So many people want to start their own online businesses and face one common problem: they don’t know what to sell.

Deciding on the products which you think will be successful for your business is a difficult task, no matter how much experience you have in ecommerce, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you decide to run your business with the dropshipping business model, you’ll have access to thousands of great products which you can start selling today. You won’t ever need to worry about managing any physical inventory, and you’ll never need to sell out on storage space – your suppliers will take care of that for you.

We mentioned that there is a huge collection of products which you can start selling, but honing in on them and deciding which ones are the best dropshipping products to sell in spring can be tough. And that’s exactly why we’ve created this article.

We’ve created this article to highlight some of the best dropshipping products to sell in spring 2018. We’ll also dive deeper into dropshipping as a business model, and provide you with some helpful marketing advice that’ll help you to succeed with these products.

Let’s jump into it!

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Why Should You Run a Dropshipping Business?

Above we touched upon some of the reasons why we think that dropshipping is one of the best business models, but let’s first define what dropshipping is before we dive deeper into those reasons.

Dropshipping is a business model that is breaking down the barrier of entry to ecommerce even further.

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An entrepreneur running a traditional ecommerce business will need to purchase / create their inventory prior to making a sale, rent out storage space (or clutter their own home with products), and then manage and fulfill all of their orders.

As you can imagine, this takes time, and more importantly, capital to get started.

And this is where dropshipping differs – you’ll never need to worry about managing your inventory, storage space, of taking the take to fulfill your orders.

All of those tasks will be taken care of by your suppliers, so you can focus on what really matters to you – growing your business and making sales.

You can run your dropshipping business from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and a computer, and you can change your product list whenever you see fit. Find some new products that you think will sell well in your store? Add them and start selling – it’s as simple as that.

If you want to learn more about the dropshipping business model, we’ve created an in-depth guide that’ll explain it in more detail. You can also check out our article that explains how you can get started with your own dropshipping store in less than 30 minutes.

How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Products for Spring

So, we’ve explained how dropshipping works, and why it’s a great business model to use for your store. Now it’s time to provide you with our list of the best dropshipping products to sell in spring 2018.

If you’re wondering how we chose the products that you’ll find on this list, we’ve used data from Google Trends, our own experience with ecommerce to curate this list of high-potential products to sell this spring.

We’ve also put a list of criteria together that indicates if a product is great for dropshippers:

  • The product is hard to find elsewhere online,
  • It’s difficult to guess the price of the product,
  • The product is unique, and entices the potential customer to click,
  • The product is bought without much research,
  • The product isn’t overly expensive.

All of the products on our list will touch on one or more of these criteria, making them one of the best dropshipping products to sell in spring 2018.

We also recommend using Facebook’s advertising platform to promote these products – it’s one of the most effective marketing channels for dropshippers. You’ll have access to an audience of 2.2 billion active users and incredible targeting options.

Speaking of targeting options, we’ve also included some targeting tips with each listing, just to help you along your way if you’re still fairly new to Facebook advertising.

Whether you’re just getting started with your first store, or you’re an industry veteran, we’re sure you’ll find success with the information from this list.

Let’s get started!

Bamboo Sunglasses

To kick off our list of the best dropshipping products to sell in spring 2018 we’ve got bamboo sunglasses.

These unique dropshipping products are the perfect accessory for fashion-conscious consumers who are looking to stand out from the crowd as the warmer months approach us.

Why? The sunglasses niche is already saturated with established brands that your audience is undoubtedly familiar with. This means that it can be a difficult niche to break into, but remember, there are also tons of shoppers who will be looking for something new too.

Shoppers are already familiar with classic sunglasses silhouettes, so we recommend approaching this niche from a different angle. And that’s exactly why we recommend adding bamboo sunglasses to your store for spring – they’re a great alternative to a classic product.

These products are also difficult to find elsewhere. And if you’re selling products that are difficult to find in other stores, you’ve got a great chance to land sales. If your audience don’t know where else they can find the product that they’re interested in, they’re likely to purchase it from you.

Targeting Tips:


Anchor Bracelets

Next up we’ve got anchor bracelets. These have been a hot dropshipping product for a while now, and our data tells us that this trend is here to stay.

If you’re looking for a unique product in the crowded space of men’s fashion and accessories, these sleek, stylish bracelets are perfect.

They’re also super lightweight and easy to package, making them eligible for ePacket delivery. If you aren’t already familiar with ePacket delivery, it’s one of (if not) the best delivery methods for dropshippers – it’s essential for making sure that your products are delivered promptly.

Targeting Tips:

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are next up on our list of the best dropshipping products to sell in spring 2018, and with good reason too – they’re comfortable, stylish, and an essential purchase for female fitness lovers (or loungers).

