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Percentage of US podcast listeners regularly tuning in to these topics



Entertainment, pop culture, and the arts


Politics and government


Science and technology




True crime


Self-help and relationships


Money and finance


Religion and spirituality


Health and fitness




Race and ethnicity


The rising popularity of podcasts is evidenced in the increasing number of listeners worldwide, projected to mark an 8.6% annual increase to surpass half a billion in 2024. In the United States alone, weekly listeners are anticipated to grow by 5.2%, to 109.1 million. 

With more than two million active podcasts worldwide, competition is intense, and crafting captivating podcast episodes is crucial for businesses to stand out. Aside from understanding why people tune into podcasts and what platforms they use to do so, knowing what their favorite genres are can help brands select good topics for podcasts. 

So, what are the most popular podcast topics? Here’s a breakdown of the top podcast genres among listeners.

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1. Comedy: 47%

According to recent research by the Pew Research Center, comedy is the most popular podcast topic among listeners, with 47% saying they tune in to podcasts of this genre. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Audible’s ranking of the top comedy podcasts. 

2. Entertainment, pop culture, and the arts: 46%

The second-most-popular podcast topic is entertainment, pop culture, and the arts. With this in mind, an effective strategy is to engage renowned artists and/or celebrities as guests on your show. If you’re new to podcasting, this may be difficult. In that case, consider focusing on discussing upcoming movie or show releases as a start.

3. Politics and government: 41%

It may be a taboo topic at family dinners, but politics appears to be one of the favorite genres among podcast listeners. More than two out of five listeners tune in to podcasts discussing politics and government. 

4. Science and technology: 40%

Science and technology follows, with 40%. This is a wide-ranging category that covers everything from space exploration and physics to artificial intelligence.

5. History: 40%

History rounds out the five most popular podcast topics. Exploring historical facts about certain locations and individuals offers a look into the past and has the potential to draw a curious crowd.

6. True crime: 34%

Podcasts on true crime dissect real-life incidents with in-depth narratives that intrigue audiences. According to Chartable, at least two of the top 10 podcasts on Apple are of this captivating genre. 

7. Self-help and relationships: 32%

Self-help and relationships are also good podcast topics with a significant number of listeners—nearly one-third of listeners tune into these genres. If you’re an expert on the issue, you can guide listeners through managing their anxiety, stress, and more.

8. Money and finance: 31%

Finance is another good podcast topic, as it’s something that affects everyone on a daily basis in one way or another. From average income levels to what Americans spend their money on, there’s plenty to cover.

9. Religion and spirituality: 30%

Religion and spirituality also ranks among the best topics for podcasts. According to Chartable, the top religion podcast on Apple Podcasts is The Bible in a Year by Father Mike Schmitz.

10. Health and fitness: 27%

Health and fitness podcasts can cover a wide range of subjects to cater to diverse interests and needs. Examples include interviews with fitness experts and nutritionists, exercise routines, advice for specific health conditions, and motivational stories.

11. Sports: 22%

Be it the NFL, NBA, or MLB, there are plenty of fans you can reach out to with a sports podcast. Besides discussing the latest lineups and games, you can also address the business aspects of sports, such as sponsorship deals, broadcasting rights, and more.

12. Race and ethnicity: 15%

Race and ethnicity completes the list of the top podcast genres. If you’re considering starting a podcast on this topic, make sure to approach it with care and remain respectful and sensitive to your listeners. 

How to pick good topics for podcasts?

When selecting a podcast topic, consider not only what’s popular but also your personal interests and passions, as this gives you the motivation to talk about it. You want to choose a subject that you won’t grow tired of discussing and that aligns with what your target audience is interested in.

Consistency is also key when it comes to podcasting, so be sure to maintain a regular publishing schedule and stick to a consistent theme. 

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