With the average consumer spending more than six hours a day on the internet, knowing what websites they’re dedicating their online time to can help you understand them better. In doing so, you’re armed with the knowledge needed to craft an ecommerce marketing strategy that caters to their habits.

Currently, the list of the most visited websites worldwide is dominated by search engines and social media sites. What about in the United States, the country with the second-highest ecommerce sales? Here’s a breakdown of the most visited websites in the US.

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A recent list of the top 10 websites by traffic in the US shows that Google.com sits comfortably in first place. In December 2023, the popular search engine’s website received 35.49 billion visits. Google is also the most used search engine in the world, with over 90% of online queries carried out on its site.

This is followed by YouTube.com, with 22.17 billion visits. Incidentally, YouTube is a Google-owned entity. Google.com and YouTube.com are also the two most visited websites globally. 

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Reddit.com is the third most popular website in the US. Despite ranking relatively high, its traffic is significantly lower than that of Google and YouTube. In December 2023, Reddit.com had 4.09 billion visits—just over 11% of the traffic Google.com received.

Fourth on the list of the top 10 websites in the US is Amazon.com, the largest ecommerce company worldwide by market value and one of the top online marketplaces in the US. The site received 3.78 billion visits in December 2023. Facebook.com, the world’s most popular social media platform, rounds out the top five, with 3.76 billion visits.

Duckduckgo.com, the fourth-most popular search engine in the US, is sixth on the list of the top US websites. The search engine received over 2.32 billion visits. Yahoo, another search engine, is close behind in seventh place with 2.31 billion.

Popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia.org follows in eighth place. It received 2.25 billion visits. Another social media website, Twitter.com, is next. The microblogging site had 1.91 billion visits. Instagram.com rounds out the top 10 websites in the US. It received 1.53 billion visits in December 2023.

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