Amazon Alternatives: The Top 11 Sites to Buy From Online

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When it comes to ecommerce, Amazon is an absolute powerhouse. The company brought in an incredible $386 billion in revenue in 2021. But despite having huge market share, there are plenty of Amazon alternatives to get your online shopping done.

In this article, we’ll look at several Amazon alternatives to consider for your needs. These range from similar “general store” websites like eBay or AliExpress, down to more niche sites for specific products, like NewEgg for tech or Thrive Market for organic groceries.

While it might seem that Amazon has it all, there are plenty of alternatives that have just what you’re looking for.

11 Best Sites Like Amazon: Find Everything You Need

1. eBay

Best for: Bidding to get unique items and the best deals

amazon alternatives: eBay

eBay has been around the block. After all, it launched in 1995, just one year after Amazon. It was originally referred to as the “auction web,” designed to recreate the classic auction environment in a digital space. To this day, more than 187 million users flock to eBay to buy products online.

Unlike Amazon, eBay doesn’t manufacture or sell its own products. It’s solely a marketplace for users to buy and sell through each other. Some items are on auction and some can be purchased outright. Through the bidding feature, you can pay what you want for many items you see. If someone doesn’t submit a higher offer, the item is yours.

Other benefits:

  • eBay Bucks Rewards Program for loyal shoppers
  • You can find amazing deals through eBay’s Best Offers
  • Returns available if the seller approves

2. AliExpress

Best for: Lowest prices on retail items

Amazon alternative for cheap online shopping: AliExpress

Because you can buy products directly from the manufacturer, AliExpress often has some of the lowest prices you can find when you’re shopping online. When purchasing factory direct, you’re able to cut out middlemen companies that buy products from manufacturers and resell them to their own customers.

There’s a caveat though: many of the manufacturers and retailers on AliExpress are located in China. This means that if you’re in another country, you may need to wait days or even weeks to receive your order. So be sure that time isn’t an issue for any orders you place through this Amazon alternative.

Other benefits:

  • Massive selection of products
  • Comprehensive buyer protections
  • Helpful and responsive customer service

3. Overstock

Best for: Non-consumables like furniture, home decor, and office supplies

Overstock as an Amazon alternative

Overstock is a go-to Amazon alternative for those who want to buy non-food items. Like the name suggests, Overstock gets its name from the business model of selling excess stock from other companies.

If you’re looking for a membership program like Amazon Prime, you’ll be glad to know that Overstock’s Club O offers some great benefits too. Club O’s perks include free shipping on all your purchases, free returns or in-store credit for many purchases, five points or 5% for every dollar spent, a price match guarantee for competitors, up to 4,000 points ($40) for writing reviews, and more. And it’s all just $19.95 per year.

Other benefits:

  • Free shipping sitewide
  • One- to two- day delivery on thousands of products
  • Returns on most items within 30 days

4. Better World Books

Best for: New and used books

non-Amazon site for books: Better World Books

If you’re looking for an Amazon alternative for book buying, Better World Books is the way to go. This online bookseller has a vast library of more than eight million new and used titles, searchable by genre. You can purchase most books in whichever format you preferhardcover, paperback, ebook, or audiobook.

Besides book shopping, Better World Books also lets you contribute to its mission to improve literacy around the world. How? The retailer matches every purchase with a book donation to someone in need. Over 25 million books have been donated and the company has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Better World Books ships worldwide for free. Customers can opt for their orders to be shipped carbon balanced for just a few cents extra. 

Other benefits:

  • 60-day return policy
  • Buyback service

5. Newegg

Best for: PC parts and gaming accessories

online shop for PC parts: Newegg

While Amazon has traditionally been the go-to retailer for tech gear, other companies like Newegg are stepping up their efforts to lure customers. On Newegg, you can search computers by brand, name, chipset, RAM, clock speed, and more. And the results you get are a lot more focused compared to Amazon’s. 

For example, if you go to Newegg and search for “Crucial MX500 2TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-Inch Internal SSD,” you’ll see listings for only that specific item. On Amazon, the results page may also contain listings for other brands and accessories. While the price may be lower on Amazon, Newegg offers a far better browsing experience. 

Newegg also has good availability of new parts, which is sometimes an issue for Amazon. Want to buy a Seagate BarraCuda? You’re much more likely to find it in stock at Newegg than at Amazon.

Other benefits:

  • Free three-day-or-sooner shipping 
  • Private customer service line
  • No restocking fees

6. Thrive Market

Best for: Organic and non-GMO groceries

Thrive Market is your one-stop shop for healthy and natural foods. Since its launch in 2015, Thrive has established itself as an Amazon alternative for the kinds of organic, non-GMO products that you can find at specialty stores and supermarkets. There are starter kits for special diets, like Whole30, Paleo, and gluten-free, as well as a huge range of pantry supplies on offer.

