Given that the number of people shopping online is increasing year after year, the rise of ecommerce cannot be denied. 

But just where do consumers go when shopping online? What are the top online shopping websites?

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Top online shopping websites ranked by traffic

In terms of top ecommerce sites by visitors,, Amazon’s dedicated and localized page for its users in India sits comfortably in first place. According to the latest figures, the number of visits to the world’s biggest online shop was just short of one billion in October 2023. 

Second on this list ranking top ecommerce sites by visitors is, a website dedicated to manga comics. The site received over 950 million monthly visits in October 2023. 

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China’s online retail store AliExpress is third, with 941 million visits. This is followed by The site received 802.9 million visits and registered the second-highest number of pages per session out of the top 10, with 5.64. rounds out the five biggest online shops, with a monthly traffic of 618.8 million in October 2023. Despite its high number of monthly visits, the bounce rate of was relatively high, at 65.55%. In other words, nearly two out of every three visitors landing on Samsung’s website left after visiting just one page. It also had the lowest number of pages visited per session of the top 10 ecommerce sites. Users on viewed an average of 2.31 pages before leaving.

These five biggest online shops were the only ones to have received more than 600 million visits in October 2023. Together, these five largest online retailers registered a total of 4.3 billion visits, which made up 61.9% of the total number of monthly visits to the top 10 ecommerce sites in October 2023.

Here are the sixth- to tenth-biggest online shops and their monthly visits in October 2023.

  1. 580.2 million
  2. 551.9 million
  3. 548.3 million
  4. 530.6 million
  5. 448.8 million deserves a special mention—at 40.77%, its bounce rate was the lowest on this list of the top 10 ecommerce sites. Its average number of pages visited per session of 5.7 was also the highest.

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