Average Ecommerce Conversion Rate (2017 Q4 – 2018 Q4)

Average Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Given the increasing number of online shoppers, as an ecommerce store owner, it’s important for you to understand some key issues regarding your business. This includes asking: what is a good conversion rate for ecommerce and what is a good ecommerce conversion rate benchmark to aspire to? Having the answers to these questions will help to improve your average ecommerce conversion rate on your website. 

2018 saw rising conversion rates for ecommerce businesses, growing from 2.89 percent in the first quarter to 3.28 percent in the fourth quarter – an overall increase of 13.6 percent. 

This is in line with the growing “add-to-cart” rate over the same period of time, which increased from 10.14 percent in the first quarter to 11.30 percent in the final quarter. 

These increases may be attributed to seasonality. Thanks to the holiday season, approximately 40 percent of all online sales take place in the final three months of the year. 

This rising conversion rate is also reflected across smartphone and tablet users. The average ecommerce conversion rate of smartphone users increased from 1.84 percent in the first quarter to 2.25 percent in the fourth quarter. Similarly, tablet users’ conversion rates also increased from 3.49 percent to 4.06 percent in the same period.

Desktop users continue to convert better than users of any other devices. The average conversion rate for ecommerce sales carried out on desktops stands at 4.84 percent. In other words, nearly one out of every 20 e-commerce visits done with desktops were converted into purchases – more than double the rate of mobile devices.

Of the platforms through which users can carry out an ecommerce purchase, Windows has the highest conversion rate of 5.18 percent. This is followed by Mac users at 4.77 percent, and Chrome OS users at 3.91 percent. 

Even then, 2018 Q4 average ecommerce conversion rates saw a slight dip from the same period in 2017: from 3.31 percent to 3.28 percent. This is also witnessed in the US and Great Britain, who saw a fall in conversion rates from 3.50 percent to 3.49 percent, and from 4.00 percent to 3.90 percent respectively. 

The fall coincides with worse-than-expected 2018 holiday sales, with many ecommerce sites registering lower engagement and traffic during the year’s largest shopping season.

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