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Start Dropshipping in Nigeria with Oberlo!

Discover everything you need to easily run your online dropshipping business in Nigeria. And it’s free!

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Why start a Dropshipping business in Nigeria?

With a population of 185.59 million Nigeria is a promising marketplace in Africa that you can sell to. It’s GDP has grown 7% annually and is set to hit $294 billion in 2020, making it the projected fastest growing African country. Although portrayed as a poorer country the average wage of a Nigerian worker is increasing year over year and it is normal for women to work outside of the home. This means that a whole new marketplace has opened that is price sensitive and brand loyal. Nigeria has the highest mobile ecommerce market in Africa with an 84% penetration rate, making it an easy marketplace to engage with continuously from both a dropshipping and customer touchpoint level. And if you are thinking to start a dropshipping business to Nigeria consider the fact that 50% of the population is under the age of 30, with the median age being 18, so your business should cater for a younger market.  

Keeping in mind that Nigeria is predominantly an English speaking country, dropshipping to Nigeria from other countries is not a problem when it comes to documentation and content creation. When creating campaigns and content for Nigeria, you can run similar campaigns to the US without paying for translation services or changing much copy at all.

Dropshipping in Nigeria is a risk-free endeavor that requires no additional costs for holding inventory and shipping products. This gives you more time to focus on growing your business through marketing, business development, and relationship building. With Oberlo most processes are automated so you don’t spend your time on things like order processing and product imports.

Start your online business in Nigeria today. It’s free!

start an online business in Nigeria

Why Dropshipping is Better Than Wholesale in Nigeria?

Dropshipping in Nigeria is a lot more cost effective than wholesale. Wholesale in Nigeria is costly as you need to bulk order products without knowing if you will sell all the stock you have received. With dropshipping you don’t need to place an order with your supplier until a customer has placed an order with you.

Shipping costs can be quite high with wholesaling because individual entrepreneurs don’t have access to government deals such as ePacket. Wholesale businesses also need to packages everything themselves adding extra costs to a business.

Dropshipping with Oberlo gives you access to hundreds of suppliers, with thousands of products, so you can keep risk low by adding or removing products from your website if something isn’t performing well at the click of a button. With many processes automated on our platform, you can spend more time focused on tasks that generate revenue. 

Start your online business in Nigeria today. It’s free!

Payment Gateways in Nigeria

  • BitPay
  • CashEnvoy-ESL
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • GoCoin
  • PayGate
  • PayStack
  • PayPal Express Checkout