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15 Best New Products You Need to Know About

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With brand new products constantly emerging, it can be hard to keep track of what things to sell in 2023.

The secret to selling new popular products is to find winning products before they become mainstream. Once a new product comes out and is a known success, the competition gets fierce.

So if you’re looking for the best new products to sell before your competitors discover them, read on.

13 new products to sell online in 2023

1. Foldable solar panel

foldable solar panel

Foldable solar panels are gaining traction as people look for an easy, sustainable way to juice up their devices when off the grid. Although compact solar panels have been around for a while, the new foldable variety offers more convenience and flexibility.

You can market foldable solar panels to various audiences, from the digital nomad hoping to get some work done on the beach to the backpacker heading into the wilderness.

And consider selling them as part of a kit that includes cables, batteries, and converters—users will need these to store electricity for later use.

2. Smart temperature sensor

new products 2023: smart temprature sensor

With most countries having four seasons in a year, smart temperature sensors will surely attract customers from around the globe.

This new product lets users have a climate-controlled room. People can use the sensor to check the temperature, humidity level, etc. 

Then, they can share this data with other smart devices that regulate the temperature in their room (smart heaters, curtains, etc.). The rich functionality of this product makes it one of the best ecommerce products to sell in 2023. 

You can market smart temperature sensors via TikTok. Make short clips of them generating temperature-related data and post them with hashtags like #newsmartproduct to gain traction. 

3. Rainbow flatware

rainbow flatware

Remember when the cool new products on the market were mermaid makeup brushes, marble makeup brushes, or even unicorn brushes? Well, now flatware is undergoing a bit of a makeover. Rainbow flatware is a trendy new item attracting people looking to add some spark to their cutlery.

You could add this product to your store if you’re in the home or kitchenware niches. But don’t forget to watch out for other flatware trends in the coming months—because there will surely be some.

While flatware isn’t normally an impulse buy, the cool color tones of the rainbow style could very well work on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. And if you’ve got a search-based strategy in place, you could benefit from both impulse- and search-based ones.

4. Biomagnetic ear stickers

biomagnetic ear stickers

We'd never imagined a day when earrings would help you improve blood circulation, but that day has come. Biomagnetic ear stickers act as acupuncture, putting pressure on your ears and stimulating blood flow.

According to some acupuncturists, magnets can also help with weight loss, so customers potentially can reap various health benefits by purchasing this new product.

However, be sure not to make any claims about how much weight your customers will lose when marketing biomagnetic ear stickers. Not making definitive claims is a common practice in fitness and health care to avoid liability and legal action.

Remember that the way you phrase your benefits can also be the difference between having your ads accepted or rejected on ad platforms like Facebook.

5. Diamond-shaped ice cube tray

Diamond-shaped ice cube tray

The best new products almost always offer a new twist to an existing product. And that fact seems crystal clear when you look at the diamond-shaped ice cube tray.

While a standard ice cube tray is practical for everyday use, the diamond-shaped ice cube tray is perfect for special events. Hosting an engagement party or a girls’ night? This new product is fit for the occasion. It’s also a great gift for diamond lovers/retailers.

When marketing this trending product, consider tapping into visual platforms. You can promote these trays on Pinterest and Instagram using pictures of the ice cubes in different settings.

6. Reusable straws

reusable straws

With plastic straw bans becoming more common, there’s likely to be a demand for reusable straws.

Reusable straws make a great product, especially if you have an eco-friendly product store or sell kitchenware. And attracting customers to this new item won’t be too complicated.

You can position the product as good for the environment while protecting marine life from plastic waste, potentially building an epic social cause brand. Remember: a business that makes the world a better place is the best kind of business.

7. Baby feather wings

Baby feather wings

Your newborn baby is your pride and joy. So it’s no surprise that new parents take a lot of photos of their little angels. To that end, photography props like these baby feather wings can add a new element to a photoshoot. These can work well on visual platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Bonus points for creating photos of adorable babies wearing the product that you can use in ads. And with Halloween as a great excuse to dress up, this can even be a costume idea for newborns.

8. Dimmable vintage Edison light bulbs

Baby feather wings

Dimmable light bulbs shine brighter and last longer than their standard counterparts.

While you can only sell these products in countries like the US, Japan, and certain South American countries due to their high voltage, the available markets have a combined population of nearly one billion people.

The best part about selling light bulbs is that you’ll be able to increase average order value easily by bundling. Most people don’t buy only one light bulb at a time, so you’ll probably be able to sell multiple bulbs to each customer.

9. Hair removal epilator

Hair removal epilator

The best new products solve burning problems, and this product is a great example. With a hair removal epilator, you’ll be able to remove a large mass of hair while destroying hair roots.

Why’s that great? It takes much longer for the hair to grow back than when you use an electric shaver. Plus, the hair also grows back thinner. You can create videos that show how the product works for your Facebook ads. Or you can create optimized content on your product page to rank on Google.

Some online retailers create landing pages for their products rather than traditional product pages. You can modify your theme or create landing pages with an app like Shogun.

10. Massage gun

massage gun

This is one product trend you don't want to miss out on. Massage guns diminish the signs of fatigue, which our muscles suffer from from time to time. As such, massage guns are perfect to sell to those chasing a healthy lifestyle.

Try creating before and after videos to show your audience the true value of this product while creating hype around your offering.

And remember that customers normally don’t buy just one health care product at a time, so consider matching this device with a foam roller or heating pad to give your customers what they need to improve their well-being.

11. Portable blender

portable blender

The fitness craze is still upon us and new products are coming out daily to help people become healthier. One of these products is the portable blender.

With this cool new product, you can make a smoothie using a USB connection in the office, car, or anywhere.

If you sell fitness products and your audience is in the market for a new blender, get them to try a portable one—the sky’s the limit with this new product.

12. Cat self-groomer

cat self groomer

Sometimes it is hard for cat owners to find the time to groom their long-haired feline. And this is where the cat self groomer comes in. This new product is an example of how we can save time by allowing our pets to enjoy a good rub while also getting rid of loose hair and knots.

You can place the self groomer on any corner wall in a house. It is safe for any cat to use, no matter the length of their hair. The product also massages your kitty, acting as a substitute for attention when you’re not home.

Help your audience keep their home hair-free and their cat happy with the cat self-groomer.

13. Dog treat launcher

dog treat launcher

Whether you are trying to capture a great image of your dog or teach him to sit, a treat launcher will provide hours of fun for both of you. Pet owners far and wide will be ordering this wonderful new product from your dropshipping store and will love it!

AliExpress has a wide range of cool treat launchers for dogs to choose from. You can test out different product examples to see which one your audience enjoys the most.

This lightweight product is convenient for customers to carry around, and because of its compact size, it qualifies for AliExpress standard shipping as well.

New products, new you

These are just some cool new products you could sell now, and more are coming out all the time. You can do some simple research to find new trending products before anyone else.

For example, you can scan AliExpress and Amazon to find new products launched in their collections. You can also keep a close eye on issues that creep up in the news that you can use to your advantage.

Google Trends, Ecomhunt, and Trend Hunter are other places to find cool new products and trends. Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground to find top products to sell before your competitors do.

Which of these new products are you thinking of buying or selling? Comment below! 

Which of these new products are you thinking of buying or selling? Comment below!

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