Chart showing: Social Commerce Market Size (2022–2030)

Social Commerce Market Size (2022–2030)

With more and more people using social media and an increasing amount of money being spent on social media ads, it’s no wonder total social commerce sales worldwide have also been increasing. 

Social media is commonly hailed as one of the most effective marketing platforms for businesses. To understand why, we only need to look at how social commerce sales have performed in recent years.

Social commerce sales: 2022–2030

According to recent research, the social commerce market size is expected to hit $1.7 trillion in 2024. This represents a 30.8% increase from the previous year, when social commerce sales worldwide surpassed the $1 trillion mark for the first time to total $1.3 trillion. The recent growth of the global social commerce market size is nothing short of impressive, especially considering that in 2022, total sales from social media were $992 billion. 

Experts say the biggest drivers of this growth experienced in recent years are consumers in China, which happens to be home to the largest ecommerce market. In 2022, more than half (52%) of online shoppers there made a purchase via social media platforms, while as many as 84% said they completed online purchases on the platform itself. 

The global social commerce market size is expected to continue growing over the next few years at an astonishing speed. In 2025, it’s forecast to increase to around $2.2 trillion, before rising to $2.9 trillion in 2026. Here is how the social commerce market size is projected to continue increasing until 2030:

  • 2027: $3.8 trillion
  • 2028: $5 trillion
  • 2029: $6.5 trillion
  • 2030: $8.5 trillion

Growth rates of the global social commerce market size

Even though it’s common for markets to experience a deceleration in growth as sales increase, this is clearly not the case for social commerce sales.

Social commerce statistics show that from 2022 to 2030, sales are expected to increase at 30.8% per year. 

Social commerce statistics: top three platforms

To do well in social commerce, you need to also know which platforms users are flocking to for their purchases. Recent data shows that Facebook and Instagram (both owned by Meta), are the top social commerce platforms in the US, with 67.8 million and 45.3 million shoppers, respectively. TikTok rounds out the top three, with 35.8 million shoppers.

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