What to Blog About: 101 Irresistible Blog Ideas

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What to blog about?

The blank white screen and blinking cursor feel like doom.

You start thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. What should you write? Where should you start? What would people be interested in? 

This is not a fun place to be. 

Especially when you promised your readers a new post and the deadline is looming … 

That’s why we put together this list of 105 blog post ideas to spark your inspiration. Just go with your gut, pick one, don’t overthink it, and start a blog

Let’s dive in.

105 best blog post ideas for 2023

1. Write a manifesto for your business or life.

What are the values, intentions, and views that underpin your life or business?

2. Share your bucket list.

What do you want to do before you settle down and have a family, before you retire, or before you die?

3. Write a “30 Before 30” post.

Or “20 Before 20,” “40 Before 40,” or “50 Before 50”—you get the gist! Just choose 30 activities, experiences, or challenges to do before your next big birthday.

4. What are your goals for the next six or even 12 months?

Share your goals and why you want to achieve them, as well as your plan for achieving them. Then, later on, share the results!

5. Write about what you’re not going to do this month or year.

What are the things you want to stop doing or do less of?

6. Document your experience trying something new.

What haven’t you tried before? What good habits do you want to develop?

7. Document your experience giving something up.

Time to detox! What bad habits do you have that you want to kick?

8. Share the best advice you’ve ever received.

What advice do you always remember and come back to? Who gave you that advice?

9. What is your dream job, career, or business?

Write about why it’s your dream job and your plan for achieving it.

10. Share your motto for life, business, or work.

Do you have a saying or motto that you try to live by? What is it, and how did it become a part of your life?


11. Share your business’s mission and vision statements.

Talk about what went into developing these statements. You could also share inspiring mission and vision statements from other businesses.

12. Write about who inspires you in life, business, or work.

Who inspires you? Why do they inspire you? What have you learned from them?

13. What would you do if you only had one week, month, or year to live?

Why would you choose to do that? What regrets would you have?

14. Write about one thing that you couldn’t live without.

What it is, and what is it about it that makes it so valuable?

15. Share the top things you’ve learned over the past year, five years, or 10 years.

What are the biggest life lessons you’ve learned in the past few years? Why are they life-changing?

16. How do you stay creative?

What great tools, tricks, hacks, routines, habits, or materials do you use to stay creative? What have you learned about creativity?

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17. Why did you start blogging?

What is your blog’s purpose? What do you hope to gain from blogging?

18. Contact an influencer about guest posting on their blog.

Share your top tips or an interesting case study.

19. Create a contest or giveaway.

Reward your readers for engaging with your website or blog in some way.

20. Answer popular questions you find on forums.

Look on websites like Quora for popular questions in your niche, and then write blog posts answering them. Don’t forget to share your answers on Quora, too!

21. Partner with another blogger to guest post on each other’s blogs.

By guest posting on each other’s blogs and linking the two posts together, you can cross-pollinate your audiences and reach new readers.

22. Interview an influencer in your niche.

Interview influencers and experts in your niche. When you reach out, just make sure there’s something in it for them, too!

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23. Write about what sets your business apart from competitors.

Why are you different? Why should people care about your business? Tell them!

24. Write about creative ways people have used your product, service, or information.

How has your product or service improved people’s lives? Show interesting case studies.

25. Interview your readers or customers.

Get to know your customers more deeply by interviewing them.

26. Conduct a poll, survey, or quiz, and share the results.

What burning questions would people love to know the answers to in your niche? Conduct a survey!

27. Create content around your most successful keywords.

What keywords bring your blog the most organic traffic? Create more content using those keywords, or use a tool like Keywords Everywhere to find similar keywords to capitalize on.

28. Answer FAQs.

What do customers and readers frequently ask? Write up the answers to FAQs on your own blog!

29. Create an “Ultimate Guide” blog post.

What do people in your niche want to know? Do some research, and write “The Ultimate Guide” to make it easy for them to learn more!

30. Create a “Beginner’s Guide To”

What do beginners most need to know in your niche? Write a guide to help them take it one step at a time.

31. Write a checklist or cheat sheet on how to do something.

Don’t have time to write a full-blown guide? Write a cheat sheet or checklist to help others complete a particular task.

32. How do you stay focused and productive?

What tips, tricks, habits, or lifestyle choices help you stay focused and productive? Share what you’ve learned!

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33. Write a list of “hacks.”

Write a cheat sheet of hacks and shortcuts in your blog niche.

34. Share how you schedule your work week.

Do you have a work routine that allows you to live a productive, happy, and balanced life?

