Top Ecommerce Categories in the US

Launching an online store requires a deep understanding of the market's top-performing ecommerce categories to ensure you stock the right products, enhance sales, and facilitate your business's growth.

Ecommerce category

Percentage of US consumers who bought items online

1. Clothing


2. Shoes


3. Food & beverages


4. Bags & accessories


5. Cosmetics & body care


6. Pet products


7. Books, movies, music & games


8. Accessories


9. Drugstore & health products


10. Consumer electronics


According to recent data on ecommerce sales by product category, the top-selling product in the United States is clothing. This finding is based on a comprehensive survey of over 10,000 participants conducted from January to December 2023. As many as 43% of individuals say they purchased items related to clothing online, which translates to more than two out of every five. The apparel and accessories category has witnessed a 5.6% growth in sales in 2023 alone, making it one of the fastest-growing consumer product sectors in the US.

Footwear emerges as the second-largest ecommerce category, with a third (33%) of consumers reporting online shoe purchases in 2023. For entrepreneurs eyeing this category, analyzing the strategies of the top shoe companies worldwide could provide valuable insights into successful practices.

Food and beverages hold the third spot, with a 26% penetration rate, excluding restaurant deliveries. This category's growth signifies a rising consumer preference for the convenience of online grocery shopping. Following closely are bags and accessories, with 25%.

Rounding out the top five ecommerce categories is cosmetics and body care, which 23% of consumers say they purchased online. It’s worth noting that the US cosmetics market size has been expanding every year since 2020. In 2024, it’s forecast to rise by 3.6% as revenues hit $20.1 billion.

Pet supplies also carve out a significant niche, with 22% of Americans buying pet-related products online, reflecting a strong bond between pet owners and their furry companions. Entertainment items such as books, movies, music, and games follow, engaging 21% of the consumer base. 

Accessories rank next, with 20%. Drugstore and health products and consumer electronics complete the top 10 ecommerce categories in the US, with 18% and 17%, respectively.

Top ecommerce categories in the US: leveraging this data

This data on ecommerce sales by product category not only helps new entrepreneurs identify lucrative markets but also underscores the dynamic nature of consumer preferences, encouraging businesses to adapt and respond to market changes. Businesses that are quick to do so are more likely to thrive.

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