Whether it’s bounce rates, add-to-cart rates, or any other metric, average conversion rates of ecommerce brands vary from industry to industry. This means that knowing what targets to set for your business will depend on the sector you’re in. Here’s a breakdown of the different cart abandonment rates by industry.

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Cart abandonment rate by industry

Recent data studying cart abandonment rate by industry shows that, as of January 2024, the sector with the highest cart abandonment rate is home and furniture. At 80.49%, this means that more than four out of every five people arriving at an online store selling products related to home and furniture leave the site without purchasing anything after having added items to their shopping carts.

This is one of the highest cart abandonment rates the home and furniture sector has seen over the past 12 months. Its lowest rate came in the previous month, December 2023, at 78.99%. Meanwhile, its highest was in February 2023, at 81.61%.

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According to the list analyzing cart abandonment rate by industry, the luxury and jewelry sector follows in second place, with a rate of 80.26%—just 0.23 percentage points behind home and furniture. 

This is followed by the fashion, accessories, and apparel industry, with 76.24%, and the beauty and personal care industry, with 75.12%. In other words, around three out of every four shoppers arriving at online stores in these two industries do not complete their checkouts after adding items to their baskets. This is also the highest cart abandonment rate the beauty and personal care industry has registered in at least 12 months.

Fifth on this list analyzing cart abandonment rate by industry is multi-brand retail, with 68.24%. This sector has experienced huge fluctuations in its cart abandonment rate over the past year. Its highest rate of cart abandonment, registered in August 2023, was 70.15%. Just three months later, in November 2023, it dipped to 63.98%—a 6.17 percentage point difference.

Food and beverage follows, with a cart abandonment rate of 59.1%. According to this list studying cart abandonment rates by industry, the sectors with the lowest (and best) rates are pet care and veterinary services and consumer goods. 56.68% and 54.45% of all shoppers on these online stores abandon their carts, respectively.

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