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10 Best Products to Sell Online in 2021

Article by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Selling products online has grown in popularity this past couple of years. Instead of going to tradeshows or opening up pop-up shops, retailers have shifted their focus to finding winning products to sell online. By moving online, retailers can sell products around the world to a much bigger audience. And by going international, they’re able to grow their small business at a much faster pace. With dropshipping, you’ll be able to sell products online at affordable prices with low shipping rates. Thus allowing you to reach more people, cost-effectively. In this article, we’ll break down the 10 best products to sell online in 2021 to help you go global. 

10 Products to Sell Online in 2021

1. Foldable Travel Iron

With travel on the rise, you might want to consider travel products to sell online in 2021. Whether your customers are going on vacation, a business trip, or a solo “me-time” trip, a foldable travel iron can be helpful for those looking to de-wrinkle their clothing. Sure, you could opt for a hotel’s laundry service, but the prices are abnormally high. So, packing this small travel-sized iron can help you keep your clothing neat without added costs. If you take a quick look at the AliExpress product, you’ll find that this product has generated over 280 sales, proving that this is something people buy. 

Pair this product to sell online with a travel-based audience to help you make sales. On your ads, you can target people who like to travel. You can also target people based on their profession such as CEOs, sales representatives, or digital nomads, who tend to travel a lot for work. You can also promote to the travel community via Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards, and travel forums to help you find a relevant audience. If you own a travel store, you could also build your own audience by writing travel blog posts where you share your best insights for traveling abroad. This will help your website by bringing relevant and qualified traffic.

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products to sell online travel

2. Photo Necklace

Photo necklace searches have been seeing spikes each year around the holidays. But more importantly, they’ve been seeing spikes the past couple of months as well, at least that’s what Google Trends data shows. This photo necklace, in particular, has been seeing growing sales – a quick look on AliExpress shows this product has generated over 6,000 orders. Your customers can add a photo of their bundle of joy, their furry friend, or any other photo to the necklace. Personalized jewelry has popped up on products to sell online lists countless times. So if you’re looking to sell jewelry online, looking for products that can be personalized can help you make more sales.

To sell more of these necklaces, you’ll want to create Facebook or Instagram ads. These products are an impulse buy, which means that people will be more likely to buy it from seeing it instead of searching for it. For your ads, you can target new parents with a photo of a newborn baby. You can target people in long-term relationships, showing a picture of a significant other. Another targeting option for this necklace is pet owners. You can show a picture of a cat or dog to compel people into buying this necklace. Around certain holidays such as Mother’s Day, you can promote this necklace. Ideally, the marketing should center around promoting this to significant relationships in people’s lives to help you tap as many audiences as possible with this single product.

3. Shapewear

For the past couple of years, shapewear has been one of the most popular products to sell online. Weight loss is one of the most common goals people set for themselves. However, the process of losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. Fortunately, shapewear helps create a slimming silhouette. It can be worn under your clothing so that you can feel more confident in the clothes you wear. This high-waisted seamless shapewear has generated hundreds of orders over the past few months. This slimming underwear slims everything from just below the breast down to your upper thigh. The steel bone provides durability to the shapewear to help maintain the slimming silhouette.

Selling this product online can be done through a combination of paid ads and organic search. From a paid perspective, you’ll want to target women who are looking to lose weight. You can target interests such as fitness brands to help you find the right audience. From a search perspective, there are about 135,000 monthly searches for “shapewear” according to the Keywords Everywhere tool, proving that people are actively searching for this type of product. Ranking for a product page will be too competitive for a new store. However, if you focus on creating blog content around the shapewear niche, you’ll start attracting relevant traffic within a few months. You can then retarget your blog traffic showing your shapewear products, allowing you to have a lower ad cost while driving high-quality traffic. 

4. Helicopter Drones

If you’re looking for a niche with huge profit potential, you might want to try selling helicopter drones. In the past six months, this specific model has generated hundreds of orders. And while the drone niche isn’t growing as much as it used to, there are still 1.83 million monthly searches for the keyword “drones” according to Keywords Everywhere so it’s a niche that isn’t going away anytime soon. You can add other drones to your website for work (photography drones) or for play (like this helicopter drone).

You can promote your helicopter drone in several ways. First, you might want to capitalize on the high search volume by going after specific drone keywords in Google Ads. You could try keywords like “drones,” “helicopter drones,” or “toy drones.” Another option is to reach out to toy review YouTube channels to promote your product. You can also create product video ads on Facebook or Instagram targeting younger men between 18-24. Ultimately, videos can help showcase the benefit of the helicopter drone to help drive sales so focus on a video-based strategy for this type of product. 

products to sell online drones

5. Knee Brace

The sports injury niche is a big one. And so preventative care is a must for athletic individuals. One of the best things to sell online is this knee brace which has racked up thousands of orders in the past 30 days – over 5,500 orders to be exact. The keyword “knee brace” gets about 165,000 monthly searches, which is insanely high for a single product. According to Google Trends, we’re seeing strong search growth for the keyword “knee brace” which has had steady search volume the past 12 months as well. 