You have to pay a monthly membership fee of $5 (half of what Amazon Prime costs) in order to shop on Thrive Market. Members get discounts, free gifts, and exclusive prices on purchases every day. Plus, Thrive lets you set up recurring deliveries for your favorite goods—no need to venture to the store to replenish those items. 

Other benefits:

  • Low prices on top organic brands
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Join a fun community of over one million members

7. Rakuten

Best for: General goods

online shopping cashback rewards: Rakuten

If you love the broad range of products you can get from Amazon and want to mimic the experience elsewhere, Rakuten is your best bet. Offering a wide selection of general goods from virtually every niche, the ecommerce website is ideal for shoppers who love variety.

Rakuten doesn’t have its own inventory but instead connects consumers to various businesses directly. This unique setup allows you to compare listings from different vendors in order to find the best overall price. Plus, video reviews of certain items let you see a product’s condition and function before you make a purchase. 

One of the most interesting features of Rakuten is its Super Points program, which gets you 1% cash back on each purchase you make.

Other benefits:

  • Daily deals and discounts 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Super Points program for cash back on each purchase

8. Grove Collaborative

Best for: Natural household and personal care products

Ethical Amazon alternatives: Grove collaborative

Next on our list of Amazon alternatives is Grove Collaborative, an ethical online retailer that offers subscription services for non-toxic home care and personal care products. As a shopper, you’ll buy products and they’ll be automatically added to your product subscriptions. You can change the frequency of subscriptions based on your needs (for instance, you might need a toothbrush every month, and a hand soap refill every three months).

For those who prioritize things like social responsibility and environmental protection, Grove Collaborative’s status as a B Corporation makes it particularly appealing. As long as your shipment meets its $29 order minimum, you’ll get all your essentials in 100% plastic- and carbon-neutral boxes. 

Other benefits:

  • Free shipping with $19.99/year VIP membership
  • Dedicated customer service staff
  • Email reminders to help prevent missed shipments

9. Etsy

Best for: Unique, handmade items

If you want products crafted by hand or amazing pre-owned items that stand the test of time, Etsy is the place for you. This Amazon alternative sells everything from reclaimed jewelry to paper goods, directly from creators. When you shop with Etsy, you know you’re supporting the hopes and dreams of budding artisans rather than huge conglomerates.

Etsy also has an impressive commitment to sustainability, with all marketplace operations powered by renewable energy. Moreover, it’s home to many shops that follow sustainable practices.

Other benefits:

  • Free shipping on orders of $35 or more 
  • Build favorite shops and items feed
  • Organize your favorites into Pinterest-like boards

10. Uncommon Goods

Best for: Personalized gifts

Amazon alternative for personalized gifts: Uncommon goods

A certified B Corporation focusing on sustainability and social responsibility, Uncommon Goods is a great place to shop for all kinds of gifts. A huge range of unique products is available, from gourmet condiments and stylish handmade jewelry to leather and fur-free jackets. Plus, the retailer offers a service (called Uncommon Experiences) that lets you gift creative, out-of-the-box experiences to your loved ones. 

Uncommon Goods is also a fascinating place to brainstorm gift ideas. You can sort products by occasion or gift recipient and find plenty of items that you won’t see elsewhere. Many of the products on Uncommon Goods are created by independent artists, so you’re sure to find some enchanting presents that would leave the recipients mesmerized. 

Other benefits:

  • Built-in gift finder tool
  • Free shipping with Perks membership
  • Matches every purchase with a $1 donation 

11. Dermstore

Best for: Skin care and beauty products

Dermstore was founded by a certified dermatologist, so you know you’re going to be investing in amazing skin care products when you buy here. The company started as a small skin care and beauty brand before evolving into a massive marketplace full of makeup, hair care, and bath products.

Dermstore is also excellent at providing a wide range of offers and deals on products you might have a hard time finding elsewhere. And with reviews and testimonials available on every product page, you can easily research the beauty products you’re interested in before buying. Dermstore regularly showcases a list of bestselling products to help give you a dose of inspiration if you’re struggling to find your next top purchase. 

Other benefits:

  • Lots of hard-to-find items at special discounts
  • Reviews and ratings to help you choose the best product

Amazon isn’t the only option out there

While it’s true that Amazon has changed the game for online shopping, there are loads of other ecommerce stores to get what you’re looking for. Just make sure you do your research and size up the competition before you make your purchases to avoid any confusion or disappointment down the line.

You may want to shop around a bit for your favorite customer experience or perks. You also might find that you prefer certain websites for certain products. Regardless, there’s a whole wide world of shopping websites out there waiting for you to pay them a visit.

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