As the world’s most popular social media platform, with a reach of more than 3 billion users, there’s no doubting Facebook’s marketing and sales potential.

But how much effort ecommerce store owners invest in Facebook marketing will depend on their target audience, as usage of the platform varies from country to country. This then raises the question: What country has the most Facebook users in the world?

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Number of Facebook users by country: top five

The latest data ranking Facebook users by country shows that India is home to 366.9 million of them, making it the country with the highest number of Facebook users. This represents around 22.1% of the population. In other words, over one out of every five people in India is a Facebook user.

Before planning your Facebook marketing campaign, it’s worth keeping in mind that females make up just 23.7% (less than one-quarter) of all Facebook users in India. Additionally, despite the high number of Facebook users in India, the platform is the third-most-used social network in the country, behind WhatsApp and Instagram.

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Second on the list sorting Facebook users by country is the United States, with 190.9 million—nearly half of India’s number. Unlike India, Facebook is the most popular social network in the US, used by nearly three-quarters (74.2%) of the total population. The gender distribution of Facebook users in the US is also more balanced than in India, with females making up 54.7% and males making up the remaining 45.3%.

The United States is followed by Indonesia and Brazil, with 117.6 million and 111.3 million active Facebook users, respectively. These are the only four countries with more than 100 million Facebook users. Mexico rounds out the top five, with 90.2 million.

Number of Facebook users by country: sixth to 10th

Sixth on the list ranking Facebook users by country is the Philippines, where there are 86.8 million active users. Two other Asian countries, Vietnam and Bangladesh, follow with 72.7 million and 52.9 million, respectively.

The countries with the ninth- and 10th-highest number of Facebook users are Thailand, with 49.1 million users, and Egypt, with 45.4 million users. 

Of the countries on this top 10 list, more than half are located in Asia. This should come as no surprise, considering it’s the world’s most populous continent.

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