Chart showing: How Much Time Is Spent With Different Forms of Media?

How Much Time Is Spent With Different Forms of Media?

With the internet playing an important role in the daily lives of consumers worldwide, it’s no wonder that many consumers are also spending large amounts of time on online media. 

Having said that, the latest data on the average time spent per day with major media shows that many people continue to enjoy consuming non-digital media.

Here’s a breakdown of just how much time is spent with different forms of media by consumers worldwide.

Average time spent per day with major media: Top five

According to recent survey results, the amount of time spent by the average global consumer on different kinds of media in 2023 varies greatly. 

For instance, nearly seven hours (six hours and 41 minutes, to be exact) are spent on the internet a day. This is a 0.9% increase (four minutes) from the previous year. The significant time spent on the internet should come as no surprise, considering its many uses and the many activities consumers can carry out online.

Consumers also spend 192 minutes (three hours and 12 minutes) a day watching television, around 13 minutes less than they did last year. This covers both broadcast and streaming television.

These statistics on the average time spent per day with major media also show that consumers tend to spend nearly two and a half hours on social media. Their main uses of social networks include keeping in touch with friends and family, filling their spare time, and reading the news. 

Global consumers spend just under two hours a day reading press media. This refers to both online and physical print, such as magazines and newspapers.

With the music streaming market growing year after year, it’s little surprise that music streaming also ranks among consumers’ top media choices. Statistics on the average time spent with media show that in 2023, consumers spend just under 1.5 hours (one hour and 27 minutes) a day on music streaming.

Time spent with media: Games consoles, broadcast radio, and podcasts

Games consoles, podcasts, and broadcast radio are also among the top media consumers worldwide dedicate a big portion of their time to in 2023. 

Here’s a breakdown of the time spent on them per day:

  • Using a games console: 63 minutes
  • Listening to broadcast radio: 52 minutes
  • Listening to podcasts: 51 minutes

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