How many people use Pinterest? This is one of the first and most important Pinterest statistics brand owners need to know before creating a Pinterest marketing plan. Having a clear picture of the number of Pinterest users there are today and how that number has grown over the years can help you understand how you can craft an effective strategy.

Here’s a look at the evolution of the number of active users on Pinterest from 2016 to 2023.

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Pinterest MAU annual breakdown

According to the latest statistics, the number of active users on Pinterest in Q3 2023 is 482 million—the highest number ever recorded. This represents a 7.11% increase from the previous quarter and an 8.31% annual increase from Q3 2022’s 445 million.

The number of Pinterest users in Q3 2023 marks the fifth consecutive quarterly rise. After holding steady at 433 million users in Q1 2022 and Q2 2022, the number rose to 445 million in Q3 2022, before closing the year at 450 million users. So far in 2023, its user base has expanded every quarter.

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Prior to 2021, the number of users on Pinterest had been rising every year. In Q4 2016, there were 160 million active users on Pinterest, approximately one-third of the current figure. This number grew by 35% in Q4 2017, when the number of Pinterest’s MAU reached 216 million. A year later, it increased to 265 million, before hitting 335 million in 2019.

2020 saw a huge surge, which analysts attribute to the COVID-19 pandemic. By the end of the year, the number of active users on Pinterest had soared to 459 million. 

The decline in late 2021 marks the first annual fall in Pinterest’s user base since at least 2016. According to experts, this was a sign that social media usage was returning to pre-pandemic norms and levels.

Between 2016 and 2022, the best performing quarter in terms of the number of Pinterest users came in Q1 2021. That quarter, there were 478 million people actively using Pinterest. This number fell nearly every quarter in 2021. The year ended with 431 million users in Q4.

In terms of quarterly growth, between Q1 2016 and Q1 2021, the only time the number of Pinterest users declined was in Q2 2018, when it fell by a slight 3.3% to 231 million, from the previous quarter’s 239 million.

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