The average full-time income in the US is $45,000. Your personal full-time income needs might be more or less than the average, so assess your specific needs before deciding what amount of income you can live on. 

Building an income is easier when you have a specific goal in mind and when you have the discipline to save during the feast times so the famine times do not hit as hard.

These days, employees are being displaced left and right by the current pandemic and by the resulting failing economy. If you have been displaced by the current economic climate or if you are at the point where your career is just kicking off, you might not feel like you have the skills to join or to stay in the world of full-time employment.

Like the majority of employees striving to protect themselves from contracting COVID-19, you are probably looking for in-home or online earnings opportunities

The good news is that just because you do not have experience does not mean you do not have skills. Check out these ten creative ways to make a full-time income online when you have no experience.

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Become an Online Teacher

This can be particularly lucrative right now because everyone from school-aged children to adults of all ages are learning online. Whether you teach kindergarten, a specialized IT or business skill, or sign language or a foreign language, you are sure to find a wide range of paying students online. 

You can use well-known platforms like Zoom to teach individual or group classes or build your own website with the appropriate infrastructure. Even classes that have been traditionally taught face-to-face can be turned into an online course you can teach without ever leaving your home. Try hanging out your virtual shingle to teach music, yoga, fitness, or cooking. 

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Manage a Variety of Online Things for Busy People

VAs (virtual assistants) are godsends to many busy small business owners, corporate executives, and anyone who has more to do than they have hours in the day. As a virtual assistant, you will take charge of a busy person’s schedule, read, respond to, and prioritize their emails, make hotel, restaurant, medical, and other appointments, and generally keep your clients’ lives running like a well-oiled machine. 

If you have a knack for organization and task management, you can get started as a VA with little to no experience. All you need is a website, social media channels, an online workspace, and patience. 

If You’re an Expert in Any Field, Become a Consultant

If You’re an Expert in Any Field, Become a Consultant

Many people are looking for guidance in life and business. If you have deep knowledge about what you do, you can sell your services online for a fee. Sites like makes it possible to set up a profile and sell your niche skills online. 

You could also start on your own by blogging on platforms like Medium and sharing your knowledge with your audience. Make sure you state in the author’s description that you are available for consulting. With time, people who need help and even businesses will reach out to you. Don’t think you are not important enough to consult. You’ll be surprised at the type of services people are willing to pay for. 

Create a Pre-Recorded Evergreen Webinar

If you have a topic you are knowledgeable about but do not have experience teaching, you can create a pay-to-play website. Do your research to find out how in-demand your chosen topic is, then find a place to host it online. Record it once in your home and sell it over and over and over. 

The good thing about a sales webinar is that it does not have to be live. People will pay to learn about a vital topic from a pre-recorded webinar as long as the information stays relevant and current. You can also save the fees of a hosting site and sell your webinar on your own site. A pre-recorded webinar is also an excellent way to create a passive income stream while you explore other online, income-generating ideas. 

Conduct Online Reading and Research

If you are a detail-oriented person with a computer and a good deal of patience, you can make a good living online just by doing research for other people. As an online researcher, you will use your analytical skills to search for and find information on specific topics for your clients. To get started as an online researcher, all you need is a website to capture clients and a good command of how online searches work. You can specialize in legal research, gaming research, biblical research, or anything in between. With no experience and an objective point of view, you can try one or more of these research topics or design one of your own as long as a demand for that type of research exists.

Buy and Sell Niche Products Online

Buy and Sell Niche Products Online

Check online for dropshipping opportunities. As a dropshipper, you are essentially the middleman between customers and products. The good part is, you do not have to open a physical store or deal with customers live and in person. You also do not have the hassle of product management, inventory control, or physical stock. 

You can specialize in specific product categories and open a specialty shop, or you can run a general merchandise online shop. One way or the other, you can run a whole store with nothing more than your computer and a few online marketing ideas. You can buy online and sell online and make a tidy profit without ever leaving your house. If you want to build your own storefront, you could create a Shopify store.

Flip Things at Home and Sell Them Online

When most people hear flipping, they think of real estate. In truth, flipping can be so much more than that. Browse online marketing sites and online thrift stores for aged, damaged, or broken items you can restore and sell online for a profit. You can also try buying and flipping lots of products from online auction sites and breaking them into smaller singles or bundles to sell. 

Try flipping popular electronics, jewelry, or vintage items (a hot seller). Flipping online does not always have to mean buying and selling products, though. It can also mean flipping domain names, whole websites, and even ecommerce sites.  

Sell Custom Products Online

Platforms like Etsy and Shopify make it easy to sell custom, hand-crafted items online. Makers sell everything from jewelry to custom apparel to hand-forged chopping boards. Did you know you can also sell custom digital items on these sites? Like dropshipping, you do not need to maintain stock or inventory when you sell digital downloads online. Try creating custom digital invitations and similar items. You create it, then customize it once, and your customer prints it at home or at their local print shop. All you need to get started is your creative mind, an online graphic design tool, and a computer. 

Manage Busy Social Media Channels

Manage Busy Social Media Channels

Every business – no matter how big or small – has social media channels these days. They all have more than one, too, because different members of their target audience will use different platforms. Without a lot of experience, you can get started as a social media manager for a company that needs a social presence but does not have the time required to build a robust following. 

If you have a laptop or smartphone, you can manage the social media channels of varying clients. With online schedulers and scheduling apps, you can schedule content for regular distribution and not spend all your time on their social channels either. You might have to be available to answer questions and manage customer complaints if that service is included in your offering. 

Become a Stock or Freelance Photographer

Graphic designers, social media managers, website developers, and anyone else who routinely posts online content needs a steady supply of pictures. Rather than taking pictures on their own, these folks typically turn to online image sellers or stock photo sites. If you are handy with a camera – or even with the camera on your smartphone – you can easily upload and sell the photos you take on one of these sites. 

You can also set up your own website and social channels to sell your photos. You just need a camera, photo editing software, and a laptop. As a stock or freelance photographer, you can start out with a third-party seller like Getty Images or Flickr and graduate to your own site as you gain followers and experience.

With time management, attention to detail, and commitment to creating a career that works for you, you can easily adapt these online avenues into a full-time income that lets you control your time, your energy, and your income. One of the best parts of this list, and of working online, is the ability to combine two or more of these online income streams to create your desired income. 

Since you are starting out with no experience, you also have the advantage of trying each of these ideas – or coming up with others on your own – until you hit the right one for you. After all, there really is only one way to get experience, and that is to jump right in and start working. 

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