As the leading social media marketing platform and one of the most popular social networking sites, Facebook’s ad revenues have been increasing year after year.

Coupled with the rising number of active advertisers on Facebook and the social media ad spend in the US, one of Facebook’s main markets, it should come as no surprise that its revenues from ads are in the billions.

So, just how much money does Facebook make from ads?

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Facebook ad revenue: 2017–2024

According to a recent report, Facebook’s ad revenues are expected to hit $170.82 in 2024—an 11.1% increase from 2023. It will be the fourth successive year Facebook’s ad revenues have surpassed $100 billion. Despite the double-digit annual increase, this year’s forecast represents a slowdown in growth rates. In 2023, Facebook’s ad revenues rose by 13.1%.

Despite the deceleration, Facebook’s ad revenues remain tremendous, and we only have to look back at figures from the past seven years to see how much they’ve grown. 

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In 2017, the social network’s total ad revenues totaled $39.94 billion. It increased to $55.01 billion in 2018 before rising further to $69.66 billion in 2019 and then $84.17 billion in 2020—effectively more than doubling its ad revenues in just three years. This increased by another 36.5% to $114.93 billion a year later. By 2022, Facebook’s ad revenues had hit $135.94 billion and a year later, it rose by 13.1%, to $153.76 billion.

From 2017 to 2024, ad revenues grew at an average annual growth rate of 23.5%. The largest year-over-year increase was registered in 2018, when Facebook’s ad revenues soared by 37.7%.

Facebook ad revenue: 2025–2026 forecast

Looking ahead, Facebook’s ad revenues are set to continue rising. In 2025, they are predicted to rise by 9.7%, to $187.35 billion. Analysts predict that by 2026, Facebook’s ad revenues will surpass $200 billion for the first time, after an 8.3% annual increase.

Facebook ad revenue breakdown by user average per region

Users in the US and Canada are the biggest contributors of Facebook’s growing ad revenues. In Q3 2023, the average revenue per user in these two countries recorded at $56.11—five times the average by global users, which registered at $11.23. This is followed by users in Europe, with $19.04.

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