How To Select Dropshipping Suppliers on AliExpress

dropshipping suppliers

You’ll find plenty of stories about fake AliExpress suppliers circulating around the web. Recently, have spent a lot of resources into combatting this, so it’s quite rare that you would find an stories about dropshipping suppliers who scam.

Although the platform is taking care of fraudulent dropshipping suppliers itself, we still suggest that you perform a background check on your drop shipping suppliers. Not only will this help you to ensure that your customers will receive a high-quality service, but also to ensure that they will enjoy product satisfaction.

We’ve put this article together to show you how to find dropshippers on AliExpress, and show you the types of dropshipping suppliers you should avoid.

Don’t Always Go For the Lowest Price

Don’t get overly excited when you find the same product at a fraction of the price. Typically, the price of a product on is comparative with the product’s quality. If you’re looking for dropshipping suppliers who offer high-quality goods for your store, you may need to spend a little more money when you’re sourcing products.

When you’re sourcing products, you’ll find that there are a lot of AliExpress suppliers offering similar products.  It’s a great idea to compare the prices which various different dropshipping suppliers have set. If a number of sellers have similar prices for the same product, but you find that one supplier has a drastically lower price, this could indicate that the product is of a lower quality. Another key point is to check out the AliExpress supplier’s reviews to determine if there has been any negative reviews about their quality — this will help you to find the best dropshipping suppliers for your store.

Although a lower price does not necessarily mean that the dropshipping supplier’s products are of a lower quality and vice versa, we highly recommend that you avoid the following situation:


Remember that drop shipping suppliers on have very tight margins and understand them well, which is why a higher price normally means a better quality product.

Buy From AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers Which Have 95%+ Positive Feedback

Two of the most important factors while evaluating AliExpress dropshipping suppliers are their Feedback Score and Positive Feedback Rate. The Feedback Score indicates the seller’s sales volume, while the Positive Feedback Rate represents the feedback rate which the dropshipping supplier has received. When you’re choosing AliExpress dropshipping suppliers you should always aim for 95% and higher positive feedback rate and at least a 2,000 feedback score. Always try to bare this in mind when you’re searching for dropshipping suppliers.

Buy From Suppliers That Have 95% and Higher Positive Feedback

How To Select Dropshipping Suppliers on AliExpress

When you’re running your ecommerce business you’ll need to build up a foundation of reliable dropshipping suppliers. Take note that this doesn’t automatically mean that dropshipping suppliers with a lower feedback score can’t be trusted, but it’s a good general measure to go by.

Next, you should consider their individual product feedback and their order counts. It’s much safer to buy a product that has been ordered a few thousand times with a 90% positive feedback score, than a product that has only been sold twice but has a 100% positive feedback score. Look for any unhappy customers. Usually, the unhappy customers help identify possible products defects and issues. You’ll also be able to view customer reviews for individual products, which will likely include images for said item — it’s another great way to validate a dropshipping supplier.

Look for any unhappy customers

However, if a certain product doesn’t yet have any feedback, look up the other products that the dropshipping supplier carries and check the feedback. If you notice that the other products which the drop shipping supplier is selling have good feedback then you’re good to go, it not then you may want to stay away from that supplier.

Be Careful With Dropshipping Suppliers Selling Brand Products


As a dropshipper, it’s imperative that you avoid dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress who are selling counterfeit or knockoff goods. Genuine designer products are rarely found on — it’s always best to avoid popular brand name products in your store, as they’re likely fake.

If you find that a drop shipping supplier which you’re sourcing products from is selling counterfeit goods then you should avoid using them and report that seller to AliExpress. You could end up in legal trouble if you’re found to be selling copyrighted products, so it’s always best to avoid anything that looks suspicious.

You can also check out our guide to avoiding counterfeit goods on AliExpress here.

AliExpress suppliers

Pay Attention to the Responsiveness of Drop Shipping Suppliers

Let’s say you have an emergency situation — a customer files a dispute on your PayPal account and insists on a reshipment for their order. In this situation, you’d want your drop shipping supplier to respond to you immediately, right?

In order to protect yourself against such situations, always check the responsiveness of AliExpress suppliers before importing any of their products to your ecommerce store. You can simply write them a message via and see how quickly you receive an appropriate response. You can even create a fictional scenario where you say you haven’t received your order. Note how long it takes for your seller to reply and how they handle the situation.

A great dropshipping supplier will respond to you quickly, be understanding of your problem, and act fast to rectify it. Thankfully, you’ll be able to find lots of great dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress.

When you’re asking the question: ‘how to find dropshippers on AliExpress?’, it’s imperative that you keep the responsiveness of your drop shipping suppliers in mind. Combine their responsiveness with the quality and price of the products that they’re selling, and you’ll have a strong idea about the type of drop shipping supplier that you’re dealing with.

drop shipping suppliers

How to Find Dropshippers on AliExpress by Ordering Samples

When the primary due diligence of the drop shipping supplier is over and you’ve imported their products to your store you should place a couple of test orders to determine their quality. If your funds allow it, we suggest that you order 3–5 samples from different sellers.

Product samples are a great tool when you’re determining how to find dropshippers on AliExpress. Review your product samples and check which items have the highest quality — this will allow you to understand how reliable the dropshipping supplier is. You’ll also be putting yourself in the customers shoes, which will further help you to understand which are the best dropshipping suppliers.

It’s likely that you won’t be able to order samples of all the products which you’re planning to sell, but try ordering from as many sellers in your store as possible to see how long the delivery actually takes, the quality of the product, and the packaging which they use for shipping.

While it makes perfect sense to order samples before selling them in your store, it may also be useful to wait until you have already imported their products. If you’ve researched the dropshipping supplier carefully before you decided to import any of their products into your store, your first sale could be the final step for validating them as a supplier for your ecommerce business. There are plenty of drop shipping suppliers on AliExpress which you can test products from, so don’t be discouraged if your first drop shipping supplier doesn’t work out perfectly.

how to find dropshippers on AliExpress

General Safety Tips — Buyers’ Safety Programme guarantees a full refund if a customer doesn’t receive the order and a partial refund if the item which you receive is not as described. So, if the order hasn’t arrived within the promised time, or if the product differs from what was described, simply contact the seller or submit a refund request by clicking ‘Open Dispute’ on AliExpress. From this page you can formally discuss possible solutions with the dropshipping supplier. If you’re not satisfied with the seller’s suggestions, you can escalate the dispute to They will then mediate between both you and the seller to resolve the issue.

For more information on this, go to the AliExpress Buyer Protection page.

Choose the Right Drop Shipping Supplier for Your Business

Now that you’re armed with plenty of top tips for finding the best drop shipping suppliers on AliExpress, it’s time to start sourcing great products for your own ecommerce store. Here’s a quick recap just before you start sourcing your own products:

  • Always try to use AliExpress products with 95%+ positive feedback.
  • When dropshipping from AliExpress, low-priced products aren’t always the best option.
  • Try to avoid branded products, they may be counterfeit.
  • Check the responsiveness of the drop shipping supplier.
  • Test orders are a great way to check the quality of the dropshipping products.

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  • Made Suparta

    thanks for the you any tips how to research the market ( e.g. us market )before doing the dropship business.thanks

  • Hey! Check out this guide: It covers all the basics of selecting the right product idea for your store.

  • Nivash Dhina

    HI Tomas, Thanks for a very useful informative post. All i want to know about dropshiping is its cycle. Is it oberlo who buys the product and send it to the customer(end-user) or the direct vendor does it. How about the taxing ie. customs taxes, suppose we say iam in india and i wanted to sell kids cloths to my own locality. Can i use oberlo for dropshipping how long will it take for the package to reach the customer.

  • Hi Nivash,

    You should do it yourself. You can watch a short demo video about Oberlo here:

    If you were to dropship to the US, the delivery usually takes around 15 days (using ePacket) / to India it would probably take around 30 days. There are usually no taxes/customs for small quantity and low value products.

    You can download a free eBook on how to launch a successful store at the bottom of this page:

  • Nivash Dhina

    I need to know one more thing i imported few items in my store named now iam seeing the amount in USD and when i change the settings in shopify it is not calculating the current amount rather it is showing the exact figure with the RS symbol in front. How to overcome it….

  • You should change your currency to USD again and install one of these apps:

    Or you could use the RS symbol, but change your price multiplier on Oberlo. For more information:

  • Ashwani Kumar

    Hello Tomas Slimas thanks for your very useful post i have a question to ask. i am from india and i want to sale products in USA and Australia so how can i do and also is there any shiping cost aliexpress will charge from me

  • Hi Ashwani,

    Thanks so much!

