With annual advertising revenues at over $130 billion and ownership of some of the world’s most popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, there’s no question Meta is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. 

But how much is Meta worth? Here’s a breakdown of Meta’s market valuation in recent years.


Meta’s year-end market cap

Change from end of previous year


$63.1 billion


$139.2 billion



$216.7 billion



$296.6 billion



$331.6 billion



$512.8 billion



$374.1 billion



$585.4 billion



$778.2 billion



$921.9 billion



$319.9 billion



$909.6 billion


2024* (as of April)

$1,274.0 billion


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Meta market cap in 2024

According to recent data, as of April 2024, Meta’s market cap is $1.27 trillion. This makes it the world’s seventh most valuable company in terms of market value and marks a 40.1% increase in just four months, up from just over $900 billion at the end of 2023.

Meta crossed the $1 trillion threshold in late January 2024. Before this, the company, then known as Facebook, last hit this milestone in 2021..

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Meta’s market value breakdown: 2012–2023

A look at Meta’s market cap over time shows that the company’s value has mostly been increasing over the past decade. In 2012, the market cap of Meta was $63.1 billion. This more than doubled in 2013, to $139.2 billion. This was also the second-largest annual increase between 2012 and 2023.

Following this, Meta experienced four years of growth at an average annual rate of 39.7%, culminating in a market cap of $512.8 billion in 2017—its first time exceeding half a trillion dollars.

In 2018, Meta’s valuation fell by 27%, to $374.1 billion. This dip was attributed to the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal involving data breaches and its slowest-ever user growth announcement. This resulted in a dramatic 19% fall in share prices and a $120 billion market value loss in a single day. Meta closed out the year with a company value $138.7 billion lower than in 2017.

Meta’s market cap rebounded in 2019, to $585.4 billion. Not only was this a 56.5% increase from the previous year, it was also the company’s then-highest year-end market valuation. Two years of growth followed, as Meta’s value rose by 32.9% and 18.5%, to $778.2 billion and $921.9 billion in 2020 and 2021, respectively. 2021’s figure was also Meta’s highest market cap between 2012 and 2023. 

2022 saw Meta’s market cap fall by 65.3%, to $319.9 billion—the company’s lowest year-end valuation in seven years. Industry analysts say this was a result of economic uncertainty, soaring inflation rates, and an overall volatile stock market, all of which affected tech companies. Meta’s valuation quickly and strongly rebounded in 2023, skyrocketing by 184.4%, to close the year out at $909.6 billion.

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