Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the United States. But how many Pinterest users are there in the US, and how does that number compare to other countries?

If you’re thinking about crafting a Pinterest marketing plan, knowing the breakdown of Pinterest users by country (especially your target market) gives you an idea of how much effort you should be dedicating to the platform.

Here’s a look at the latest distribution of Pinterest users by country.

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Pinterest users by country in 2023

As of Q4 2022, there were 450 million Pinterest users worldwide. But where are they located?

According to recent data ranking Pinterest users by country, the United States is home to the most number of Pinterest users, with 84.6 million. For a clearer perspective, this is less than the number of Instagram and TikTok users there, which total 143.4 million and 140.6 million, respectively.

This figure also represents around 24.9% of the US population, which means that just under one in four consumers in the US are active users of Pinterest. Breaking this down further, we see that the gender demographic of Pinterest users in the US is skewed heavily toward females⁠—as many as 78.4% of Pinterest users there identify as women.

The number of Pinterest users in the US is also nearly three times that of Brazil, which ranks second on the list analyzing Pinterest users by country. There are around 28.1 million Pinterest users in Brazil, the highest of any South American nation.

This is followed by Mexico and Germany, with 19.4 million and 15.9 million, respectively. France rounds out the top five on the list breaking down Pinterest users by country, with 10.7 million. These are also the only five countries in 2023 with over 10 million Pinterest users.

Canada and Italy are not too far behind the top five. Both countries have over 8 million Pinterest users. The United Kingdom and Argentina follow, with 7.6 million and 7.1 million, respectively, before Spain rounds out the top 10, with 7 million active Pinterest users.

Of the 10 countries on the list ranking Pinterest users by country, half are from the Americas and the other half are from Europe.

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