults (28%).

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Gen Z: time spent on social media general trend

As the first completely digitally native generation, it’s clear that Generation Z is an extremely connected and social-media-savvy group. 

In fact, the general trend shows that the proportion of Gen Zers decreases with the amount of time spent on social media. For instance, 17% of Gen Z consumers spend three hours a day on social media. 14% do so for two hours, and 9% are on for an hour a day. Just 4% spend less than one hour a day on social media—one-fifth the rate of all US adults—and only 2% of Gen Zers do not spend any time on social networks.

These Generation Z social media usage statistics also show that interactions feature heavily in this generation’s social network activities. In fact, social networks are its third most-used medium for socialization. 88% of Gen Zers say they use social media to interact with their peers—after texts (94%) and phone calls (89%). 

When it comes to the most popular social media platforms Gen Z uses, YouTube comes out on top. It is frequented by 88% of Gen Zers. This is followed by Instagram and TikTok, with 76% and 68%, respectively.

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