Chart showing: Top Facebook Pages

Top Facebook Pages

With Facebook leading the charts of the most popular social media networks and the top social media marketing platforms, there’s no question that it should be part of a business’s social media marketing strategy

To succeed at Facebook marketing, you need to study what the top Facebook pages are doing and, in particular, why they’re excelling. This begs the question: Who has the most Facebook followers? 

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular Facebook pages, according to the number of followers they have. 

Top 10 Facebook pages

According to recent data, the top 10 Facebook pages all have over 110 million followers. Sitting comfortably in first place is Facebook’s very own Facebook app. The page has 188 million followers and is the only one to be within close reach of the 200 million threshold. This is also 11.9% more than its closest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, whose page has 168 million followers. This makes the Portuguese football star the most-followed person on Facebook. The difference in the number of followers of the top two Facebook pages is 20 million.

Third on the list of the top Facebook pages is Samsung’s page. It has 161 million followers. The Facebook pages of the Facebook app, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Samsung, are the only ones with  more than 150 million followers.

Samsung is followed by Mr. Bean, a British sitcom starring comedian Rowan Atkinson. The show’s Facebook page has 140 million followers. It is also the highest-ranked television show on the list of the top Facebook pages. 5-Minute Crafts, a popular video channel on YouTube featuring DIY-style content and life hacks rounds out the five most popular Facebook pages with 126 million followers.

The sixth-most popular Facebook page in terms of the number of followers is Shakira’s. The Colombian singer and pop star’s page has 124 million followers, which makes her the second-most followed person on Facebook, after Cristiano Ronaldo.

Next on the list are the Facebook pages of Real Madrid and CGTN, short for China Global Television Network. The pages of the popular Spanish football club and the English-language service of China’s state-run media organization have 121 million followers each. Rounding out the top 10 Facebook pages with the most followers are US actor Will Smith and Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi, with 116 million followers each. 

These 10 most popular Facebook pages are a mix of brands, products, personalities, and television programs.

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