Having a Facebook marketing strategy is one thing—knowing what constitutes a successful one is another. To understand how well your brand’s Facebook content is doing, you need to know what the average Facebook engagement rate is. This helps you know whether you’re hitting the mark and allows you to fine-tune your approach and strategy.

The different types of Facebook posts attract different amounts of interactions and engagements from users. Here are the average Facebook engagement rates by post type.

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What is the average engagement rate on Facebook?

Recent research shows that the average engagement rate on Facebook across all the different types of posts is 0.06%. The research calculates this by taking the total number of interactions (reactions, comments, and shares) a post receives and dividing it by the number of fans a Facebook page has. In other words, on average, a Facebook post can expect to receive six interactions for every 10,000 followers the page has. 

Of the different Facebook posts, photo posts and video posts have the highest engagement rates. At 0.11% and 0.08%, respectively, this means that Facebook posts that include images receive an average of 11 interactions for every 10,000 followers, while posts with videos get around eight interactions.

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The average engagement rate of status posts on Facebook is 0.07%—just marginally higher than the average across all post types, but lower than the engagement rates of photo and video posts.

Link posts, which are posts or updates that feature a URL, have the lowest engagement rate of all the different types of Facebook posts. They have an engagement rate of 0.03%, less than half of the average of all posts.

Consumers these days prefer visual elements over text, so it’s no wonder that photo and video posts have a relatively high engagement rate. As an ecommerce business owner, you may want to consider prioritizing these two types of posts to boost engagement on your brand’s Facebook page. With an engagement rate of 0.07%, status posts are also a great way to generate some interaction.

Average Facebook engagement rates also vary according to the number of fans a page has. For instance, pages with fewer than 10,000 followers have an average engagement rate of 0.43%. This figure falls by half to 0.21% for pages with 10,000 to 100,000 followers. Facebook pages with over 100,000 followers have much lower engagement rates of 0.04%.

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