Again, it’s likely that your audience will have seen these products before, but the good thing is that yoga pants are often purchased without much prior research, which makes them a perfect fit for dropshippers.  

One of the best things about selling yoga pants is that it should be relatively easy to identify your customers. The hard part will be engaging with your customers – you’ll need to create some compelling marketing campaigns to stand out from the crowd.

Yoga pants are a perfect choice for any store focusing on women’s lifestyle or fitness products. Give them a try and let us know how they work in your store.

Targeting Tips:

Magnetic Smartphone Docks

If you’re looking to venture into the world of tech accessories with your ecommerce store, our next entry could be the perfect product for you.

Magnetic smartphone docks are extremely popular right now, and they’re only going to become more popular in the months ahead, making them one of the best dropshipping products to sell in spring 2018.

These stylish tech accessories come in a range of colors, so you’ll be able to provide your customers with options that suit their tastes, and they’re also hard to find elsewhere online, which is a huge plus for dropshippers!

Targeting Tips:

LED Pet Collars

We’ve got LED pet collars next up on our list.

In general, pet owners are the perfect customers for ecommerce entrepreneurs. People who are passionate about their pets tend to be highly-engaged buyers, which makes them likely to purchase products similar to these. LED pet collars could be the exact product that pet lovers are looking for.

These unique products light up in the dark, keeping pets illuminated during the evening hours – this helps you to keep track of your furry friends on long nighttime walks, and increase their visibility to passing cars.

If you’re looking to get involved in the pet accessories market, give these products a try!

Targeting Tips:


Recently we’ve seen many dropshippers find success by selling shapewear online, and we expect that trend to continue in the coming months.

Shapewear helps customers to look and feel their best while wearing form-fitting dresses, sleep tops, or other speciality fashion products. These dropshipping products will prove to be a great addition to any women’s fashion or lingerie store.

Shapewear is available in a variety of different colors and variations, so you’ll be sure to find some shapewear products that are a great fit for your store. Get ahead of the game and add these dropshipping products to your store as your customers start to think about slim-fitting springtime outfits.

Targeting Tips:

Steampunk Glasses

Up next on our list of the best dropshipping products to sell in spring 2018, we’ve got steampunk sunglasses.

Above we mentioned that the eyewear industry can be a tough one to break into, and here’s another great product that we believe has a lot of potential for dropshippers.

These stylish products are unique and fairly cheap to source. This means that you’ll be able to make very attractive margins while selling these glasses.

Test out your pricing strategy with these products to find the sweet spot. You want to find a price your customers are comfortable paying, that still makes you a good amount of money.

Targeting Tips:

Flower Hair Accessories


We’ve noticed a steady increase in demand for floral hair accessories, and it’s only natural that this product’s popularity will reach peak bloom in the spring.

With warmer months on the horizon, these hair accessories are perfect for young, fashionable women. They complement everyday outfits and make a great accessory for bridal parties during wedding season.

Flower hair accessories come in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes, so take some time to experiment with your inventory. Eventually, you should be able to find some products that fit your brand and generate customer demand.

These products are truly one of the best dropshipping products to sell in 2018!

Targeting Tips:

Card Holders

If you’re running a fashion accessories store, there are SO MANY products you can sell this spring, and card holders are one of them.

These sleek accessories hold business cards, and are must-haves among the working set.

Card holders are usually made from premium materials, and they fit the minimalistic style of products that we’ve seen many dropshippers find success with.

Jump on this niche while it’s trending upwards, and try selling card holders in your store this spring!

Targeting Tips:

Pregnancy Pillows

Last up on our list of the best dropshipping products to sell in spring 2018: Pregnancy pillows.

Pregnancy pillows help pregnant women to relieve some of the muscular aches and pains that accompany pregnancy. These products have skyrockets in popularity lately, but they’re still relatively untapped by dropshippers.

This means that you could be among the first dropshippers to capitalize on this trend – a great opportunity!

If you’re looking to start selling in the maternity niche, pregnancy pillows could be your star product. Give them a try and let us know how it goes. 

Targeting Tips:

Start Dropshipping with Shopify

Alright – that’s our list of the best dropshipping products to sell in spring 2018. We hope that this article helped you to come up with some product ideas for your own inventory list!

If you’re interested in getting started with your own dropshipping store and selling some of the products that we’ve discussed today, check out Shopify. Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world – it’s simple to use, and it’s already trusted by entrepreneurs in every corner of the globe.

Once you’ve created your Shopify account, make sure to download and install a dropshipping app from Shopify’s app store, and you’ll be able to get started with your very own dropshipping store today.

If you’re looking for more dropshipping tips and tricks, check out our guide to find out exactly how you can launch your own dropshipping store in less than 30 minutes.

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