With the rise of ecommerce, especially in recent years, more and more people are taking to online marketplaces not only to shop but also to launch an online business.

These activities proved particularly popular in recent years because of the coronavirus pandemic, which analysts say accelerated the shift to ecommerce by as many as five years.

But where are businesses selling their products? What are the top online marketplaces in the US?

Recent survey results from polling sellers show that eBay tops the list of the top ten online marketplaces in the US. It scored 6.48 on a ten-point scale measuring profitability, communication, ease of use, and customer service. 

It is also one of the largest online marketplaces in the US, with seven million sellers around the country operating on eBay.

Not only has eBay taken the number-one spot on the list of top online marketplaces in the US, but it’s also the top ecommerce site globally in terms of visitors. 

Second on the list is Bonanza, a Seattle-based online marketplace. With a 6.39 rating, it’s just a fraction behind eBay. Bonanza is particularly popular in the US—recent data shows that more than eight out of every ten website visits are from US consumers. 

Ruby Lane, Etsy, and Mercari finish the list of the five top online marketplaces in the US.

Etsy, in particular, has seen tremendous growth in the past two years and is on the path to becoming one of the biggest online marketplaces. With 2.65 million sellers in the first quarter of 2020, that number very quickly rose to 4.7 million a year later, marking a 77.4 percent annual increase. The number of Etsy users grew further to 5.23 million in the second quarter of 2021. It has plateaued since then, falling slightly to 5.2 million in the third quarter and rounding out the year with 5.3 million.

Despite Amazon’s dominance in the ecommerce market, ranking as the top ecommerce company in the world, it isn’t proving to be quite as popular among sellers. It ranks in seventh place, behind Poshmark, with a score of 5.13 out of ten. 

Eighth on the list of the top online marketplaces in the US is eCrater, scoring also scoring 5.13 among online sellers. This is followed by Craigslist (5.12) and Facebook (4.92).

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