    I suggest you review this section of our HelpCenter regarding the shipping times and prices:

  • Kostas Stathis

    hi and thanks in advance for very informative website and articles! I am interested in starting dropshipping business and selling to us and european markets, but i live in greece and we have very strict tax laws in effect at the moment so my question is this: will i be able to obtain an invoice from aliexpress suppliers to give to my accountant?

  • I can’t guarantee that. You could message your supplier and ask him/her if he could provide you with the invoices in advance. Also, you might consider not accepting orders from Greece and the accounting would be much easier when you don’t import products to your country.

  • Kostas Stathis

    Hi again and thnx for your prompt answer! I really dont care to sell to greek market but only to usa and european market, so i was just wondering as my accountant asks, how will cost of goods sold be accounted for if you are not able to get an invoice from supplier so u can in return send a receipt to your own customer… I would really like to get some feedback on how you get around this matter either from you or any other dropshipers…i would really like to get into this but i dont see it possible, if you are not able to get invoice from suppliers, how do you account for items and cost of goods sold?…

  • Kostas Stathis

    It would be great if aliexpress had an automatic invoice sent to the dropshipper much like fiverr does…

  • Vanessa

    When Aliexpress ships the item to your customer, won’t the customer see the Chinese labeling on the packaging? How do you prevent them from knowing the item is coming from China?

  • You could ask what other dropshippers are doing on our forum I was getting invoices directly from our supplier via email (back when I was dropshipping), but others might have other methods (like printscreening order receipts on AliExpress).

  • Kostas Stathis

    Thnx again for your replys, i will go the forum and check it out

  • Chris Busbridge

    Yes, but you can arrange with Oberlo (or with seller) to provide either plain packing or your own custom packing from your store

  • Boss Lady and Company

    Can Oberlo work with different sites like Alibaba, if so, how do I use it?

  • Hey, Oberlo works only with AliExpress. We believe that no other marketplace is suitable for dropshipping – and don’t recommend to do automated dropshipping with other websites.

  • angela

    How do I work with Oberlo to change the packaging?

  • Maria Pirona

    Hi Tomas,
    How do we get plain packaging for our products from Ali Express or how do we get Oberlo to do packaging for us? Thanks.

  • Hey Maria, Oberlo doesn’t offer custom packaging option right now. We might introduce this service in the future, but you now should contact your seller and arrange the custom packaging individually.

  • Eve Rascanu

    Tomas, thank you for the article! I’m new to Oberlo. Is it possible to upload my own pictures of the product from Aliexpress? Or I can only use theirs on my Shopify?

  • Is it worth asking the supplier for a sample? sorry if you have been asked this before.

  • Justin

    Shipping: Im feeling quite lost. I have some questions: when importing a products must i choose a shipping country? How can i know where a product will go? Ive imported a few products to practice but they have no shipping country. Can i add one or should i leave it blank?

    Price varients: is there any guide on entering pricae varients?

    Products photos: Do photos go with a product when you select a push to store? If not how can i get them?

    Refunds: is it very complicted to refund a customer?

    How do i get paid and where: Am i right a customer orders a products and pays me? Do i then pay the supplier? Is the money put in and taken out of the same place eg Paypal?? Do i need a paypal account and a credit card on the paypal account?

    Thanks if any expert can help??

  • Hi Gerald, sorry for being late with the answer. It’s worth it, but it’s definitely not a must. I’d recommend trying to sell a product first, and if you see there’s a high demand for it or you plan to receive more orders for it, you could order a sample and see if it meets your expectations. You don’t want to order samples of products you’re not sure you’ll be able to sell, right?

  • Hi Justin,

    Shipping: I recommend you read this section on out Help Center: It might look tricky at first, but it’s really easy. You just import products, and set up your shipping rates on Shopify. Most of the products on AliExpress are shipped worldwide, just make sure you double check the shipping prices to the countries you’ll sell the most.

    Price Variants: I suggest you review this article on our Help Center:

    Product Photos: Yes, you can even select which photos to push the store on your import list. We push the ones that go with variants on AliExpress by default.

    Refunds: I suggest you read this article for more information on this:

    Payments: In dropshipping, you get paid first and then pay your supplier to ship the products directly to your supplier. You get paid via the payment gateway you set up (, and pay your supplier via AliExpress with you credit card.

    I recommend you download this free ebook: It covers everything from setting up your store to start selling 😉

  • Justin

    Yes but imagine….i push some shoes through to my store…i have no idea who will buy them or where they will be shipped to? How in gods name can i select a country to ship the product to? This question applies to ALL products. Can you only choose one country and one shipping price for each product?? Is it a lottery of luck? What happens if you choose the US as a shipping price and a buyer from Tokyo orders the product!?! Will it just not be shipped??????

  • You should have an idea who’ll buy from you – it will be hard to sell something to someone you don’t know.

    Oberlo doesn’t work the way you think. You can import a product, and ship it to any country you want. Most of the AliExpress sellers sell worldwide and there won’t be any problems with that.

    When you select a shipping country on Oberlo product search, you can see how much it will cost you to ship that product to a particular destination. It doesn’t mean that the product will only be shipped to that destination, it’s just a price check for a reference. So you don’t sell a product that costs $100 to ship to the US.

    However, that rarely happens. Most of the AliExpress sellers have free or almost free shipping worldwide. You just might want to double check whether the shipping is really free to all countries you plan to sell to.

  • glaros

    thank you for the article!
    i have in my site list with 150 Dropshipping suppliers

  • alhakeem2001

    Hi Tomas, I’m Omar from the Netherlands, Despite I’m a newbie to Oberlo I have read a lot about the app and I think I will go for it however, I have a question which it could be asked and answered before, the question is: I know that we can browse all the suppliers from AliExpress and add products to our stores directly from the app and even order the product for the customer but does that mean we don’t need to do any initial contact by (phone OR E-mail) with every dropship supplier on our store before I start adding their products to my store ? I know I should do that if I want to make any arrangement for labeling or adding my logo of my store on the package but, in a normal situation would we still need to contact the supplier to introduce our self and try close a contract with supplier ? Thanks

  • Hey Omar! Yes, you can import products without getting in touch with your suppliers. Though, it’s sometimes a good thing to do, just to get a better understanding of how the supplier responds to your messages.

  • Michael Hulse


    In regards to import duty of a country. I don’t want customers receiving a parcel along with a bill for import duty. How can this be paid without the customer getting a surprise bill when an item is delivered?

  • From my experience, customers rarely have to pay any customs charges. Usually, the packages consist a single low value item and don’t qualify for any taxes.

  • Vanja

    Since I own a few facebook page with a lot of followers, I am interested in selling some TV show/Tv personality products that I found on AliExpress. How do I know if those sellers have copyright license for t-shits,posters,etc…?

  • jfreemom

    You can use your own images. You can take screenshots or create images and add those to the store.

  • cool

  • Alek Ivanov

    what you do is you go to the oberlo settings and then go to *Suppliers* There you have an option to leave a note for suppliers when you check out. To do this you have to have the oberlo extension installed tho. Then you fill in the note and when you order product for your customers, oberlo automatically sends the note to the supplier.

  • Alek Ivanov

    Most of them don’t. And even if they do, doesn’t mean you do. I’d avoid branded products in general.

  • Question: When I have a large list of imports on my storefront, how do I keep track of the product still being available on ali? I dont want a customer to order an item I imported months ago only to find out it’s no longer available.

  • Cha Chi Diamat-Arzadon

    love it

  • Nudge

    Had a go at doing this in the past. Have a quick question for you. When I sell an item on Ali Express, they send me message later saying “I am writing to confirm that if you received your order?
    We have extended the protection time for you to avoid the order being closed.”

    As I am not the customer receiving the order, how can I confirm that the customer has received it?

  • Gidon Lev Eli

    Just ask the customer when do they get it…

  • Nudge

    So if you have hundreds of customers with thousands of products, you have to email each one to ask if they’ve got their item. And if they haven’t, you have to keep asking them!
    I hope there’s an automation facility through Oberlo for that.

  • Davud

    What happens if I have multiple suppliers? Is there a way to have the supplier t create my own branded packaging?

