Chart showing: Gen Z Social Media Platforms: Top Nine

What Social Media Does Gen Z Use?

Ecommerce marketing strategies are most effective when they’re personalized to their target audience. As one of the heaviest users of social media, and with a disposable income of $360 billion, Generation Z consumers are an attractive group to reach on social media. 

To do so successfully, brands need to not only understand Gen Z’s shopping habits, but also know the answer to the question: What social media does Gen Z use?

Gen Z social media platforms: top 10

According to a recent survey studying Gen Z’s favorite social media platforms, Snapchat tops the list. More than one out of every two (51.1%) users in the United States frequenting the popular platform at least once a month belong to Generation Z. Naturally, this makes it the biggest group of Snapchat users in the US. Millennials form the second-largest group, consisting of 34.3% of its user base. Incidentally, Snapchat also ranks among the most popular social media platforms in the world in 2024, with 750 million users worldwide.

TikTok is second on the list comparing Gen Z’s favorite social media platforms. They make up 44.7% of the network’s user base in the US. This is followed by Instagram, with 33.7%, and micro-blogging social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, close behind with 32.6%.

Reddit is the fifth most popular network among Gen Zers, who account for 28.2% of its users. Pinterest and YouTube follow, with 25.2% and 25.1%, respectively.

WhatsApp is next in eighth place. Despite being the world’s most popular messaging app, its adoption rate remains relatively low among US Gen Z social media users. Fewer than one in four (23.6%) WhatsApp users accessing the app once a month are Gen Z users. 

Despite being the social network with the most users, Facebook ranks last on this list. Just 17.4% of Facebook users in the US belong to Gen Z. Analysts say this is because of the reputation Facebook has among this generation, which sees it as a social network for older generations. The numbers do seem to support this. Millennials make up the largest group of Facebook users in the US, accounting for 33.1% of them. Gen X is the third-largest group, with 25.2%.

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