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Start Dropshipping in South Africa with Oberlo!

Discover everything you need to easily run your online dropshipping business in South Africa. And it’s free!

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Why start a Dropshipping business in South Africa?

With a population of 57.69 million and a total GDP of 349.433 million in 2018, South Africa is a large and flourishing marketplace to start a dropshipping business in. In eCommerce alone, South Africa spent 2.913 million USD in 2018 making it a great nation to market to and a great country to start an online store in. This is projected to continue growing by 10% over the next five years, expanding the market to 4.781 million in 2023. South African customers prefer to purchase items using credit cards. Furthermore, their adoption to e-wallet is set to grow 10% in the next five years, making it a low maintenance market that you can capitalize on easily.

The average revenue per user is projected to grow 33% in the next five years, most of which will be through online purchases. Although the younger demographics are more inclined to purchase items online, the male to female breakdown is equal and income level doesn’t seem to affect spending habits in South Africa.

As South Africa is the gateway to the rest of Africa this opens a huge marketplace for dropshippers who start a business in South Africa. Fewer dropshipping competitors exist in Africa, and the cost of advertising and marketing to customers is still relatively low, making it a low cost, high return market to dropship to.

Dropshipping to South Africa is a risk-free endeavor that requires no additional costs for holding inventory and shipping products. This gives you more time to focus on growing your business through marketing, business development, and relationship building. With Oberlo most processes are automated so you don’t spend your time on things like order processing and product imports.

Start your online business in South Africa today. It’s free!

start an online business in South Africa

Why Dropshipping is Better Than Wholesale in South Africa?

Dropshipping in South Africa is a more affordable business model than wholesale. Startup capital is low and risk is low with dropshipping as you are not buying stock for your suppliers until after a customer has bought from you. This reduces cost significantly as warehousing is not necessary, and delivery is organized by the supplier. Profit is a lot higher with dropshipping as you can mark up products as much as needed in your store, without taking on much of the cost of manufacturing, delivering, or bulk orders.

With Oberlo you have a choice of hundreds of suppliers, with thousands of products, so you can keep risk low by adding or removing products from your website if something isn’t performing well without any financial costs.

Start your online business in South Africa today. It’s free!

Payment Gateways in South Africa

  • BitPay
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • GoCoin
  • PayFast
  • PayGate
  • Payment Express PxPay
  • PayPal Express Checkout