  • K Pk

    Are you kidding, do you think Walmart wants to pay duty or custom fees when they bring all their sweatshop products here to sell? I don’t think so. In fact, the reason we have to dropship is because it costs us 10 times more to ship to our next door neighbor, then it does for someone to ship the same item from China. So no, thanks to the wonderful trade agreements our corporations have implemented, we also don’t have to pay duty or custom fees when we buy cheap crap directly from China. By the way, that e-package is a result of a handshake deal made between eBay China and eBay Hong Kong, and our very own USPS. Funny how our rates are the only ones going up. Do you see what I see?

  • Mario Flores

    When selecting the shipping country (United States) most of the quotes are between 10-30 days and can cost as much as $30 – $40. Is that the amount of time my customers should expect to wait to receive their product? is that $30-40$ truely the cost of shipping a single item? I am beginning to think I am interpreting the information wrong, or looking at suppliers that are truly unreasonable to use for U.S sales.

  • Virlyn

    If you are dropshipping small items, you can use ePacket shipping method. It usually cost under $5 🙂

  • Stoian Kirov

    Hi there. I see that there was a discussion about the Chinese labeling, address and prices. I got in touch with several suppliers and they all say the same:
    The Chinese customs require an address and a price on the packaging and there is no way to remove them. So the customer will see that the item comes from china and the price is lower.
    How do you handle that problem?

  • Maurice Nyongesa

    what happens to dropshippers who deliver their products to buyers ib 3-7 days when most of the shipping is done between 7-60 days?

  • Maurice Nyongesa

    i think Alibaba is a pure wholesale store wgere goods have MOQ but AliExpress i look at it as a retaile shop where you can order for just a single item and is shipped to the address given to them. Is it so Tomas?

  • Maurice Nyongesa

    i think another way to help do that is when you see an item on your store being orded so much you can order it in large numbers to your store and then you brand them to ship them to your customers though i think it may be different from dropshipping but you do it the right way.

  • Visi Falemaka Foketi

    So Thomas I just snipe out the products and do all adjustments n push to shopify. Any other questions just communicate via oberlo n suppliers will receive them. Thanks

  • Matthew Bourdon

    What do you do if you don’t sell enough to order the MOQ? And what happens if your customer does not get their product for 3-4 weeks and is upset? That’s really the only thing holding me back from drop shipping.

  • Anita Gurreri

    Hey, I have to admit that they do indicate the lower price on the packages… have you found a way to bypass it ?

  • Brandi Michelle

    have you actually used this option?

  • Mia Butter

    and what about pictures with “Aliexpress”watermarks?? Do we need to request to every suppliers the original pictures??

  • Steve Sabol

    so how I do I ship a large number of items from an aliexpress supplier to a large number of customers? Do I need to input their addresses in all individually? How does that work or not at all?

  • Ralfs Goba

    Hey, login into Oberlo and check the video tutorials. Theres a video about autoresponders (Settings –> Auto Update). There you’ll be able to setup setting for product stock, price changes and other things.

  • Ajeet Pratap Maurya

    Hi Tomas,
    I am using Oberlo for my dropshipping. I have talked to many suppliers and they all say that:
    The Chinese customs require an address and a price on the packaging and there is no way to remove them. So the customer will see that the item comes from china and the price is lower.
    If I am charging $5 on my store and the actual product is $2.5, I don’t want my customer to see that the proctor cost them $2.5
    How do you handle that problem?

  • Baltazar Borja

    Have they found a way to bypass it yet?

  • Sherry

    What happens when a customer has a dispute on an product, would they return the product to me and then I send it to the supplier?

  • Jose Posada

    My name is Jose I am just starting and I would like to know if OBERLO work with different suppliers other than Aliexpress ?

  • Robbie Pomare

    Good afternoon. I have recently gone live with my store but have found it very confusing with shipping rates. So what I’ve done is made free shipping worldwide and incorporated shipping into the product. But now I see a few comments on here regarding stringent policy from China (Chinese customs require an address and a price on the packaging and there is no way to remove them. So the customer will see that the item comes from china and the price is lower). How frustrating is this. At the moment my brain is fried but refuse to give up. As the saying goes 2 heads better than 1. Any new ideas anyone?????

  • Slavik

    Did you ask them whether it’s possible to put your price on a package instead of theirs original price?

  • Sacha Williams

    hello can someone help me im just new hear

  • Sacha Williams

    how on earth do i start i have money on thursday

  • Sacha Williams

    do i come back on thursday

  • Sacha Williams

    help if someone can be bothered its very overwhelming is this normal??

  • Nicole

    Hey Sacha, what did you need help with?

  • Sacha Williams

    How does it work if you only have afew dolllars to spend ie you have to have money to make money????
    So can i build up my neich that i pick, obvioulsy something that is trending????

  • Brian Abbott

    Start with $5 per day budget on Facebook Ads, review performance every few days. Cut the ad if it’s not working. Why is it not working? Your ad or the product? Once you get this right after the necessary changes, scale up your advertising budget when sales justify your advertising budget.

  • Sacha Williams

    is there an easy way to make an add???
    can u help me make an add

  • Mark

    what is the status on this?

  • Mark

    Hi Tomas, some people asked this before, but I don’t see an answer for this yet.

    Same comment from: Ajeet Pratap Maurya • a month ago

    I am using Oberlo for my dropshipping. I have talked to many suppliers and they all say that:
    The Chinese customs require an address and a price on the packaging and there is no way to remove them. So the customer will see that the item comes from china and the price is lower.
    If I am charging $5 on my store and the actual product is $2.5, I don’t want my customer to see that the proctor cost them $2.5
    How do you handle that problem?

  • Brian Abbott

    Hi Sacha, I have no problem in pointing you in the right direction, but you need to learn to do your own research. Google is good for finding things, so whatever you’re wanting to know about, just Google that term. You will find a lot of video links with tutorials on what you want to know (under the ‘video’ heading at the top of the search results). Here is a video link with a tutorial on Facebook ads. See if you can find others to get another viewpoint from someone else, who may cover things that this person may have missed. – try to find recent videos, because Facebook changes things from time to time and the older videos may show you different page navigation in the Facebook ad manager. The above video is from April 2016. In any case, the principle of how to do your ads remains the same.

  • Iris Abramov

    My account is suspended, I contacted Aliexpress few times but they didn’t solve anything. I can’t open dispute and purchase protection is running out for few of my orders. And I’m waiting more than 2 mounts for the orders even delivery for my country is 17 to 25 days. They are scamming people. When they notice that you didn’t receive your order and that purchase protection is running out they will block your account just so they don’t need to make the refund. And they will also block possibility to add a reviews, so all the reviews under the products are filtered and scam also. AVOID!

  • Maktub E Basta

    It happened the same to me…

  • Shawna Harris

    I am fairly new to this. I have a site set up and now i am switching dropshippers. I have t shirt designs and I want to start using the Obelo/Aliexpress to add the designs to shirts and other items and ship through my website. I keep reading all these articles about how easy it is, but no link to actually find the dropshippers who let you personalize the shirts and things..anyone know what i’m trying to say?!

  • Nona Mandy

    What happens during the Chinese new year and 11.11? Do we need to alert our customers there will be delays?

  • Christa Grant

    I am wondering how to connect my Shopify to AliExpress so they get the orders. Do I use the Custom Order Fulfillment option? What email do I put in?


  • Elesha Celcer

    I’m doing the same thing right now. I’m using Oberlo. It’s free. Get Google Chrome and then search for “chrome extensions” and find Oberlo. Get that and then log into your Shopify account and look on the left side for Apps. Click it, then click Oberlo and then connect your store by adding your store name in the appropriate field.

  • Elesha Celcer

    All the forums and blogs that I read indicate nothing can be done. Most people rip their packages open anyway and don’t pay attention to such labels.

  • Elesha Celcer

    Have you found any avenues for this yet? I’m interested as well. I’m sure you have heard of Tspring but I recently found out about Merch by Amazon. Have you checked that out?

  • Elesha Celcer

    Sacha, where have you started? I’m new too. Do you have an online store set up?

  • Elesha Celcer

    You aren’t using epacket? I think epacket comes with tracking info.

  • More Zulanda

    Great Article Thomas, However I have a couple of questions. 1) Apart from Aliexpress, where else can we get great dropshippers and 2) Where can I find a great fitness supplements supplier to dropship. I don’t trust aliexpress for this.

