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Wholesale Party Supplies To Sell Online

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Dropship party supplies

Why Sell Party Supplies Online?

The party supply industry in the US alone is worth $5 billion, with a growth of 4.3% each year. Party supplies can range from holiday decorations (Christmas, Halloween), milestone decorations (birthday, anniversary, wedding) or special events (bridal shower, Bar Mitzvah). The wide range of events people buy party supplies for allows you to remain profitable throughout the year with boosts in sales during holidays. Notably, the seasonal decorations industry is worth $12 billion. Thus, expanding your party supplies store to include holiday items would allow you to have a sustainable and long-term business.

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sell party supplies

Why Dropship Party Supplies Online?

Due to the seasonality of party supplies, it’s better to dropship than wholesale party supplies. Still, party supplies never go out of style, you’ll be able to maintain your store relatively easily. During holidays or certain seasons (wedding), you’ll need to ensure that you’ve imported products in a timely manner to capitalize on sales. However, party supplies for birthdays and similar celebrations can remain on your store for longer durations with minimal tweaks or enhancements needed. Thus, making it a great store niche for those with limited time to constantly change their product inventory.

Start your online party supplies business today. It’s free!


Who Are the Main Distributors of Party Supplies?

At Oberlo there are a number of distributors that are providing party supplies. These party supplies include all sorts of party decorations such as balloons, party banners, party hats, centerpieces, decorative fabric, wall decor, party lights, confetti, streamers, and so on. These party supplies are not just limited to any one type of celebration but also extend to holiday events such as party supplies for a Christmas party, Halloween Party, or even masquerade ball. As for the supplies for the parties with specific themes, there are masks, costumes, and even party games to play. Distributors of party supplies tend to group these items based on the theme such as birthday party supplies, bachelor or bachelorette party supplies, Halloween party supplies, graduation party supplies and so on.

Start your online party supplies business today. It’s free!


Who Are the Main Manufacturers of Party Supplies?

Mainly the manufacturers of party supplies are based in China (Mainland). These products are in the highest demand in parts of Northern America, Western Europe, and South America. Manufacturers mostly focus on decorative flowers and wreaths for party supplies, party masks, and event supplies. There’s a wide variety of party supplies available which also include party supplies that accommodate the needs for a mother’s day party, new years party, or a wedding day party. Party supplies are mostly provided in bulk.

Start your online party supplies business today. It’s free!

What Platforms Can I Use to Dropship Party Supplies?

Shopify has many marketplaces that enable you to find party supplies to sell online.

What’s more, some marketplaces automatically select the cheapest shipping method for you. Since some suppliers offer several shipping methods, you can click on the shipping option and choose your preferred one.

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