Every serious business considers custom logo design at some point. It’s a key aspect of branding that sets the tone for how customers perceive you. For a distinctive and impactful logo, nothing beats the expertise of a professional logo design agency.

In this post, we’ve gathered a list of the best logo design companies for 2024. Each one is known for creativity, client focus, and impactful design.

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18 top logo design agencies

Here are the top logo design agencies that are shaping brand identities across the globe:

Best logo design agencies in the US

1. Big Human

Best logo design company: Big Human

Big Human excels in creating logos that echo your brand’s unique narrative. Its work, like its impactful designs for Whistle and Plentiful, showcases its skill in weaving a brand’s identity into its logo.

2. Digital Silk

Logo design USA company: Digital Silk

Digital Silk crafts powerful brand identities. Its team of expert logo designers grows brands online with a mix of strategy and creativity. From Xerox to Sony, Digital Silk has built memorable logos and brand experiences for top-tier clients.

3. Go Logo Now

Ranked seventh among the best 200 graphic design companies by SiteJabber, Go Logo Now specializes in crafting logos that resonate with a company’s vision. It has completed more than 8,000 projects and boasts a healthy number of clients across different industries.

4. Awesome Website Guys

awesome website guys

Awesome Website Guys are the experts you need for logo design that truly reflects your brand identity. With budget-friendly packages, the agency ensures every business—big or small—can get top-notch design

Best logo design companies in Canada

5. Varga Girl Design

Logo design Canada: Varga Girl

Regarded by many as the best logo design company in Canada, Varga Girl Design excels in crafting unique brand identities for small businesses. Its team harnesses the power of consistent creativity and decades of industry experience to create visceral, memorable logos.

6. Rayvn Design

Rayvn Design is a branding agency that excels in creating bespoke visual identities. Its logo design services specifically cater to small businesses needing distinctive and impactful brand representation.

7. Mojo Media

Mojo Media specializes in crafting unique logos that connect with a brand’s identity. Its custom approach ensures logos stand out and resonate with the client’s target audience.

8. Bradbury Brand + Design Experts

Bradbury Brand + Design Experts focuses on aligning brands with organizational goals. Its expertise in creating professional designs has improved customer experiences for a wide array of clients.

Best logo design companies in the UK

9. SeekThem

UK logo design Seekthem

SeekThem specializes in creating custom, research-driven logos. It offers various styles like wordmarks, mascots, and emblems, ensuring versatile and timely designs for diverse industries.

10. Wecomeet

Wecomeet: logo design company UK

Wecomeet integrates logo design into broader branding strategies. Its focus is on creating logos that embody the brand’s narrative and values.

11. Together

Together designs digital-first logos primarily for tech companies. Its logos aim to effectively convey the business’s vision and mission.

12. Klutch Studio

Klutch Studio offers distinctive logo designs for both startups and established companies. Its approach is centered on creating designs that capture a brand’s unique story and connect with the target audience.

Best logo design companies in Australia

13. Elk Creative

logo design Australia: Elk Creative

Elk Creative knows how important a good logo is for a brand. It begins with a chat and sketches to make sure each logo is clear, versatile, and memorable.


CUT THRU uses psychological strategies in branding for measurable ROI. Based in Sydney, it assists clients globally in logo design, brand messaging, and strategy.

15. B Creative Studio

B Creative Studio specializes in unique logo designs that capture and hold your audience’s attention. Australian businesses can take advantage of its services to bring their brands to life.

Best logo design companies in India

16. Wololo

Wololo crafts logos that immediately capture attention. The agency offers a range of services, from brand strategy to visual identity, ensuring each element of a brand resonates with customers powerfully.

17. UiSlick

UiSlick is a branding and design agency offering custom logo design services. Its approach involves using a mix of colors, shapes, and sizes to craft logos that reflect business needs and attract attention.

18. DesignerPeople

best logo design companies India: DesignerPeople

DesignerPeople focuses on creating memorable logos in India. They use freehand sketching and custom ideas to design logos that effectively communicate a company’s core values.

If you’ve got a logo in mind and are wondering how you can create your own logo, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Research your competition

It’s amazing what you can learn from your competition. See what works and what doesn’t, but keep in mind that what worked for some may not work for you. 

Competitive analysis is an essential step to make sure you’re differentiating yourself and your business enough from everyone else in your industry.

2. Get inspired

The internet is full of inspiration. Try searching for successful ecommerce stores and see what ignites your creativity. Notice what they do well and what could be improved. 

Don’t limit yourself to ecommerce. You could even look at what the big well-known companies are doing, or maybe you just want to see what kind of logos are trending this year. 

3. Establish your message

When brainstorming what kind of logo you want, think about the key aspects of your ecommerce business. How do you want these aspects represented in your logo? How can your voice, tone, mission, and vision be translated into your design?

4. Brainstorm your ideas

Sketch out a few versions of your logo. Then, experiment with fonts, colors, and visuals. This exploration phase allows you to refine your logo design until it aligns perfectly with your vision.

5. Gather feedback

Gathering feedback should be short lived. You might only have to do a minor tweak like font size, but it’s important to know what others think of your logo. Be sure you get feedback from trusted sources who you know will give you constructive and honest opinions.

6. Create your final design

Designing a logo involves careful consideration, but you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional logo designer. There are several user-friendly online logo maker tools available that can help you turn your ideas into a beautiful and professional logo.

Best logo maker tools and apps for 2024

1. Hatchful

online logo maker free

Hatchful is Shopify’s free logo maker tool. You can explore its logo templates and customize them by adjusting fonts, colors and layouts to create a unique logo design.

2. Hostinger AI Logo Generator

Hostinger's AI logo maker

Hostinger’s logo maker helps you turn your creative ideas into reality. You’ll be able to customize every element of your logo, from icon to size and text. 

3. Ucraft

free online logo maker

With Ucraft, you can design and export your logo in less than 10 minutes. Customize your design using a wide variety of icons, shapes, and text.

4. Adobe Express Logo Maker 

adobe spark free logo maker

Adobe Express logo maker allows you to make your own business logo free of cost. The tool lets you choose your own design and edit the colors, fonts, and texts. 

5. Graphic Springs 

free online logo creator

Graphic Springs is another free online logo creator that has a variety of logo templates for you to choose from. You’re also able to filter your options based on new or popular logos that are available.

6. Logo Maker Shop

logo design app

This free logo design app is loaded with options. When you start off, it gives you more than 1,000 logo templates to choose from. Once you’re happy with what you have, you can move on to the fonts and decide from over 200 font options.

7. Watercolor Logo Maker

logo creator app

This logo design app offers watercolor-style logos. You first choose a watercolor-style shape as a background, and then you edit colors, add text, and further customize the logo design. 


logo creator app

ICONA is a minimalist application that allows you to make clean logos, fast. You can customize the design using color and shading, and then add your company name and adjust the font or alignment.

Getting a logo for your business

With a wide range of logo design agencies and user-friendly logo maker tools available, businesses have more options than ever to create a memorable and impactful logo.

Whether you choose to collaborate with a professional agency or take the DIY route, a well-crafted logo is a vital component of successful branding.

Don’t hesitate to explore these resources to shape your brand identity effectively.

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