  • Rollin Shultz

    Although it is realistic to not want your customer to know what you pay for a product, idk, why you would want to conceal the fact it is made in China and ships from China. People are not stupid, they will see the same products on Ebay and Amazon. By now anyone with a brain knows it is a given that items from China take a month to arrive, give or take. Honesty about product origination and quality will increase your reputation, while dishonesty will brand you as untrustworthy.
    That being said, most of my suppliers from Aliexpress and Banggood rarely include any kind of invoice in the packaging.
    Your other choice is to begin ordering some of your cheaper items in bulk and then you can list them as shipped from USA. I look for that description often while browsing Ebay listings. I am slowly building my own stock and I can even take advantage of Alibaba when buying in bulk which gives me some good pricing options. Good luck to you.

  • Rollin Shultz

    Are you ordering name brand items? I deal in electronics and none of my items has any labeling, pricing, or even an invoice inside, but outside there will be an address, especially for Epacket, because that is subsidized by the US postal service.

  • Shawna Harris

    No, I have not. I was using Scaleable, but their shipping options are too expensive. $10 to US! Now I’m still confused of how to get my designs to dropshiippers on Aliexpress, and my messages to them have gone unanswered!

  • Bill Paulk

    can someone recommend a good AliExpress suppler when it comes to jewelry,caps, sunglasses, and tshirts?

  • Bill Paulk

    WHat I have learned is to communicate with the supplier. If they immediately respond, they are mostly trust worthy. Its better to buy in bulk and you make the shipment. It only guarantees that your customer will get what you want them to get. I purchase bracelets and provide a box instead of AliExpress typical plastic bag.
    You do the math.

  • Bill Paulk

    Take for example. If i have a 1 carat diamond. I ship it in a plastic bag. What do you think the value is to the customer even if its the same value compared to a ring box with velvet.?

  • Kae Cherdsak

    Do we need API Key to interface Aliexpress store?

  • mcskeech

    I’m new too, but so far the only way I’ve seen to do that is to go to each individual T-shirt supplier on Ali Express and read their ad. It will say if it can be personalized. I don’t know if that means to put a logo or the same thing on each shirt, or personalized with someone’s name or what – but if you email the supplier in the ad, they should be able to tell you. You might also be able to do a search at the top of Ali Express that specifically states what you are looking for and it might bring them up.

  • Roxy

    Can anyone please suggest reliable supplier of Ali express for buddha bracelets and necklaces?

  • Merola Antonio

    Hey Tomas i still don`t see the answer regarding how to avoid low price and labeling on the epacket please help

  • Princess Pleasure

    am having the same issues. they tell you they cannot take out the original price of the goods

  • Derek Arceus Rohde

    I have shipped thousands of items and only had 1 or 2 people complain about this. I think it is common knowledge that companies do this to reduce customs charges. If customer ask, tell them just that.

  • Brien White


  • Bill Paulk

    The discussion concerning the price and the Chinese writing on the packaging is nothing but another way of forcing you to purchase bulk. It depends on how much you value a returning customer. Do you have it shipped in a tacky package, or packaging that supports the item. IS you cubic zirconia more valuable in a plastic bag or a 2 dollar ring case? Some food for thought.

  • Awen

    Hello everyone,I am a seller from China,I have a trade company,I’m so glad to find this website and know so many people who want to do dropshipping.I will be glad to help you if you have any questions,like the products you want to sell,the shipping method and cost etc…I am looking forword to finding some partners here.Thank you

  • Awen

    Hello Bill,my name is Awen,I’m from China.I used to have an Aliexpress store for myself,but unfortunately I close it because I was too busy.But now reopen one need charge over $2000 fees per year,so I hesitate that open or not.But now I find another way,dropshipping.I think it’s a very good way that find some partners who have a shopify store or other online stores.I can help them to ship by traceable post mail or express.

  • Awen


  • Awen

    Hello Mark,I am a seller from China,my name is Awen.I understand what you concern.You are right,the standard lables will have Chinese,it’s unmodifiable.
    There are at least two lables,one is the seller’s address with tracking number,the other one is the customs declaration.BUT the value on customs declaration is written by our sellers,it’s changeable.We can set the value before we print the lable,do you understand?
    I will be glad that if I can help you.

  • Awen

    Hello Ajeet,I am a seller from China,my name is Awen.I understand what you concern.You are right,the standard lables will have Chinese,it’s unmodifiable.
    There are at least two lables,one is the seller’s address with tracking number,the other one is the customs declaration.BUT the value on customs declaration is written by our sellers,it’s changeable.We can set the value before we print the lable,do you understand?
    I will be glad that if I can help you.

  • Awen

    Hi Kae,Do you mean you need a API Key to connect your store to Aliexpress store?I think only ERP can interface Aliexpress store to handle orders.

  • Awen

    Hello More,I feel so glad to find this website and see many people want to do dropshipping.Not only you find a dropshippers,but we dropshippers are also finding someone who waht to do dropshipping.Some sellers on Aliexpress might be irresponsible,but most are responsible.I used to have an Aliexpress store,but I closed that because I was busy with other things.Now reopen a new store need over $2000 per year.So I do not open yet.I will be glad to have more partners to do dropshipping with me.

  • Awen

    If you have a reliable supplier,you can download your order information,then send to your supplier,he can help you create orders in his ERP app.You pay him ,then he shipped your orders then send back the tracking number to you.It’s very easy for you.Download the orders,send to suppliers,pay,get the tracking number,upload to you store.

  • Awen

    Yes,especially during the Chinese new year,the logistics company will not work during that time.

  • Awen

    Yes,I understand.You want to customized the shirts and things ,right?
    It’s not hard,if the item is selected,for example a white t-shirt,you can tell the suppliers what you want to print on the t-shirt,some suppliers will help you to do this.

  • Awen

    Hello Matthew,there is no MOQ concept by dropshipping unless you want to do customized.The products you want to sell is always have in stock.Business need to take a risk,it’s inevitable to have one or two parcels lost or delay to arrive.Seller need to prepare for this.But it’s a rarely happened thing,we can inform the customers in time and beg them to understand.

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  • Susan

    love it

  • Jen

    Hi, I’m new to shopify and love that there is a great community for us to ask questions like this! Just to be sure… If we add in the oberlo app to our suppliers note section that we want plain packing they will not put the pricing etc on the packages?

  • Grey Stone

    what i simply dont get is, what is Oberlo’s role in all thus ?
    if we have to contact the supplier ourselves and see if they dropship or not

  • M.nimalist Services

    Dear Awen,
    Im interested to know what items you are offering.
    Can you provide me with your email address so that i can contact you directly please?

    Thank you!

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  • Ferencz Tibor

    Hi Awen, i am a dropshipper interested on your offer. What products you are offering? I am looking for partners to. Do you have a email adress?

  • Kim

    How can I get my logo printed or added to a product? Is it at the dropshipper level or do I have to get product and then take it to someone to add my logo?

  • Joenna

    Hi. I want to ask, if I am from Malaysia and I want to start a dropshipping business. Can I sell my products to US and focus on customers in US instead of Malaysia?

  • dafna john

    HI Awen,

    can u connect me with some reliable suppliers for pets stuff?

  • Hi there,

    Sure, you’re free to sell your products in the U.S. even though you’re based in Malaysia. That’s what a lot of dropshippers do!

  • Diana

    Hi Tomas, but if we are based out of Asia, and we are targeting to sell to U.S, how do we deal with returns? Customers will have to return their damaged product to our office (address in Asia), do you know of any workaround? Thanks!

  • michabbb

    Dear awen, how can u contact you?

  • PaulWong

    hi do you have a contact I can speak to you. can you PM me

  • Hi there Diana,

    There’s no sound workaround for this. My advice is to be as transparent with your customers as possible – do not tell them that your goods are produced in the U.S. if they’re not.

  • Hey there Kim!

    You can have that product sent to your address, add the logo and ship it to your customer yourself. That, however, wouldn’t count as dropshipping anymore.

  • Gash Vallejo

    hi awen

    im looking for a reliable supplier from aliexpress i am interested please email me here at thanks

  • Nijhum Nijhum

    hey Awen can you give me your email address so that I can contact you and we can talk more?

  • Luis

    Hi Awen.. please send me your contact and web store.. thanks…

  • MalikaBourne

    I remember reading that some suppliers have warehouses in the US. How does one figure out who has US warehouses and get orders out faster?
    I really need to add more product to my store, so, drop shipping seems like a wonderful option. BUT, most of my customers want their orders quickly like a fast food drive thru; They don’t seem to plan ahead and they want free shipping at over night speed. ( or what is the solution?)