To promote this product, you’ll likely want to target people who exercise frequently, such as runners, tennis players, weightlifters, and other athletic interests as well. In some of the examples mentioned, you’ll find knee care is common such as runner’s knee. For Google Ads, you can target keywords like runner’s knee, knee brace, and knee injuries to help you attract the right audience. While athletes will likely use this product to prevent injury, you can also promote this product to an aging population who are more prone to wear and tear. For Facebook Ads, you can target people based on their age. According to this article, 50+ is the ideal demographic for knee osteoarthritis complaints.

best products to sell online knee brace

6. Outdoor Security Camera

Property crime is the most reported crime. And when you’re investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into your home, it’s important to keep it and your family safe. Fortunately, there’s a growing trend in search volumes for “security cameras” proving that people want to protect their assets and loved ones. One popular product to sell online is, in fact, security cameras like this one. The camera can capture several angles from where it’s positioned to ensure that it catches criminals in the act. The camera connects to your customers’ phones so that they can monitor the cameras at any time. In the past six months, it’s seen over 2,400 orders. 

The most common way to promote security products is through a search-based strategy. You can create blog content around home security. Your blog content should be in-depth, at about 2,000-3,000 words per article. You’ll want to create at least two blog posts a week for months. During this time, you should focus on building an email list. You can write review articles on home security products or provide general home security tips to promote your content. Unfortunately, platforms like Facebook don’t allow the selling of home security products and so focusing on SEO is your best bet for success. 

7. Baby Carrier

Each year, about four million babies are born in the United States alone. With millions of babies being born around the world, it’s no surprise that this baby carrier is one of the best products to sell online in 2021. In the past 30 days, it’s seen nearly 2,000 orders. The baby carrier can be transformed in multiple ways, allowing new moms to carry their newborn baby with ease. The carrier can be used from birth until the baby is 18 months old. The search term “baby carrier” has about 201,000 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere, making this a great, high-intent SEO keyword to go after. 

When it comes to promoting this product, you can go about it in multiple ways. On Facebook, you can target “New Parents” and choose the age range you’d prefer. You can also reach out to mom bloggers who review products on their website. Another option is to build your own maternity blog to introduce pregnant women to your brand first. You can also run Google Ads campaigns, targeting keywords like “baby carrier” to generate some immediate sales. Pinterest is another popular platform you can promote your products on, you can join group boards while pinning content on your own boards as well. 

new parents targeting

8. Anti-Theft Women’s Backpack

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a rise in anti-theft backpacks. And while the products to sell in this space always change, the anti-theft component still sticks around. Lately, we’ve seen this women’s backpack take over sales. In the past 30 days, it’s generated hundreds of sales. And in the past six months, it’s made over 3,600 sales. With back to school season in full gear, this is one product to sell online right now. Backpack searches tend to peak in August each year, which tends to be aligned with the back to school customer base. The month isn’t over yet so you’ll want to jump on this trend immediately to capture some big sales. 

To promote this anti-theft backpack, you can target parents of teenage girls on Facebook. Another option is to target women aged 18-24 who are “in college.” You can also target people of that age group who like specific college or university Facebook pages to help you find relevant audiences. If you decide to promote other anti-theft backpacks, you might broaden your audience to include men as well. If you’re looking to capitalize on sales after the back to school season, you might choose to target people who work in tech who tend to wear backpacks to work as they often carry their laptops. You can also target entrepreneurs or digital nomads, who may carry expensive essentials in their backpack on their way to work. 

in college targeting option

9. Compression T-Shirts

Compression t-shirts help improve your performance during a workout as they squeeze (or compress) your muscles. That’s why so many men wear them during workouts. In the past 30 days, hundreds of sales have been generated by this exact compression t-shirt. It comes in a range of colors (13 to be exact) from black to white. With the fitness niche being one of the biggest niches to sell in, there’s always a new product to sell online in the space. According to Keywords Everywhere, “compression shirt” generates around 27,000 monthly searches. You can also promote other compression clothing such as “compression socks,” which gets about 301,000 monthly searches. 

If you’re diving into the fitness space, there are several places you can promote your products. For example, YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to promote fitness brands. You can target channels that create workout videos or fitness advice to promote your compression t-shirts. Or you can also start your own YouTube channel to grow your fitness brand. If you’re selling compression fitness apparel to women, you can grow your audience on Pinterest, which also has a massive fitness audience. Fitness infographics and blog posts tend to perform well on Pinterest. If you’re running ads, you might want to target bodybuilders or people who do weightlifting as they tend to be the target audience of compression apparel. 

10. Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great ecommerce niche with a ton of products to sell online. According to Keywords Everywhere, there are 1.83 million monthly searches for “yoga,” making it a popular evergreen niche for store owners looking for a long-term business idea. I’ve personally sold yoga blankets that customers used to practice their postures and meditate on. This yoga mat has proven to be today’s best-seller in the yoga niche once again marking the popularity of mats in the space. And if you want another search volume stat, “yoga mats” generates 201,000 monthly searches as well. So, if you’re looking to sell yoga products online, you might want to start by selling mats. 

If you’re looking to sell these products online, you might want to start by creating yoga quote articles. When I was running my online store, I would create yoga quote articles centered around a yoga influencer. I’d then go on Twitter tagging the influencer. Since I had a Facebook retargeting ad on our blog, I was able to generate our first couple of sales with this method. Then, using the data of that traffic, I created a lookalike audience. You can also create ads targeting women 18-34 who have an interest in yoga. Believe it or not, this broad ad targeting helped me build a six-figure online store so this target audience can convert well. Or at least it did for me. 

targeting yoga

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These are just some of the amazing products to sell online in 2021. You’ll find a ton more of them throughout AliExpress to help you kickstart your success as a dropshipper. Whether you’re looking to focus on the fitness niche or enter the maternity space, you’ll find that there are millions of great products to choose from in various product categories. If you’re just getting started, these products are a must-have on your new store but don’t hesitate to hunt around to find your own winning products too. Happy dropshipping!

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