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Wholesale Toys To Sell Online

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Dropship toys

Why Sell Toys Online?

The toy industry is a dominant force and it’s expected to be worth $120 billion by 2023. In the UK, people spend nearly $3,500 a year on entertainment for children making them a great target audience for your toy business. From cute stuffed animals to cool building blocks to logic puzzles, there is a wide range of toys to suit children of all ages (and even adults). Targeting kids toys is generally easy. Parents are the biggest consumers of toys as they often buy for their children.

Another great benefit to selling toys is that children often tell their friends about their favorite toys giving your store a chance to succeed. If you are starting a business, check out Hatchful's free toy logo maker to create artwork your customers will love.

Start your online toy business today. It’s free!

sell toys online

Why Dropship Toys Online?

China manufactures much of the toys sold in American. With Oberlo’s dropshipping platform you can have access to popular Chinese manufacturers who have experience building quality toys. One of the main reasons why you shouldn’t wholesale toys is that toy trends change very quickly. Waiting a month for inventory to arrive only to then ship out to your customers takes too long. The toy industry is made for impulse buy purchases. Thus, dropshipping toys allows the customer to receive the product directly from the manufacturer saving them time and money.

Start your online toy business today. It’s free!


Who Are the Main Distributors of Toys?

At Oberlo there are a number of distributors that offer a variety of different toys. Toys are generally any item used mainly by children and babies to be used in play and that can enhance their training and development. Mostly all children and babies enjoy playing with toys. There are different toys designed for different age groups, that support their development and are enjoyable for them. For instance, the toys for infants include crib toys that are attached to their crib in the shape of the sun, moon, and stars, or handheld bells for babies, or other handheld toys that can be shaken to make sounds. For toddlers, the toys are a bit more interactive in comparison, such as shape and color keys, musical books for learning, building tables and building blocks, crawl around cars, and so on. For children, the toys become further advanced, such as dolls and play figures, plastic cars, puzzles, hand puppets, and so on.

Start your online toy business today. It’s free!


Who Are the Main Manufacturers of Toys?

Manufacturers of toys are located mainly in China (Mainland). Manufacturers of toys have to be extremely careful while producing toys. Typically the toys come with an age range specified so that parents or guardians know that they are purchasing the right and safe type of toy for their children. Toys are normally made of materials such as wood, clay, paper, and plastic. The stuffing of plush toys commonly consists of synthetic fiber, cotton, straw, wool, or beans. In recent decades, however, toys have increasingly become technologized, which includes interactive digital entertainment. Manufacturers tend to produce toy items with premium and safe material, for long-lasting use and durability. The design is intended to enhance the play purpose of children and ensure comfort, to not only make it visibly appealing for the age group that it is made for but to also ensure complete safety.

Start your online toy business today. It’s free!

What Platforms Can I Use to Dropship Toys?

Shopify has many marketplaces that enable you to find toys to sell online.

What’s more, some marketplaces automatically select the cheapest shipping method for you. Since some suppliers offer several shipping methods, you can click on the shipping option and choose your preferred one.

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