New Domain: Do I Need to Get One If I Change Focus?

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Steven has a general store with a general domain name. He’s running Facebook ads on different products to see which products gain the most traction. So far so good. But he wants to know what to do once he finds his niche to focus in on. Does he need to buy a new domain, build a whole new store, or can he just morph his general store into a niche store Steven also asked about Instagram tips, but we’ll take things one step at a time.

Is a New Domain Necessary? Maybe.

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Okay. First off, the strategy of using Facebook ads to identify hot products is awesome. Lots of Oberlo users have had success with this. If you aren’t sure which products you wanna focus on, create a bunch of different Facebook ads and then use the data you get as a guide. It’s a form of A/B testing, and you can gain a lot of valuable insight this way. Now about building that new store; this is a good question and it’s a tricky one. I hate to answer by saying it depends, but Steven it kind of depends. Here’s some things we need to consider:

What Are Your Plans For the New Store?

Facebook ads are a great way to identify products that are hot right now, but trendy stuff doesn’t always stay trendy for very long. If you expect your hot new item to cool off after six months, then sacrificing that original domain might not be worth it. Another thing to consider;

What Kind of Search Engine Visibility Does Your Current Domain Have?

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And what is that visibility for? If your General Store is ranking for searches related to something like household items, but you wanna start selling drones, then you should definitely invest in a new domain. It’s hard enough to get a domain to rank, and it’s extra hard if Google is confused about what exactly that domain is selling.

New Domain: Think For the Future

One more thing to consider: Do you wanna keep running Facebook ads to find hot products in the future? If yes, then hang on to your domain so you have a store to play around with as you look for the next product that’s about to pop.

Before we sign off, real quick about Instagram, Steven asked, “What are some good tips to build a following on Instagram?” We have tons of content about Instagram. Massive blog posts, YouTube videos, e-book chapters, tons of stuff. We dropped some links in the description, so if you wanna do some Instagram homework, we got you covered. We hope this helps Steven.

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