    Golly gee whiz, US made products cost a bunch more than stuff made in China. I don’t see why cover up the fact things aren’t made American by $15 hour employees. Folks don’t want to pay me for labor, either, when I hand craft. What I am seeing from your experience is that you have found the customers who are willing wait a few weeks, the? Or is there a problem?
    Thanks for all your input.

  • Hi there!

    There are companies like DHL or FedEx that offer the fast delivery. However, the cost of delivery will often exceed the product price. In my experience, the best delivery method available is ePacket – it’s comparatively fast (7-10 business days) and relatively cheap.

    In dropshipping business, the delivery time is never a problem as long as you set clear expectations for your customers. If you display the clearly defined shipping policy on your store, the customers won’t mind waiting a few extra days for a product to be delivered.

    Not sure what’s your target customer, but would they be happier with the overnight delivery or the considerably lower price?

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  • Kashif Malik

    i am not sure about the use of paypal terminal for dropshippinf business . can we use paypal terminal for drop shipping business?

  • dng933

    HI, i am having a lot of trouble to find suppliers that do e-packet to Mexico, any ideas? 🙁

  • Mohammed Gelle

    Hi Tomas , I have online store and i get 20-25 customers everyweek and all things are well. but my customers are complaining about the delievery time which is not good 20-40 days is impossible how can i make the delievery 7-10 days . I am dropshipping. Thank You so much Tomas for answering all our question i thank you on behalf of these people.

  • Cathy Ha

    Hi, I wanted to dropship some products from Aliexpress on Amazon, however, most of the product i found usually take 19-39 days to ship to customer or pay much more for shipping charge. When Amazon shipping rate is around 14 days. How can I beat that? Thanks

  • Heaven

    User Epacket that’s 7-10 days

  • Heaven

    How to send message to Oberlo to now put label on product or pricing?

  • Hey Kashif!

    The virtual terminal feature does work on Shopify assuming you have a Paypal Pro account 🙂

  • Hi there,

    You can filter out the products that can be shipped via ePacket on AliExpress. For that to work, you’ll need to have Oberlo Chrome extension installed. Here’s what you need to do next:

    Next, go to website, to any product category and choose an ePacket applicable country at the top-right of the page ( After that, open Oberlo Chrome Extension and choose “ePacket” as a shipping option and select Mexico. Update settings and you’ll see products that can be shipped by ePacket!

    Good luck!

  • Hey Cathy,

    ePacket offers a pretty fast (7-10 business days) and a relatively cheap shipping. That’d be your best choice!

  • Hey Mohommed!

    Glad you find it useful! 🙂

    You should use ePacket as your shipping method. It’s relatively fast (7-10 business days in most countries) and cheap. Check whether it’s available in your country:

    Best of luck!

  • Hey!

    Just go to Oberlo > Settings > Suppliers and add a custom note as shown here:

    Note that the price may still appear on the package. It’s very likely that the price will be much lower though. This is done to avoid custom charges, so you shouldn’t be worried.

    Hope this helps!

  • Liz

    I’m here to vent; I’m so angry with Ali Express. I’ve had a problem with lead time for every order over the last two weeks and have had to refund orders because of it. Some suppliers (yes they have good reviews) take way too many days to ship the order, others have completely ignored that I’ve paid for express and still send it the slow method. I’m not at a point where I can keep stock yet, so I’m stuck. In a niche, there aren’t many options. Yes, my website states lead times with buffer, but customers still want their order in a reasonable amount of time. The suppliers on Ali Express need to pick up their speed or stick to Alibaba for bulk orders. I’m amazed drop-shipping has taken off so well, I’m two months in and constantly giving out ‘sorry’ discounts for the slowness.

  • blondyn

    what do you say to the suppliers to have them change the packaging?

  • Hi Liz,

    That’s unfortunate! Do you offer ePacket shipping? That’s the most reasonable method – quite fast and inexpensive.

    Anyhow, if the issues persist, I’d suggest looking for an alternative supplier.

    Good luck!

  • Incognito Incognitov

    Great article! But the huge problem is PayPal ! Lot’s and lot’s of dropshippers got banned on PP. Reason: your business is too risky(PP words). Anybody know how to avoid PayPal bans and limitations?

  • VINCENT COULTHARD (Buythebesto

    Hello I have read your article with regards to how to select a supplier on AliExpress and all of the advice is good, apart from one thing which is not so much bad advice but impractical if your store has over 250 products
    The advice was to order from each supplier first to see how they perform?
    I presume you can imagine even if you order 25% of this total you would be looking at a considerable amount of outlay.

  • Leo Hart

    Hello Tomas,
    I am new to this. After installing Oberlo, it shows whether epacket is offered by the supplier from aliexpess. However, when I look at the item and their options for shipping, it takes more than 31 days for the cheapest one. Is the cheapest one correspond to epacket?

  • You can state that your products are shipped from China. No worries about that.
    You can state on your Shipping Page example “Our products are shipped from our/affiliate’s warehouse from China” or if you use many drop shippers around the world you can say example “Our products are manufactured and shipped warehouses all around the world”.

    Transparency is good. 🙂

  • People want the product, the post package is not important!!! Really, it is not important at all, mostly they don’t even think about what it says.

    And you can state on your shipping page like “Our products are shipped from our/affiliate’s warehouse from China”

  • Hey,

    We have a separate article on how to deal with PayPal disputes. Have a look:

    Hope that helps!

  • Hey there,

    Just like said in the article, you should do that if your funds allow it – it is not mandatory 🙂
    Anyhow, I doubt there are a lot of merchants who have 250 products on their store.

    I wouldn’t recommend having more than 200 products.

  • Hey there,

    When you look at shipping options, look at the Shipping Company column. If ePacket is in there, then the item can be shipped via ePacket.

    Make sure you have selected a correct country at “Ship My Order(s) to” section.

  • VINCENT COULTHARD (Buythebesto

    Hi Thomas,
    Why would you not have a broad choice for your customers and why would you not have more than 200 items in your store.

  • VINCENT COULTHARD (Buythebesto

    Hi Thomas,
    I have found most AliExpress suppliers state 5-7 days processing and 12-20 days for shipping to the US and if you want to ship to the UK double that shipping time.
    I realise you can use DHL or Fedex and reduce this to 7-10 business days but the shipping then is three times the cost of the product making it not viable.
    Thomas could you give me numerous examples of suppliers who offer free ePacket shipping in 7-10 days on the AliExpress site in newborn baby clothing please as I finding great difficulty in doing so.

  • Yalilee CV

    hello, excellent blogs here seriously! unfortunately that by the time that you finished learning about shopify, shopify ecommerce, products, how oberlo works, the free trials are OVER! AHAHAHA.
    I have a question, I have notice that most of the suppliers they get better prices from the APP version rather than the actual PC version, does OBERLO has the option to order to aliexpress thru APP “like” order so we can take advantage of thos 15% or sometimes 20% off of the sale if you order thru the app rather than from the PC I have study about the possible suppliers that have excellent reviews and some are top brands “1 or 2 little crowns”. they all offer better prices on the app. How oberlo takes advantage of this? Thank you!

  • Leo Hart

    Thank you Tomas! Appreciate what you are doing here.

  • The workload might be too much to handle for a one-person business. It will be hard to keep the track of stock and prices. Also, you’ll need a large marketing budget to promote all these products. You also need to come up with a well-written product description, and doing that for couple of hundred products will be time consuming. And there’s more to that, I believe.
    Do you disagree?

  • Hey!

    Oberlo works with AliExpress through Oberlo Chrome Extension, which is only compatible with PCs. Therefore, you won’t be able to place orders through AliExpress app, I’m afraid.

    Sorry if that causes you trouble!

  • Hey there,

    You can actually filter newborn baby clothing products that can be shipped via ePacket. For that to work, you’ll need to have the Oberlo Chrome extension installed onto your Chrome browser. Here’s a download link:

    Next, go to website, to any product category and choose an ePacket applicable country at the top-right of the page ( After that, open Oberlo Chrome Extension and choose “ePacket” as a shipping option and select a certain country. Update settings and you’ll see products that can be shipped by ePacket.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  • VINCENT COULTHARD (Buythebesto

    No I don’t disagree you are absolutely correct, in my case there will be my brother to assist and for me this will be a full time project, I will be devoting my time solely to this venture and hopefully eventually my brother will be also, as for the marketing budget this admittedly will be expensive.
    Having said all this we appreciate any advice you can give us please as you have a proven track record in this field and quite frankly we don’t.
    We are doing what we feel are good and well written product descriptions but as you have been very successful we would welcome some advice or better still some examples of well written product descriptions, we have done the obvious and looked at other websites but we do not know if these sites are making any money or just making up the numbers.
    Thanks for your input so far.

