While starting an online business may be relatively straightforward, maintaining it and driving it to success requires much more work. You’ll need to track key performance indicators and use these insights to tweak your marketing strategy. 

One such metric to keep an eye on is bounce rate, which varies according to device, industry, and other factors. Here’s a look at the average bounce rate by industry, so you know what benchmarks to establish for your business.

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Industry average bounce rate: five best-performing sectors

Results from a recent study of bounce rates by industry show that the average across all sectors is 60.78%. In other words, more than six out of every 10 visitors to an online store leave after visiting just one page.

Of the sectors the study analyzed, real estate performed the best. The average real estate business has a bounce rate of 46.85%, 13.93 percentage points lower than the overall average. It is followed close behind by the apparel and footwear industry, whose bounce rate is 46.97%. This means that more than half of all web visitors to online real estate and apparel and footwear business sites browse through at least two pages before abandoning the page. 

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It’s worth mentioning that businesses in the apparel and footwear sector have a strong lead in many other ecommerce metrics. For instance, its number of monthly page views is 192,000, more than double the average across all industries. Additionally, the number of new users the average business in this sector gains every month is 30,500, nearly nine times the total average of 3,600. 

Third on the list studying industry standard bounce rates is travel and leisure. The sector has a bounce rate of 54.66%. The food and automotive industries complete the top five, with 56.62% and 57.13%, respectively. 

Industry average bounce rate: sixth to 10th

The education industry is the sector with the sixth-best bounce rate, with 57.95%. Seventh on the chart ranking average bounce rates by industry is ecommerce and marketplaces, with a rate of 58.11%.

Health care and manufacturing are next, with 58.29% and 58.4%, respectively. The health and wellness sector rounds out the top 10, with a bounce rate of 59.44%. 

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