With the number of social media users on the rise and the latest Pinterest statistics showing the social network currently has over 430 million active users, it’s clear that Pinterest marketing should be on every business’s priority list.

To succeed at it, brand owners need to have a clear picture of what the platform has to offer. This means understanding not only how many people use Pinterest and its user breakdown by country, but also Pinterest’s ad revenue worldwide.

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Pinterest ad revenue worldwide

Recent data shows that Pinterest’s ad revenue worldwide is forecast to hit $2.91 billion in 2023. This is a 15.9% annual increase from the $2.51 billion the platform generated from ad revenue in 2022. 

Pinterest has been growing its ad revenue over the past few years. In 2017, its total global ad revenue was $470 million, less than one-fifth of what it’s expected to generate in 2023. It skyrocketed the following year, to hit $760 million, before crossing the $1 billion mark for the very first time in 2019, generating $1.14 billion in ad revenue worldwide. In 2020, its global ad revenue totaled $1.69 billion, and by 2021, it had surpassed $2 billion.

Looking ahead, Pinterest’s ad revenue is set to continue rising over the next few years. In fact, analysts predict that the platform will bring in $400 million more in revenue every year until at least 2026. For instance, in 2024, it is expected to reach $3.32 billion. This will increase to $3.73 billion in 2025, and by 2026, Pinterest’s ad revenue worldwide is expected to reach $4.13 billion.

Pinterest advertising revenue growth

Between 2017 and 2026, the average annual growth rate of Pinterest’s ad revenue worldwide is forecast at 28.5%. The largest annual growth came in 2018, when total global revenue increased by 61.7%. This dropped to 50% in 2019 and dipped slightly to 48.2% in 2020. In 2021, it fell to 24.3%

Even though Pinterest will continue to increase its annual advertising revenue in the next few years, its growth rate is set to slow. Even then, it’s still expected to remain in the double digits. Here’s a look at Pinterest’s advertising revenue growth forecast from 2024 to 2026:

  • 2024: 14.1%
  • 2025: 12.3%
  • 2026: 10.7%

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