  • VINCENT COULTHARD (Buythebesto

    Hello Thomas,
    We have sent a request for information about adding Tags in bulk instead of putting them in one by one but with no reply as yet, can you advise us this is something we can do with good effect.
    We intend to add all of Tags per item onto a notepad and copy and paste into the Tag section on Oberlo, see below.
    baby, baby boy, baby girl, baby infant, 0-24 months,
    I think you get the idea, your input would be appreciated thanks.

  • Yalilee CV

    Thomas, One of the things you mentioned is “Check the responsiveness of the drop shipping supplier.” in my experience I am in the process of building my own business, so first I checked the responsiveness of all the good suppliers I have carefully selected (95% feedback, quantity of orders) basically I followed all your advice in this blog. BUT all of the suppliers the excellent suppliers and good suppliers (the ones with 1 up to 4 crowns) all the suppliers I have contacted they don’t respond on the same day!!! they all respond more or the less 24 hrs later. at the next day that is too much, too risky in case there is a dispute, problem, delay or whatever. Can you please advice me in this topic. because so far NO supplier has responded the same day.

  • My colleague Nicole has put together a wonderful article on how to write product descriptions. It includes some good examples too.

    Did you have a chance to read it?

  • Hi Vincent,

    I’m not entirely sure I understand your request. Could you give us a shout at so we can discuss it in detail?


  • Hey there,

    I think that 24hours to respond is a reasonable time. Keep in mind that there’s probably a time difference too.

  • Ameela Bhika

    If a price of a product on Aliexpress is on sale for 5 days and I import that product to my store at the sale price – while still ”setting up my store” will the sale price still be available in my store after the sale on Aliexpress has expired.

  • Hi Ameela,

    Your price will not be the same as the supplier’s price. You’ll need to markup your prices to make profit.

    If you enable price auto-updates feature, your retail prices will adjust based on changes in supplier’s price. 🙂

    Let me know if you need more info on that!

  • Gina Gina

    you can pay per click so u have traffic,

  • alhakeem2001


  • George Gear

    Hello, I just set up my store and I used Oberlo to import everything. When I go to my own checkout, there is a shipping fee and it says it will be 2 day shipping from my address. What am I missing? Thanks

  • Hey George,

    You can to set which countries you are going to sell your products to, and how much you want to charge your customers for the shipping. Set your preferences by going to the Shopify Admin panel > Settings > Shipping > Zones and Rates tab.

    Hope that helps!

  • George Gear

    That will help, and i will give it a try. My full intention is to drop ship all products through Oberlo and offer free shipping by raising the sale price. I know it takes at lest 12 days to come from China so the two day shipping is so far from being accurate. I fear I have something set up wrong and that when an order comes through they will think they will get it in 2 days and it appears i have it set that i will be doing the shipping. Thanks again, I will go into the Admin Panel and see what I can do.

  • Let me know if you get stuck with that! Good luck 😉

  • MAzeem

    Question for @tomasslimas:disqus: Is there a way for me to offer shipping options to my customers? I would like to offer them free shipping with ePacket (built into the cost), but also an option to pay a premium for DHL or other fast delivery options offered by my suppliers.

  • WaitForSaving

    Hi Tomas. I have a question that is should i set up my payment with paypal or shopify payment?
    What is different?

  • Hey there,

    If available in your country, I suggest to go with Shopify Payments (applies only if you’re based in United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.)

    Shopify Payments eliminates the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider or merchant account and having to enter the credentials into Shopify. It comes fully integrated with your store and includes a wide variety of functions that let you manage your entire business and financials in one place 😉

    Hope that helps!

  • Argun Boldkhet

    Where can i buy ready made fully automated dropshipping website?

  • Christos Stamos

    Hi Tomas. One question please. I only use the PayPal alternative to accept payments to my store since I leave in Greece. Is there an other method I could use to encourage people to buy from me and not abandon my store? Thanks

  • Hey Christos.

    Here’s a list of all available payment gateways in Greece:

    You can use any of these 😉

  • sako

    Hi Tomas,
    I have read about things to consider when it comes for choosing a good suppliers,
    my question is, should i write an official letter to manufacturers to ask if they offer drop shipping program or
    since Oberlo and Aliexpress work together, then i automatically signed for drop shipping program

  • Darrin Brant

    Are Oberlo Supplies items already vetted?

  • Amanda Akny

    From the American circles I swim in, “made in China” is a sure fire way to get people to NOT want your product (not to even mention some other Asian countries). Not because it’s of lesser quality, or China is a bad place. But just because in general exporting goods from China, instead of buying them from American manufacturers, is seen as disgraceful on more than one account. A) because it’s widely believed that Chinese workers are not compensated fairly or even humanely, and that when we buy from them we contribute to this. The whole children being worked to death in sweat shops angle. And B) because unfair trade agreements between the U.S. and Asia are largely perceived as a huge factor contributing to the lackluster of our own economy.

    I’m not sure if suppliers know this, or what their take is on it either. What I am sure of though is there are products I would push, but have chosen not to because of the brand name printed all over the top of the pictures available for uploading. Nobody I know can read that, never mind getting in line to spend hard earned cash on it.

  • Milonium Store

    I’m new here and I want to try a dropshipping store online. I have a question, can some want help me please :

  • nakul patel

    I am help you

  • Wasif Ali

    Hire any SEO expert . I know its long term marketing procedure but its best option for marketing your website

  • Wasif Ali

    You can contact your suppliers and ask them for removing Chinese language or Ali Express logo

  • Gayle Wade

    Yes, overwhelming to say the least Sacha. There is a lot to do even though it sounds easy. Tomas, How do I know who are the drop shippers on Aliexpress and setting that account up for drop shipping?

  • Hey! Sorry for my late reply. You can try this website:

    By the way, what exactly do you consider as fully automated?

  • Hi there,

    That’s not necessary, as you’ll be just a regular customer in the eyes of your supplier.

    In case they do ask for an agreement of some sort, then arrange that.

    Best of luck, buddy!

  • Hey Darrin,

    That’s right – you’re free to sell any Oberlo Supply item, use the pictures and descriptions freely.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Hi there,

    You can ask supplier not to include any promotional information on their packages.

    Do you use Oberlo? If so, you can automatically send a custom note to your suppliers each time you place an order on AliExpress platform.

    Just go to Oberlo > Settings > Suppliers and add a custom note as shown here:

    Try putting there something along these lines:

    “I’m dropshipping. Please DO NOT put any invoices, promotions or your brand name logo in the shipments. Please ship as soon as possible for repeat business. Thank you!”

    Good luck!

  • Hello Gayle,

    You import and sell items from any AliExpress supplier. You will need to have a regular AliExpress account, as you’ll be the regular customer in the eyes of supplier.

    If you’re not entirely sure how dropshipping works, I’ve put together an ultimate guide to AliExpress dropshipping. Have a look:

    Let me know how it goes!

  • Hey!

    I’m so sorry for such a late reply! You can offer both shipping options as long as your supplier offers them too.

    You’ll need to determine your shipping zones and rates for both delivery methods on Shopify Admin panel > Settings > Shipping > Zones and Rates tab.

    This might get a little complicated when the same customer orders several products. For that, you can set the quantity-based shipping rates:

    Good luck!

  • Risk Taker

    but if you look around your house, you’ll probably find that about 90% of the stuff you already own is made in china or other asian countries. yes, the conditions for chinese workers are inhumane but would you rather have them worked to death or starve to death? i’m not qualified to answer this question, it’s beyond my paygrade but it seems to me that at least, these chinese workers are gaining experience and developing job skills.

  • Sounds interesting. I may try this on my future shopify store. So now I have to learn more about dropshipping. Any recommendation for a good dropshipper around South East Asia?

  • Trends Web

    Tomas, are all of the products through oberlo eligible for dropshipping?

  • Thomas Tagler

    new to oberlo i already started uploading my products on my store but only oberlo supply does it make a difference whether i choose oberlo to sell products or can i sell from aliexpress i just dont know how to install the chrome extention for aliexpress dropship products to my site thanks

  • Hey Wayne,

    Note, that AliExpress suppliers are based in China. I’m afraid I can’t recommend a particular supplier for you. Take some time researching the suppliers and I’m sure you’ll find the one that’s best for your store.