35. Write about how to stay productive while traveling.

Working on the road can be tough. If you’ve worked away from home, share your personal stories and pitfalls to avoid.

36. How do you stay healthy and energized?

Write about your diet, exercise, and health tips! If you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle but would like to, write about your experiences trying to lead a healthier life.

37. Share what gear, tools, software, or products you use.

What gear do you use for your business or creative projects? Can you recommend some great software or apps? What products do you absolutely love?

38. Compare two popular brands in your niche.

Review the top two brands in your niche and compare them against each other.

39. Share your blogging process.

Here's another great blog post idea: document your writing process from start to finish.

40. Review something.

Share your thoughts on great books, movies, products, services, or places!

41. Take a large “how-to” topic, and create a series of blog posts.

What do people in your niche most need to know? Break it down into a series of blog posts that explain each stage of the journey.

42. Share your top marketing tips.

What do you do to get the attention of your target audience? How did you grow your blog? Share your top tips! 

43. Teach readers how to make money in your niche.

How do you get your clients, customers, or readers? Teach others to do the same! Profitable blog ideas like these can help you make money via affiliate marketing.

44. Write about your business fails.

What are the biggest (or better yet, the most embarrassing) marketing or business mistakes you’ve made?

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45. Tell the story of how you got started in your niche, industry, or career.

How did you get to where you are? What events, decisions or efforts were the most pivotal? Why?

46. What’s your take on social media?

How do you use social media to develop your brand and improve customer relations?

47. Share a day in the life.

This could be your own day in the life” or you could feature a typical day in the life of someone in your niche, industry, company, or career.

48. What do people most need to know to succeed in your niche?

What skills should they develop? What don’t they need to know?

49. Share “the 10 commandments” of your niche, industry, or career.

What are the essential “laws” in your line of work that others should adhere to at all costs?

50. Write about the deadly sins and pitfalls to avoid.

What common mistakes do people make in your niche, industry, or company?

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51. What lessons has your business or career taught you about life in general?

If you're looking for lifestyle blog post ideas, this could be an interesting angle. Share how the lessons you learned in your work apply to all of life.

52. What is the toughest part of your job or work?

Why is it tough? Is it worth it?

53. What do you wish you’d known before you started in your niche, industry, or career?

Looking back, there are always things we wish we knew before we started out. What sage advice do you have for newbies?

54. If you have a team, share tips on hiring and creating a great company culture.

How did you find the right people for your team? What mistakes have you made? What’s great about your company culture, and why?

55. Conduct a Q&A interview with your team.

Let your readers and customers get to know the people behind the service or product.

56. What’s your personal daily routine?

Which parts are intentional, and which are unintentional? How did you develop your personal productivity routine? What would you like to change?

57. What scares you the most, and why?

Get vulnerable with your readers and share your biggest fears. Where do they come from, and how do you handle them?

58. Share your first memories.

What are the first coherent memories you can recall? Why do you think they stand out in your mind, unlike so many others?

59. Profile a charity you support.

What’s one charity that you support, and what do they do? Crucially, why is it so important to you personally?

60. Rant about something.

What is frustrating you right now? Write about it!

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61. Write about some of the main events that shaped your life.

What are the events in your life that have shaped you the most? Why do you think these events were so life-changing?

62. Write about your latest travel experience.

Where have you been lately? What did you learn from the experience? Share your travel tips!

63. Share your top playlists.

What’s on your playlist at the moment? Do you have a special playlist for productivity, relaxing, or getting motivated?

64. Write a post that begins with “Nobody knows that I …”

What don’t people know about you? Share a secret! These types of vulnerable posts are always an incredible way to connect deeply with others who have had similar experiences.

65. Share the most awkward thing that’s ever happened to you.

What still makes you cringe when you think about it even though it might have been years ago?

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66. Write about your traditions.

Do you have any personal, family, or business traditions that you stick to? Write about them!

67. If you could travel to any location with anyone, where would you go, who would you choose, and why?

Better yet, ask fellow bloggers or colleagues to share their answers, and compile them into one post!

68. If you could host dinner for any five people—dead, alive, or fictional—who would you choose, and why?

What is it about these people that makes them so intriguing to you?

69. If you could time travel to witness any event in history, which event would you choose, and why?

Describe what you would love to have seen or experienced.

70. What do you struggle with most that you would like to improve, and why?

We all have an Achilles’ heel, bad habits, and traits we’d love to improve—what are yours? How would you like to improve your life?

