Online video consumption has been on the rise with the current average viewer spending 100 minutes a day watching digital videos. 

For businesses, the potential to reach consumers via online videos is high. But to cater to their habits, you need to know what they are watching exactly.

According to the latest online video consumption statistics, 92.8% of internet users worldwide watch digital videos each week. This refers to any kind of video—from music videos and tutorials to gaming and influencer videos.

The most popular videos on the internet are music videos. As many as half (50%) of all internet users watch them at least once a week. Comedy, meme, or the commonly-termed “viral” videos are the second most popular type of videos and are watched by just under one-third (35.8%) of global internet users. This is followed by video livestreams, with 29.7%, and tutorial or how-to videos, with 28.7%.

As an ecommerce business, these online video consumption statistics are important as it helps you understand your buyers’ preferences. This way, you can adjust your video marketing strategy accordingly to ensure your videos are not only being watched but also reaching the right audience.

For instance, the high number of people watching tutorials or how-to videos could mean that it may be worth investing in creating a how-to product video. This is especially if your products are innovative and/or if their value proposition cannot be adequately conveyed through text or static images. Video live streams can also help to foster a sense of community with your buyers, cultivating a relationship with them. 

Fifth and sixth on the list are educational videos and sports clips or highlights videos, consumed by 27.1% and 26.7% of internet users, respectively. 

Next on the list of the most popular videos on the internet is one that’s relevant to ecommerce businesses—product review videos. These are watched by 26.4% of consumers online every week. This is followed by gaming videos, which 26.2% of people watch. 

This next statistic can come in handy when you’re thinking about using influencer marketing to promote your product. Influencer videos and vlogs also rank among the most popular videos on the internet. They’re 10th on the list, watched by 25.5% of internet users worldwide every week.

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