    Good luck!

  • Hey there,

    Yes, you can import and sell any item that you find on AliExpress.

  • Hey Thomas!

    You can have both Oberlo Supply and AliExpress products on the same store.

    Download Oberlo Chrome Extension here: This article will teach you how to use it:

    Let me know if you need a hand!

  • Brunia Lubin

    Can you work me through the process please? I am new, i just opened my online store😂

  • Brendan Hedges

    So, I assume that in the circles you swim in, no one owns an iphone? After all they are now made in China!

  • Joe

    I am new to this also. Just setting up my shop and have an item with 3 variations (colours). Buttons show each colour but when you click on one the picture doesn’t change to the correspond. Any assistance on how to fix or set this up would be very much appreciated.

  • Hey Joe!

    It’s hard to locate the problem without having a look at it. Could you send your store’s URL and some screenshot of the product to Our Customer Success Managers will look into it and get back to you with fixes.


  • Lilyanna Rodriguez

    Hello I’m new to oberlo and need help. How do I import products from aliexpress to shopify?

  • Fernweh Society

    When I find products through Oberlo, can I still use the aliexpress (red labled ones) for drop shipment? If so, how do i fulfill the order?

  • Hello Lylyanna,

    Here’s a detailed tutorial:

    Let us know if you need a hand!

  • Hey there,

    Yes, you can. This article explains the order fulfilment process in detail:

    Good luck!

  • Bebeh Esther

    hello. Im having a delimma. what if my customer buys 3 products and each product comes from different suppliers, will those product arrive to my buyer from 3 different packages as well?
    Im new here and I would really love to know more about the pros and cons of drop shipping.

  • Riz ahmed

    Hi I m new to oberlo, When I am trying to search products to import them into my site, It doesn’t tell you the vendor name and their rating like it does on Aliexpress with stars and diamonds and total order they have shipped. so we can check the reputation of vendor.

  • David Jacobs

    Actually it is because chinese products are of lesser quality. Most people don’t actually care about sweatshop conditions although they swear up and down that they do. I bet you wrote all that from an Apple computer.

  • Hello,

    Yes, the products will come in separate packages. If your customers ask why (they rarely do), simply explain them that your distribution centres are spread worldwide.

    All the best!

  • Hey Riz,

    Unfortunately, Oberlo Supply does not have this feature at the moment. But we have it in our pipeline, so stay tuned for updates.


  • Jan Her

    Hey! New to Oberlo, too. If I import the products to my store and set the price, how will shipping costs be handled? Do I cover them (i.e. have to include them in my markup) or will they be shown to the customer? Or does it depend on the supplier?

  • Van Swaggeriffic Jones

    Hi I am new and need lots of help.

  • Van Swaggeriffic Jones

    Trying to sell and import Oberlo product, storing and shipping how does that work

  • Hey, Jan,

    First of all you need to check what shipping methods your supplier offers. Based on that, you’ll be setting your shipping zones and rates by going to Shopify > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Zones tab.

    I’d recommend to make shipping free for all of your products and simply add the shipping cost uniformly to your product prices.

    For more information, check this article:

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Hey,

    Here’s how dropshipping with Oberlo app works:
    A customer places an order in your Shopify store and you receive money to your payment gateway account (PayPal for example). Then, you have to use your personal credit card and purchase an item for your customer from the supplier, to be shipped directly to your customer.

    Your profit will be the difference between the amount of money a customer paid in your Shopify store and the cost of the product you paid for the supplier.

    To find out more, have a look at our beginner’s guide here:

    If you have any other questions, give us a shout at and Oberlo Customer Support will help you out!

  • Valentina Tangmo

    Hi, i am really new in this, can I ask you how would you brand them if the order is coming already with the brand?Would you order materially at your home and rebrand it? thank you

  • Lauri Davidson

    I like a lot of products from Oberlo but what if I want to sell other random items from US or Canadian suppliers? How do I go out that? Sorry I’m brand new to this:/

  • Hey, Lauri,

    Using Oberlo you can only sell items from Oberlo Supply ( ) or I’m afraid, you won’t be able to import products from any other supplier.

    Give Oberlo Supply a go!

  • Hey there,

    Sorry for my late response. What do you need help with?

  • 松本 せりか

    thank you for sharing the great tips, Tomas!

  • Oberlo best drop shipping app . I have used it many times for my clients. I love it

  • Odunowo Oluwatobi

    Hi, Am new and want to start a dropship business.. My question is how do I handle payment system.. Am a Nigerian, having a business PayPal with cash out to settle suppliers is where I don’t understand. . Do we have any Nigerian that has a Dropshipping business with positive experience. . whatsaap 2348095300497

  • Joao Pires

    Hi, I’m new to this and I’m slightly confused on how to find suppliers, basically I’m trying to find suppliers who will ship the order directly to the customer, but when I go to aliexpress it seems I have to buy the products from the suppliers and than resell it. I’m trying to avoid that. Do I just add the pictures and information of the products from the suppliers of aliexpress to my store and once I get an order, make the order myself to a supplier? If so what’s stopping the customers to going directly to them? I’m sorry I feel stupid but I’m just getting started. Really hopping someone can help. Thanks.

  • Hey, Odunowo!

    You can see available Nigeria Payment Gateways here: to collect payments from your customers.

    You will be able to pay for the products to the suppliers using the debit/credit payment card. You can see more options here:

  • Hey, Joao!

    Oberlo is an application, which allows you to easily import dropshipped products into a Shopify store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks. Oberlo automates a lot of daily business processes.

    You will not need to buy products in advance. Let me explain to you how dropshipping with Oberlo app works:

    A customer places an order in your Shopify store and you receive money to your payment gateway account (PayPal for example). Then, you have to use your personal credit card and purchase an item for your customer from the supplier, to be shipped directly to your customer.

    Your profit will be the difference between the amount of money a customer paid in your Shopify store and the cost of the product you paid for the supplier.

    To learn more, check out the article here:

    Why should anyone buy from you? You might be a better marketer who reaches the potential customers first. Maybe you are able to create a more trustworthy brand that people feel more comfortable buying from. Perhaps it’s your uncanny ability to provide extra services or content that builds a relationship with your customer.

    If you have more questions, drop us a line at!

  • Ella Halme

    Hi Tomas,
    I have a product that I market wholesale/retail for the owner & manufacturer of the goods. Can & How do I add that to my shopify and Oberlo shop? I am currently setting it up on my FB Business Page and then on all my other Social Media sites.
    By the way, Oberlo has been a delight to work on for the few days since I have started. It is so easy to navigate and the tutorials are excellent. I repeat them a few times just in case I have missed anything. Sure enough I find little details that improve my page.
    Looking forward to your response.
    Warmest Regards Miss Ella

  • Hi, Miss Ella!

    If you have your own product to sell, unfortunately, you will not be able to add it with the Oberlo app. Also, you will not be able to use Oberlo features for this product.

    However, you can add such products directly to your e-store through Shopify admin. You will have to fulfill orders containing this product manually on your own.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback! If you need any assistance, drop us a line at!

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  • Nadir Javed Khan

    hi bro i want to start a store can you please help me in it?

  • brian

    are there any north american suppliers listed on oberlo?

  • Hey,

    No, currently there are no suppliers on Oberlo Supply system that are based in North America.

  • roze

    Hi Thomas,,,,,I have been using Aex and drop shipping for the past 4 years and love it. However, I could you can help me with this problem. Aliexpress has a n option to put address at the end of the sales check out however they stopped me from doing it one year after I started my business,. They asked for my address and credit card address and said they have to match and they only send to my own address. Why this happened? Is this normal? Because based on your article this completely contradicts the droppshipping model of aliexpress.

  • Hey there,

    That’s weird. Did you consider looking for an alternative supplier? I’m sure you can find one who won’t be sending to your own address only.

    Let me know how it goes!

  • Ty

    Hi Thomas. so is it necessary to download both the Oberlo app AND the Aliexpress app into my Shopify store? what is the difference?

  • Hey,

    These are two different things. Oberlo is an application, which allows you to import dropshipped products into a Shopify store. And yes, you need to install Oberlo app into your Shopify store.

    Whereas, AliExpress is a marketplace form which you may import products. There’s no app – you only need to have an active AliExpress account to be able to import goods to your Shopify store.

