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50 Ways to Get Sales With Dropshipping

50 Ways to Get Sales With Dropshipping

Want more sales on your store? In this ebook, we share the best tactics that the top online stores use to grow their sales. You will finally know the real secrets only successful store owners know about getting sales online. Dropshipping just got easier. 

51 Chapters

  1. Introduction

    Learn why you should be reading this comprehensive marketing ebook. You’ll discover what you can gain from reading ’50 Ways to Get Sales with Dropshipping.’

  2. The Ultimate Guide to Remarketing with Facebook and Google

    Learn how to make sales online in only two days with remarketing. You’ll discover how remarketing can be one of your most profitable tactics as a store owner. If your store has a high number of abandoned carts, you need to check out this section now.

  3. How to Make Money with Instagram Marketing

    Want to know how to get Instagram influencers on a shoestring budget? Or maybe you want to know how to get more customer photos before you even have customers. This section covers everything you need to know about Instagram marketing.

  4. How to Create a YouTube Channel

    Which Shopify store grew their YouTube channel to over 3 million subscribers? Learn how to create a YouTube channel people actually get hooked on in this section.

  5. How to Crush It on Google AdWords

    Want to know how to pick the right keywords or avoid the wrong keywords? Desperate to know how to rank well on a tight budget? Need to have a Google Shopping ad that performs well? This section is all about being successful on Google AdWords.

  6. How to Master Twitter Marketing

    Which Twitter hack landed my first sale two days after launch? What’s the weirdest thing someone has done to go viral on Twitter? Which Twitter tools should you really be using? Here’s how to make money on Twitter in 2020.

  7. How to Master Reddit Marketing in 2020

    Rumor has it that adding links to Reddit gets you banned. Check out which online retailers have driven sales with Reddit marketing in subtle and valuable ways.

  8. How to Write a Blog that Boosts Sales in 2020

    Want to know how I got a 9x ROI from a blog post with minimal effort? This section highlights the easiest way to make money blogging for those who don’t know how to write.

  9. How to Create Behind the Scenes Footage

    Behind the scenes footage can help humanize your brand. It can also be profitable. Learn what online retailers have done to monetize their behind the scenes content.

  10. How to Use Content Curation to Grow Your Business

    Learn how to skyrocket your store’s fanpage with curated content when you have no spare time. You’ll discover the best content curation tools for getting free traffic back to your website without any added work.

  11. How to Create a Fashion Lookbook Customers Love

    How do fashion brands take their lookbooks to the next level? Learn how brands like Of Mercer and One Tribe Apparel create fashion lookbooks that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

  12. 16 Website Personalization Tricks You Need to Try

    Want to make collecting customer data fun for your customers? Need to increase conversions using personalization. Desperate to discover the personalization tools that work? Learn the 16 website personalization tricks you need to be doing in 2020.

  13. How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Program

    Taking your marketing to the next level is hard to do on your own. Learn how to build an affiliate marketing program to drive more traffic to your website, gain new customers and increase brand visibility.

  14. 12 Website Design Ideas for Ecommerce in 2020

    Is your website design 2020 friendly? Learn how top online retailers are designing product pages, about us pages and other aspects of their online stores in ways you never would’ve imagined.

  15. How to Lower Your Abandoned Cart Rate

    High abandoned cart rates mean that your online store is losing money. Learn the strategies top online stores implement to improve their abandoned cart recovery rate.

  16. How to Master Ecommerce Quiz Marketing in 2020

    Quiz marketing has been a profitable way for many of the best online retailers. Discover which brands have perfected their quizzes to drive more leads, traffic and sales on their online stores.

  17. How to Get Sales with Neuromarketing

    Learn the neuromarketing tricks experts use to drive crazy growth on their online stores. Whether it’s mastering social proof or compelling customers into impulse buy purchases, top retailers are using these psychology marketing tips to make sales.

  18. 12 Sales Promotion Examples and Ideas

    These sales promotion hacks done by top online retailers prove that you can always do more to drive more sales. Find out how to compel your store’s visitors into making a purchase.

  19. 11 Social Proof Examples For Your Online Store

    How do you develop social proof without customers? Is it possible to get customers to trust your new store? Discover how you can give your brand more credibility even if you’re just starting out.

  20. How to Make Money Marketing on Deal Websites

    Need to know which deals websites to add your product to? Want to learn how to make money through deals websites? Which platform submits your discount codes for you and actually converts into sales?

  21. How to Get Press Coverage for Your Online Store

    Which websites should you be distributing your press release to? How do you land a feature in a magazine or blog? This section includes all my public relations tricks that really work!

  22. How to Create a Profitable Loyalty Program

    Want to get more repeat purchases from your customers? Learn how to develop a loyalty program that actually works. Check out the resources section where you can find the exact email template I used to create a profitable loyalty program with only $10.

  23. How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in 2020

    Want to bring a smile on your customer’s face? Customer satisfaction is all about bringing and element of surprise and delight to their shopping experience. Take your customer service to the next level with these stellar tips.

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