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Shopify Apps You Need to Sell More Products

Article by Marc Schenker

Having a Shopify store is one of the easiest and fastest ways to join the ecommerce world and start your own small, online business. Helping you make that experience a success are a slew of Shopify apps that work toward growing your business, improving your marketing and sales, and even refining your social-media strategy.

Shopify apps are available as both paid and free apps. You can get them from the Shopify App Store, which is one of the most popular app marketplaces. The apps are organized into several categories:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Social media
  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Customer service
  • Accounting
  • Tools
  • Reporting
  • Sales channels

Let’s take a look at the best Shopify apps.

Exit Offers


With Exit Offers, you can make money from every customer who abandons a transaction or online store. In short, it helps you generate revenue that’d normally be lost. As soon as your shopper moves his or her mouse to leave your store, Exit Offers shows them a special offer that you can customize to match customer intent. You can have special offers for discounts, free shipping, and 24/7 customer support, as just a few examples. The best part is you’ll be able to A/B-test your special offers to find the one with the best conversion rate.

Yotpo Reviews


More site and product reviews are always useful for your online store since that creates social proof and shows your site visitors that people are buying and using your products. This app lets you increase sales for your store with its signature, in-mail review forms. How this works is your customers can leave reviews for your store and products simply by filling out the body of review-request emails. It’s easy, simple, and, most of all, it works by getting your store more reviews!

Social Media Marketing Automation –

The biggest challenge of promoting your Shopify store on social media is the time and consistency. connects with your Shopify store and all the major social platforms you use to help you create and schedule social media posts from your products with ease. With the Week or Day Planner, you can schedule a week or day full of social media postings with just few clicks.

You can also upload images, create collages, and search for interesting content to share and boost your social media engagement. In short, it helps you stay active on social media without spending much time and effort.



As far as Shopify apps go, this one lets you open your own Facebook store, so what’s not lucrative about that? Facebook is the world’s third-biggest website, so it’s a sales channel that you definitely need to exploit, and this app lets you do exactly that! It allows you to open up a Facebook Page where you can sell your products directly on said page. Your customers never need to leave Facebook to buy your products, thereby making it more likely that interested leads who find your store on Facebook will stay there and buy your products.

Social Media Stream


Social Media Stream is an app that lets you make your online store more socially effective for platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram. As a result, your store can get more social-media followers, and you can cut down on time wasted on embedding your images and posts. That means you can focus more on actually running your business! Your visitors will be able to look at all of your real-time updates on all those platforms right on your site, whether they’re on their desktops or mobile devices.



When it comes to trust signals on your site, perhaps none is more important than a McAfee seal that assures your shoppers that your online store is a safe place in which to conduct a transaction. This app will get your entire site scanned for threats such as malware, viruses and any other sinister, web-based activities. Of course, the best part of using this app is that you’ll get more conversions and sales when you assure your shoppers that their information is safe when they buy a product from your store.



Among the Shopify apps, Shippo’s promise to those with a small online store is that it’ll let them print shipping labels in only a matter of a few seconds. Now, that’s a huge saving in terms of time, which translates to huge productivity gains that store owners can use to actually run their Shopify stores. As a bonus, Shippo also lets you track packages and manage your shipments from just one, convenient dashboard. This app is good for when you have only a few packages all the way up to thousands of packages in a week!

Better Coupon Box


Who says that site visitors and shoppers don’t like popup boxes? Better Coupon Box displays a popup box that shows a coupon or discount to your visitors as soon as they land in your store! This app is your best bet to fight your online bounce and abandonment rates since it encourages your shoppers to take action. Use the coupon box to turn them into email subscribers, social-media followers, and simply buyers who really convert. The best part is this coupon box is totally customizable.



From this app, enjoy the luxury of being able to efficiently import-track all of your shipments. You’ll see a branded tracking page that allows you to see any order’s status in just one click. As a result, your customers will enjoy a much better post-buying experience. More than 20,000 Shopify merchants have already installed this app to effectively track their shipping, and so can you. This app is so widely supported that it coppeartes with more than 360 couriers around the world, including well-known ones like UPS, FeDex, TNT, Canada Post, DHL and the USPS.

Image Alt Text Optimizer


Anyone knows that image optimization will help you in search engine results, so it’s highly recommended to use an app that will optimize your store’s image alt texts. Alt text is basically the description to the search engine of what is included in your image. It’s also describing the function of the image on the page in your store. Using this app will definitely boost your online store’s SEO, and it’ll help you sell more from leads who find you through Google’s Image Search.

Quick Announcement Bar

shopify apps

Whenever you have exciting announcements in your Shopify store, you want to let your customers know about it. The quick announcement bar is really a dropdown banner that announces any special events at your store to your visitors, so they can’t miss it. The app allows you to configure the banner in just 30 seconds! That’s awesome since you need to continue focusing on marketing and running your business. Another neat feature is the ability to auto-schedule different announcement bars months in advance.

Get the most from these Shopify apps

These Shopify apps are already quite popular with current Shopify users and store owners because they work and provide huge benefits. Think of just how much harder it would be to eventually have a successful Shopify store if these apps didn’t exist!

There’s no questions that these Shopify apps mean the difference between only very few conversions and sales and a lot of sales and many happy customers. These apps are also easy to implement on your site and use, which explains their popularity and why we’re covering them in the first place.

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