    Note, that alternatively to AliExpress, you can also import and sell items from Oberlo Supply marketplace. Read more about it here:

    Hope this clarifies things up!

  • Babatunde Animasawun

    Hello there, i’m new to Dropshipping. Talking about trustworthiness of suppliers, there are a number of suppliers under Oberlo’s Oberlo Suppliers. Are these suppliers recommended by Oberlo? Can one trust these ones for quality products without first doing background checks?

  • roze

    No this is not a supplier issue its an aliexpress issue and it has happened to me and many others because i googled it and many people have this problem. So this should not happen. You are an expert in this so its assuring but also confusing that this should happened to me. The orders will cancel and i would get a message stating “your order has been canceled due to security issue and to solve it i have to send a copy of my id, visa and visa statement showing my current address to them electonically. And for the problem to be solved all have to show same address which has to match my shipping address. So you never heard about this?

  • Hey,

    We try to onboard only experienced and trustworthy suppliers to the Oberlo Supply marketplace. To learn more about the perks of Oberlo Supply, have a look at this article:

    The quality of products is subjective and in most cases can be reflected in product’s price. In other words, if you’re buying a bracelet of 1$, you should not expect it to be made of gold 🙂

  • Ah I see, thanks for the clarification. Yes, there are several reasons why AliExpress cancel merchants’ orders. We’ve put together an article on how to deal with closed AliExpress orders. Have a look: it

    Keep in mind that the easiest way would be to switch to Oberlo Supply marketplace. That will ensure your orders are never canceled. Did you consider that?

  • mo

    i have question please,
    regarding Ali express is the prices from suppliers is lower than the prices on the website of Ali express? and what is the profit margin based on the prices of Ali express?

  • Hey,

    No, you’ll be purchasing the product at the exact same price as you see on AliExpress website. It’s then up to you to decide how much you want to charge your customers for that product. In other words, you determine the profit margins yourself.


    just start one why are you asking someone for help, you have to make mistakes to learn

  • wow

  • Dee Maxie

    not of lesser quality. you pay for what you get. If a person with their own brand is having their product manufactured there, they have the choice to choose what quality they want. For best quality they will have to pay for that.

  • Eva Kirmizaki

    Hi! That means first I have to buy all the staff from them, right?And of course have a good photographer..

  • Ramesh Samy

    Hi, the shipping time is too long in aliexpress to india. most of the customer expect within a week know.
    is there any solution?please let me know.

  • Joanne Davey

    Thank you Tomas for taking the time to give advice on how to start with Oblero and Aliexpress. The article helped me to understand what goes on with dropshipping and how it can benefit myself and consumers.

  • Hey Ramesh,

    Since ePacket is not available in India, I’d recommend offering free shipping – this way your customers will be less sensitive to longer delivery times. Also, make sure you set right expectations to them. Your customers should know how long the shipping might take. You’ll be surprised by how many cost-conscious customers don’t mind waiting extra days for their cheap product to arrive 🙂

  • I’m very happy you found the information useful, Joanne! Best of luck 🙂

  • Heidi Imhoff Davis

    How do you search US dropshippers only? I’m not finding that option.

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  • Perry Phernalia

    Everything from Amazon is 2 day/free shipping with Prime. I know *I* would be impatient on 3 weeks to receive a package , how can this work with 20+ days shipping???

  • Anna Bardak

    Hello Tomas! Huge thank you for article, it’s very helpful for beginners. I have 2 questions regarding topic, hope you can help here as well:
    1. Does Oberlo guarantee that Oberlo supplyers worth trust? It doesn’t show feedback about suppliers, its mean that I should check each supplier on Ali, am I right?
    2. tied with first. Is there any way to find Oberlo suppliers searching on Aliexpress? I mean, not only add product in import list but find out who are trusted by Oberlo?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Tzuriel Blessed

    Hello Tomas, im new to Oberlo and i need to know which sent address will the customer see, will it be my address or the drop shipping. Ompany address or the supplier address?

  • Hey there!

    I’m glad you found the article helpful. Best of luck making money online!

  • Hi there,

    Sorry for my late response. There are some suppliers on, who have warehouses in the USA, so they provide fast USPS delivery. You can easily filter these products on the search results page.

    First, type in a product name in the search tool. Second, select USA in “Ship to” filter. The new “Ship from” filter will appear above the products. Select “United States” in this filter and you will see the products that can be shipped from the USA.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hello,

    Customers generally don’t seem to be concerned with long delivery times, as long as you establish clear expectations for them. Your task is to define your shipping policy, and display it in the relevant places in your store. Seeing that information, some people might leave your site, but you’ll be surprised by how many don’t mind waiting an extra couple of weeks for their packages to arrive.

    Also, offer free shipping – customers will be less sensitive to delivery times 🙂

  • Hi Anna,

    I’m happy the article is useful!

    We try to onboard experienced suppliers only to Oberlo Supply. So far, we haven’t had any issues with their performance 🙂 And no, you will not find them on AliExpress.

    If you have further questions, drop us a line at and we can discuss that in detail!

  • Hi there,

    Your address will not appear on the package. It will contain the warehouse’s address.
    If your customer ever ask why, simply explain them that your logistic centres are spread worldwide.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • Tzuriel Blessed

    Thank you, it makes alot of sense.

  • Hey Andrew,

    I somehow missed your question, apologies!

    That’s right – every seller of can be your supplier when dropshipping.


    Thanks Tomas
    Aliexpress no longer has feedback score, so what do u recommmend?

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  • Hey!

    Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll update the article.

    The rest of the tactics given in the article still apply. Just ignore the Feedback Score part for now 🙂

  • Erika Stewart

    Tomas, we just found Oberlo and our currently looking for our niche. While searching through all of the drop-shipping suppliers, I wanted to go on AliExpress and look at the Feedback score. How exactly do I do that? For instance, Oberlo list a particular set of mesh travel bags by supplier Worhtfind. When I go to Aliexpress, I type in Worthfind in the search bar and it brings up the bags, but it lists it with a different store name: Asosbag store. Is there a way to find a particular supplier without searching through all of the products? Or, is the supplier Oberlo is listing different from how it is listed on AliExpress. Any help clearing up my confusion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • T Maultsby

    Are there any U.S. Suppliers on Oberlo for womens clothes. I am running into a size issue that looks like it will be an issue. The bust says it will be 42 but turns out to be a 36. They state to give it 1 to 3 cm to be off but 6 cm’s off is bit of a stretch.

  • Little Peach

    get the oberlo chrome extension…huge time-saver

  • Luca Daniel

    Hello Tomas, If I put a product from aliexpress to me in the store and buy it a customer, does the order sell it directly to the seller or I have to pay the seller and give the address of the customer where it sends it?

  • Hey Erika!

    There are two different marketplaces that you can import products from: and Oberlo Supply marketplace ( Worthfind is the Oberlo Supply supplier, that is why you can’t find it on AliExpress.

    If you’re curious to know what are the differences between these two marketplaces, check out this article:

    Hope this clears things up! Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  • Hello there,

    No, unfortunately there are no suppliers from US on AliExpress or Oberlo Supply marketplace. I’d recommend getting in touch with your supplier directly to receive the right sizing. If the supplier provides false information, consider looking for alternative one – there are loads of suppliers offering same products on AliExpress 🙂

    Good luck!

  • Hey Luca,

    Once you receive an order on your store, you then need to purchase that item from your supplier. The supplier will ship the product directly to your customer – you will not need to type in the address manually 🙂

    Let me know if you have more questions!

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  • Andy Delonjay

    Is there a way to find a supplier that will print custom names and logos on t shirts and/ or hats

  • Hey Andy,

    Generally, suppliers do not offer customization options for products. Unless, you’re a really big seller. You can always get in touch with the supplier directly and negotiate the options with them.

  • cynthia L.

    Yep you are Absolutely right my lady I buy Dresses from told me to put a reduce rate on their for cheapest return.

  • BD

    Okay, I am new to drop shipping and am considering Oberlo. I have setup a trial store to play around with a niche market of items, but what I have found so far is that I can purchase items directly from AliExpress directly much cheaper as an individual than i can as the “merchant”. I guess my question is why get into this as a business if just anyone can google and find what they want from another source and purchase the items and not need to go through me?

  • memphislulu

    How do I sign up for e-packets for my shipping in Shopify? I’m still in the trial version of Shopify but most gurus say to do e-packet but I don’t see this option anywhere?

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  • ygal brami

    I have opencart website, can you make it work with that?

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