71.  Share a list of your favorite blogs.

What are your favorite blogs? Why do you love them so much?

72. Write about your favorite fictional character.

Who is your favorite fictional character, and why? How are you alike?

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73. Write about the best and worst gifts you’ve ever received.

Just be careful not to badmouth a recent present from someone who might read your blog post!

74. Describe your perfect day.

What would you do? Why would it be so wonderful? How can you create more days like this in your life?

75. How do you take care of yourself and show yourself love?

What do you do to look after yourself? If you don’t do much for yourself personally, what can you start to do?

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76. What’s one thing that you wish you could change about your life, and why?

How could you go about changing it?

77. Write about your passions.

What are you passionate about and why?

78. Show people your workspace.

Where do you work? What’s special about your own personal setup?

79. Give people a tour of your home.

Invite people into your home, and show them what makes it uniquely yours.

80. Write an open letter.

Address a concern, a problem, or a viewpoint.

81. Think of an unrelated topic, and tie it to your work in some way.

This blog idea works great when you have a hobby unrelated to your business, i.e., “10 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Fishing.”

82. Compare the reality of your life with what people usually think it’s like!

Rarely does anyone have an accurate idea of what it’s like to work in another profession. The idea of being a writer, doctor, traveler, or entrepreneur is often far different from reality!

83. Share the best jokes in your niche.

What are the funniest jokes you’ve heard in your niche? If you can’t remember any, do some research!

84. Debunk myths.

What do a lot of people believe that’s actually not true? Do some research and shine a light on the top myths in your niche or industry.

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85. Create a truth or lie game.

This is when you write some facts and some lies about yourself or your niche, and your readers must guess which are true and which are false.

86. Create an A-Z post.

Choose a topic and use each letter of the alphabet to stimulate something interesting to write about it.

87. Tie a current popular movie into something you do.

What movies have you seen lately, and how do they relate to something in your life? An example could include, “10 Things Star Wars Taught Me About Travel.”

88. Create a parody of something in your niche or in popular media.

Is there something that’s just begging to be parodied? Parody it! Fun blog post ideas like these can make your blog go viral.

89. Write about a trend in your niche.

What’s big in your niche right now, and why do you think it is? What are your trend predictions?

90. Compile a playlist of great videos in your niche.

What videos have inspired or helped you? Share them with your readers! 

91. Create a list of amazing blog posts on one topic.

Compile a list of the best blog posts on a certain topic, and share the key takeaways from each one. This could even be a list of your best blog posts.

92. Share your content creation guidelines.

What guidelines or rules do you use to help you consistently create great content?

93. Share what’s currently at the top of your reading list. 

What’s on your reading list, and why?

94. Share a book list.

Share a list of the most influential, inspiring, or helpful books in your niche or industry.

95. Create a list of top online tools in your niche.

What amazing online tools can’t you live without? Share a list of great free and paid tools.

96. Share a list of your go-to apps.

What are the top apps in your niche? Which are the most useful to you and why? What apps are underrated?

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97. Create a list of your top website plug-ins.

What website plug-ins do you use, and why? What does each of them do?

98. Create a list of the best tutorials.

Compile the best tutorials teaching the same thing into one master-class listicle.

99. Compile the best blog posts from the last week.

Do a round-up of the best blog posts from the past week in your niche.

100. Create a list of inspirational quotes.

Research and compile a bunch of inspirational quotes relevant to your readers.

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101. Ask experts in your niche for quotes on a particular topic.

Get original quotes from experts in your niche.

Bonus: Repurposing blog ideas into other forms of content

102. Expand your best-performing blog posts into an ebook.

Take your best performing content, and flesh it out further into more comprehensive free ebooks.

103. Condense your best blog posts into checklists, templates, infographics, or cheat sheets.

Take your best blog posts, and cut them down to the bare essentials.

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104. Create a live webinar to expand on your top-performing blog posts.

Turn your best blog posts into live, interactive webinars.

105. Turn your best-performing blog posts into videos.

Engage your website visitors by creating video versions of your top posts.

Still desperate for blog topics?

If you’ve gotten to the bottom of this page and are still wondering what to blog about, scroll up quickly, stop, and then start working on the first idea you see.

No idea is ever perfect—and any idea is better than no idea.

Hold on to your hat, because some wild wisdom is about to rock your world: The way to write great blog posts is to practice.

OK, you knew that already … 

Still, knowing isn’t the same as doing. Knowing is easy, and doing is difficult. So, stop wondering what to blog about, and start practicing!

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