There’s no question that one of the most effective ways for brands to gain awareness is through social media marketing. As the most popular social media platform, it is crucial for Facebook to be a part of the larger marketing strategy.

But before you begin marketing on Facebook, you need to gain a better understanding of its demographics in one of its biggest markets. This starts with answering the question: How many people in the US use Facebook?

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How many people in the US use Facebook?

The latest statistics show that there are expected to be 246.3 million US Facebook users in 2024. This is defined as the number of internet users in the US who log into their Facebook accounts on any device at least once a month.

The number of Facebook users in the US has been increasing in recent years. In fact, in 2018, this figure was 221.72 million. This means that in just six years, Facebook increased its US user base by nearly 25 million. 

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The number of US Facebook users is expected to continue rising in the coming years, growing at an average of 1.07% from 2024 to 2027. Estimates put the number of Facebook users in the US at 254.26 million in 2027.

Given its growing user base, it should come as no surprise that Facebook is the top social media marketing platform among businesses. The number of active advertisers on Facebook has also been rising year after year, with the latest figure at 10 million worldwide. 

US Facebook users’ preferred device

Aside from knowing how many people in the US use Facebook, it’s also important to know how they’re using it. Specifically, it helps to know what device they’re accessing it with as it can affect a brand’s Facebook advertising costs and strategy. 

Recent data shows that nearly all US Facebook users (97.4%) use the platform via their mobile phones. In fact, as many as 68.7% of them access their Facebook accounts exclusively on their phones.

Computers like desktops and laptops are the second-most popular device used to access Facebook in the US. Even then, many users prefer to alternate between using their phones and computers to access Facebook, with nearly three in 10 (28.7%) doing so.

In comparison, just 2.6% of Facebook users in the US access their accounts exclusively on their computers.

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