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Chapter 7 by Dan Virgillito

In this ebook, we’ve covered how to:

  • Examine your brand and audience to brainstorm and outline specific strategies for accomplishing your goals
  • Perform deep online and offline research to find the potential partners and opportunities that can help make it happen
  • Contact these people and organizations using communication tactics that help you to be seen and heard among the crowd
  • Build an interconnected web of contacts and promotion for your brand, website, and personal industry relationships – both online and offline
  • Create helpful, engaging, and entertaining content to build and solidify your brand identity
  • Install and use various analytics tools to look closely at your performance data, so you can constantly adjust, add, or nix your efforts based directly on what you’re getting back from them

While we dug pretty deep, the reality is that we’ve only just scratched the surface. As you do more research, gather more information, and try more things, you’ll find that it’s an infinite process of lather, rinse, repeat.

So as you lay each brick of your ecommerce empire, remember to stay flexible, creative, and open to new ideas. It’s incredible how fast you can grow once you hit the sweet spot, but you can’t do it with your eyes closed.

Until we meet again, happy growing!