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12 Impulse Products That’ll Make Customers Drop Everything and Buy

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See. Want. Buy. That’s the magic funnel a customer goes through when they first discover impulse buy products.

Impulse products are the products that you don’t go looking for. Discovering impulse goods usually happens on visual platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

A customer casually scrolls their social media posts. When all of a sudden, an ad pops onto their screen for a product that’s different, unique, or cute, and all of a sudden it becomes a must-have. They click on the captivating ad, pull out their credit card, and make their purchase in that very moment.

So how can you get customers to go through that process? In this article, we’ll show you some examples of impulse products you can add to your store with only a few clicks.

13 Impulse Buy Products That’ll Make Customers Drop Everything And Buy Now

1. Loch Ness Ladle

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The Loch Ness monster has officially been found in kitchens everywhere. You can now add a bit of mysticism to your kitchenware store by promoting this Loch Ness Ladle.

What makes this an impulse buy? For starters, it’s unlike any other ladle out there. It has that pop of color, unique design, and it’s more fun than that boring old silver ladle you’ve got in your kitchen right now.

How do you sell kitchen equipment that’s unique? Products like this work well on visual platforms. You can try promoting it by advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Facebook groups for moms with young kids could also work really well for this product. As long as you have permission, you can share a post with a link to the product in select Facebook groups to increase your sales.

2. Warning System Windshield Projector

Impulse ProductsHate looking at your car dashboard to get important metrics? Well, now you don’t have to thanks to this Warning System Windshield Projector. An impulse buy product like this one is all about how cool or different something is. When I showed my car loving boyfriend this impulse product his first words were ‘I want that’ which is the exact response you’ll get from customers who see your product. Like all other impulse products, you could create Facebook ads for this by targeting people who like different automotive companies and yield some good results. You can also share this impulse buy product on car related websites such as car forums, car Facebook groups, popular automotive blogs and more.

3. Smartwatch

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The smartest thing you can do with a smartwatch is sell it. Smartwatches have been some of the most popular impulse products sold this past year. From a sound recorder to a pedometer to a calendar, this watch is so jam-packed with features that it compels people to drop everything to buy now.

How can you sell it? Watches do extremely well on Instagram. You can create Instagram ads targeting different niches based on the feature you want to promote. For example, if you want to highlight the pedometer you might target people interested in fitness, walking, or running. You can also target people generally by targeting those who like watch fanpages.

Want to learn how to sell watches? Check out this video:

4. Glow In The Dark Basketball

impulse productsBasketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. And out of the 825 million fans out there, there are sure to be some who’ve always wanted to play in the dark. Or who have… only to get hit in the face from a basketball they can’t see in the dark. Enter the glow in the dark basketball.

This impulse product has been climbing the ranks in sales. Super fans can even host glow in the dark parties where everyone wears glow in the dark clothing while playing their favorite sport.

There’s always a way to promote a product. Even if it’s by creating a cool video of you playing indoor basketball in the dark. Videos would work best for promoting this type of impulse buy product. And targeting couldn’t be easier: focus on fans of specific basketball teams.

5. Makeup Mirror

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Every bathroom has a flat mirror on the wall. And sure, it’s always worked just fine. But as soon as your customers see your makeup mirror ad, they’ll know what they’re missing out on.

What’s so spectacular about this impulse product? Well, for starters it has multiple mirrors at different angles, so you can get a 180-degree view of your entire face in one glance.

How can you market this impulse buy? Focus on fans of beauty pages or websites like Sephora. You can also target people with makeup related jobs like makeup artists. And if you’ve already got your own beauty store, you can email your customers about this new addition.

6. Personalized Calendar Keychain

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Personalized products have been skyrocketing in sales for store owners this past year. Whether it’s a necklace with your name on it or something practical like this personalized calendar keychain. What’s cool about this calendar is that you can add so many special dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or some other big milestone in your life like the birth of your child or buying your first home.

So how can you market this impulse buy product? Tap into those Facebook life events targeting options. If someone recently bought a home, you can promote this as their first home keychain. If a couple is celebrating an upcoming anniversary, you can promote this as a simple gift. You can even target new parents on Facebook reminding them to celebrate the important birth of their first child.

7. Twinkle Lights Decor

impulse buyTwinkle lights add a romantic touch to your home. They first hit Pinterest a few years ago but they’re still just as popular. One of the best-selling impulse products is actually this twinkle light set. As soon as you see it, you immediately want it in your home as part of the decor.

You can actually target both men and women with this product. Some women who are interested in home decor may be likely to impulse buy this product. However, it can also work well for a proposal set-up for me – just target men in long-term relationships who aren’t engaged yet.

8. Wool Trench Coat

Impulse purchaseMen’s fashion is one of the top niches in 2020 in terms of number of customers and sales. Why? Because with new trends constantly emerging it has the highest number of impulse products out there. Remember, we don’t buy clothes due to practicality only. We also buy them based on their appearance. You see an outfit you like in an email from a fashion retailer, you pull out your credit card and buy. This wool trench coat is currently on trend in the menswear niche and it’s selling like hotcakes.

Who should you target? Likely men aged 25-34 would be the ideal audience for this product.

9. Baby Sleeping Bag

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Here’s an impulse product you won’t snooze on buying. As soon as you see this baby sleeping bag, you instantly imagine your little bundle of joy sleeping in it. There are different cute designs that help make this product more of an impulse purchase.

Who would you market this product to? You’d probably want to promote this product in the fall or winter to new parents. You can create ads on Facebook or Instagram. You’d probably have better luck if you reached out to an influencer with a baby to take custom photos for you that you can then use on your ads.

10. Watercolor

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What’s colorful and can drive customer sales? Watercolor paint. Some of the most captivating impulse products come down to color. Does it pop when scrolling through a feed? With this impulse product you’re more likely to showcase your products in use instead of the watercolors themselves.

You can post videos or pictures of people doing watercolor art. You can reach out to influencers who do watercolor art to promote your products with an affiliate link or pay for a sponsored post. Your social media ads can add a subtle use of the paint being used to increase views while your copy does the heavy lifting by mentioning that the paint is for sale.

11. Wooden Mechanical Toy

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Building up your collection of impulse products for your store? Well, you might want to try selling these wooden mechanical toys. These toys are some of the best-selling products in the toy space right now. What makes them so great? You get to take part in building it yourself, making it a great DIY project for young kids or adults to take on.

How do you market this? You can start by creating ads on Facebook. You might even want to try creating videos of the process of building one of these up and have that as your ad placeholder.

12. Animal Wire Protectors

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There’s nothing special about wire protectors. But if you give them a cool design like these animal wire protectors, somehow the impulse purchases start pouring in. If you ever decide to create your own impulse buy product, the secret is to take a successful product and add your own twist on it. Wire protectors have been around a while, but having animal wire protectors is less common. So when you see an ad for it on Instagram, you look at your bent laptop wire and instantly realize that it’s exactly what you need. Products like this would likely perform well on a Japanese product fanpage. The product cost for these wire protectors is quite low, making it difficult to create ads for. So they might work best as an upsell after someone’s purchased another product on your store as an additional product to compel the impulse buy.


An impulse product has to captivate your customer so much that they drop everything to make that purchase. We’ve all been there. You see something you like but never really thought you’d need, and you buy it. By choosing impulse products for your store, you’re more likely to find a winning product with a platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. The magnitude of an impulse product can relate to serious earnings for dropshippers as a single product can carry the entire weight of your store’s success.

What do you prefer selling: impulse buy or search-based products? Comment down below!

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