Whether it’s shopping online, listening to music, or keeping in touch with friends and family, there’s no denying the uses of the internet are wide and varied. As it stands, the average person spends over six hours a day online

Research also shows that mobile users in the USA spend at least four hours on apps alone. But what is the most used app in America? Here’s a breakdown of the most popular apps in the USA.

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According to a recent study, Facebook is the most used app in America. This ranking is determined by the number of monthly active users an app has. Facebook’s high position should come as no surprise, given it is the most popular social media platform in the USA, used by nearly three-quarters of the adult population. The number of Facebook users in the USA has also been increasing. In 2023, there are 243.6 million Facebook users in the country, a figure that has risen by an average of 1.9% every year since 2018. 

Second on the list of the top apps in the USA is Facebook Messenger. The instant messaging app developed by Facebook has close to 140 million users in the country. This is followed by ecommerce giant Amazon, in third place. Amazon is also among the largest retailers in the USA, second only to Walmart, and ranks among the top brands in the country

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Two other social media networks, Instagram and TikTok, are in fourth and fifth places, respectively, and they round out the five most popular apps in the USA.

The sixth most used app in the USA is Snapchat. Home to 108.8 million active users, the USA is Snapchat’s second-largest market, after India. Popular streaming services Netflix and Spotify rank next, in seventh and eighth places, respectively. 

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the USA and worldwide, is the ninth most used app in the USA. It is also the fourth Meta-owned entity on the list, after Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Twitter, with a declining number of users in the country, completes the list.

Seven of the 10 most popular apps in the USA are social media networks, which highlights consumers’ high usage of them and the vital role they play in helping businesses increase their brand awareness

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