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Chapter 1 by Dan Virgillito

Congratulations on your shiny new ecommerce store! Now it’s time to generate traffic to rack up sales.

If you’ve been doing your research, you’ve probably heard some generalized advice for getting more traffic. Maybe someone has told you that the best strategy is to optimize your website for search, start a YouTube channel or Facebook page, or write some quick blog posts and press releases.

While marketing strategies like this can have impact, they’re rooted in a sense of idealism, and they can’t guarantee you’ll get exposure. Who’s to say that your SEO work will actually get you to rank above your biggest competitor in a Google search? How long would that even take?

That’s why we’re not going to focus on these kinds of broad, vague, and imprecise strategies.
We’re going to focus on advice that gives you immediate results, not strategies that rely on hope or vague timelines.

This ebook will provide you with actionable tactics, approaches, and strategies that connect you with the right audience. We’ll include realistic timelines for you to plan and gauge your effort, networking strategies to build strong relationships within your industry, and the specific skills you’ll need to successfully execute these ideas.

No idealism. No BS. Just sweat equity.

With the right work, time, and people on your team, you can see incredible growth in traffic and revenue in less than a year – potentially more than many budding ecommerce brands will see in their lifetime.

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